Doing readings for those in need.

  • Hello all! It has been awhile since I have been on these loving boards! Nice to see some old faces still around. I have been on a sort of sabbatical and feel I can help and give some advice to those in need. I use angel cards for some readings and others I say what I feel. Please give me NO NAMES or BIRTH DATES and I will give you a reading. God is amazing and I hope I can do some good for others. God Bless

  • Good!!! You are back.

    I would like some predictions in regard to; dating ( do you see Good News) and Job Opportunities.

    Also, will my Money situation Improve as well??

    Thanks In Advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi serious7, it's good to see you again in here!

    Any message regarding me and my love interest would be good, thanks so much!!

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  • Hey there ST! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I drew a single card for you and SUPPORT came up.

    Now to me it seems you are still stuck on a specific person. I feel the care is till there ( but with hardheadedness in the mix) It's hard for you to admit to certain things, especially when you feel vulnerable. Or put yourself in a situation where you cannot control yourself or being lead instead of leading. You need to allow yourself to have that support and healing before you venture again. The connection may be strong but it may not be in your best interest. Take the time to meditate on yourself, your dreams, your health, and YOU! There are all types of tools at your grasp but I feel you may have only scratched the surface. Allow yourself to grieve one night. Cry and allow your soul to be soft and soften that rough exterior you have. Pray with your thoughts and start with you.

    God Bless

  • HI Happy!!

    giggley lol

    I get on the outside you are happy! You love laughing. Your handle says much, but I still feel jollyness on the inside. You ask about a love interest, But is it really an interest happy? or is just a hope? You have this illusion about a certain person. (which isnt this person at all happy) You don't want to get to close just in case is this right? A friend someone you work with or around maybe. I see you are very humble, but take the answer NO to easily. You get to flustered it seems that you just turn with a smile, when inside its not what it seems. You are a great person with so much to give!!! You know who comes first and you are very Adamant about that. So my advice would be to not allow your mind to wander towards someone so much and daydream about it. Sometimes you will be rattled but sometimes it will teach you to bounce back. I would say take time and allow an attraction of something you deserve( which is about 1,000 times more than this crush) The card I drew for you is manifestation. It means you need to grow into your shoes, see who and what you want in yourself, or even someone else. It isn't instant coffee so it will take time. But I feel you will be ok in the long run. So look into you, don't settle but allow. I hope all is well and nice to see you as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    God bless


  • WOW!! what you said is VERY Thought Provoking.

    Why do you say "The connection may be strong but it may not be in your best interest. "

    Will I find out some Surprising things about the Guy I still care for?

  • Hi Serious7, I would appreciate a reading please ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!

  • Hi serious 7,

    I would like to take you up on your offer of a reading for those in need.

    Blessings and Light,


  • Hey dominick! lol,

    Okey dokey.

    I also drew manifestation and enchantment for you. Now I feel you have some sort of vision in your mind and it isn't that good. Its not real man! You are being held back from your true and great potential by fear. ( FYI Captain has a great thread going on right now you should check out spiritual Bootcamp) Like most of us it is very easy to get off track of what we want and what we feel. Now is the time to allow the positive to manifest into your life! We also allow ourselves to manifest the negative and shell ourselves to being closed off. You need to get out more, take some time to see the things in life that are just magical and amazing. Your mind needs to soak up the great thing in life and also battle the things you think are impossible to overcome, which is just not true! Do you play online games, like Wow? If so, stop for a while. That also isn't real its just another way to divert reality. Go out and do something positive and random. Draw the world as you see it on a mountain top! You need more adventure but one step at a time. You have amazing gifts in art and visualization D! Take these things and use them. Remember sometimes we just need to get out of our element for a moment and meditate on the residual. Look at your hand for a minute, front or back. Look at the lines, the freckles, the deep crevices and see yourself navigating through them. Climbing through them, what you can see in them. Thats life, its in the palm of your hand. You are as fortunate being to be here with all of us. You give others thought, and ways of seeing the world in a better direction. Teach a class for art, or writing in the community. Give others that light you have inside. Right now you may feel like you are sitting at a bench on the side of some dark road, but it might also just take a few steps to the nearest beautiful view. All crunching thoughts aside see the beauty here in this world and remember just like all of us you are lucky and fortunate to live it :).

