Doing readings for those in need.

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    Re posting the list for everyone too see it, If there is anyone new to add, serious7 it will be up too you, Just to keep in check where everybody is, and help you too serious7- I hope you dont mind, It worked very well in another thread, I am glad you used the list idea, it will help you greatly too, and the readers get too see where they are at, you know you can have the limit of readers you want to read for, until your ready for more. I hope you dont mind me helping out too,

    Like CWB, just looking out for fellow readers 🙂

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • I think Serious7 has noticed some double request from same person under diff name, those has to b weeded out, as in either no reads at all or 1 for diffmembername once, as in fx.:

    ladybug aka bugsbug aka tailorednag aka desparatebummer = one n same member equals 1 read n 1 read only. not reads per member name.

    does this make sense?


  • 🙂

  • Isn't that gorgeous! Stare at the white light, (Yeah I'm a kid). 🙂

  • absolutley beautiful you always seem to capture the mood in picture poetic. Lovely 🙂

  • That is beautiful poetic!!

  • Serious7, I would appreciate any guidance you can provide regarding both a current relationship and future career path. Blessed be!

  • Hi Serious 7, I'd like a reading regarding schooling/career paths and choices. What do you see

    that will be a best fit for me? Where should I go from here?

    Thank you very much!

  • Hello Serious7, I'm new here and have nvr does this before but started reading the post and got very interested. I was wondering if you could give me a reading regarding my love life.

    Thank you!!

  • I already did post it yesterday serious!


  • Newcomers to thread, u need to b VERY patient. So far has one of us helped Serious7 listing what the list is as, BUT that doesnt mean more can be added NOR n mark this well, that you at all will get a round. This is namely up to Serious7 n Serious7 alone.

    If you find you cannot wait your turn post a new thread n ask, as we have many more who helpes people than Serious7.

    love n knights!


  • Dear Serious7

    Annie and Annielan are the same person. Thanks

  • Dear Serious7,

    I am curious about the state of my love life. I re-connected with an old friend about 6 months ago and I feel like this is someone that