    God bless my friend.

  • ST,

    It doesn't matter at this point!

    Its about you getting the support YOU need FULLY. So when the best opportunity does come up YOU are ready. IMO a relationship is very hard of any kind. So you need to be ready to let someone else have a say. I myself know this cause I can be bossy and very hard to control. And when someone comes into my life and I feel threatened or loss of control I go into shutdown and defense mode. But it is ok to let someone else drive, or let someone else give you direction, after all how we learn is from others. I feel you've been hardend but your personality is strong and that's awesome! But when romance is involved it's ok not to know where it is going sometimes, I think it is awesome like that. (even though it scares the crapola out of me at times). I personally feel you may not be ready. Want and need are two different words. Just allow some time to be the one who needs help ST. It's hard to admit, but once off the chest you can actually grow.

    God Bless I hope this helps.

  • Hi Serious,

    If you have time, I to would like some insight on a new job, romance and feeling happiness again. Thank you

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  • Hi Serious7, Please give me a reading on my current love interest, and what you see for me in June. Thanks

  • Welcome back Serious7

    I hope you watch out as such offers has a life on its own, like it can grow into proportions over night. U may wanna set up some criterias. I hate to see you go down with stress over the tsunami that drops by every so often.

    That out of the way, iยดd like to take u up on ur generous sweet offer.

    Education worries, am i doing right by mr burnt man?

    Thanx So much Serious7

    Blessed be


  • Thank you CWB! I appreciate the advice. Nice to see you again ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would like to say, I will try to get to everyone in order but it will take some time. It just depends on how many requests I can do a day. Not that love isn't important (I'd like to know myself when I will be again ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I will be focusing my energy on those requests that need some real direction. I will try to be as direct as I can and blunt. I am not licensed in anything nor am I 100% right, but I do want to help, and am very capable of doing so. I do ask again PLEASE no Names or birth dates and REAL requests only (I'm passed the stage of BS) God bless


  • Serious 7, Thank you so much for your offer. I am hoping that I have heard God correctly on a huge change and move and yet hope for incite on the means to get this completed. I wish you Love and Light

  • Hello Transformed,

    I saw your request on your other thread. For future advice, its hard to get to everyone so If you have a thread already I would suggest waiting for a reply on there.

    I drew a card for each of the persons in question here. A man and women, both divorced and children on both sides. For the women I drew the card Truth and integrity, this means by asking you must be ready to accept and be honest for yourself. The angels are there to help you on this search and experiencing conclusion. Prayer is always answered and god is always listening. So this distress and rush you feel is part of being human, but not entirely necessary. This reply is not going to solve everything but may give you some deeper insight into what you already know, or need to come to terms with.

    For the man I drew Surrender and release. I feel on this side of the fence this person is still in stage of overcoming and recovering. This is one of the hardest places for someone to be in, especially if they lost someone recently or are ill. So my advice would be for this person to mend and love themselves before entering into something to serious or advanced for their emotional level at this time. PLEASE be aware and communicative with yourself completely. This is very important especially when one already has an expectation they feel will be met. PRAY PRAY PRAY! As I've stated before god loves and is always their but be weary of something that doesn't feel right. Hope this helps ins some manner.


  • I have to my above post to Transformed:

    As for the surrender and release card T, One must surrender and release to god. Its in the heart and soul.

  • Emereaux,

    First I must say you have a very gentle nature about you. I think I may have read for you in the past, but I'm not sure. It seems right now income is slow but will pick up soon. The card I drew is Friendship for you. You may have been praying for a new scene, or more close friends in the mix of your life and it seems soon or even recently you will see new people entering your life. You seem to be very giving and very much have faith. Which is refreshing to feel, But don't let the doubt overcome the feeling in your soul. You have a gift in guiding others and a divine voice in your ear. I saw a women picking up a coin on the ground and handing it over, hence again the generosity. It may also mean handing something over like a business, Heirloom, or even knowledge that is specific but meant for fate.

    God Bless emma! Hope this may help


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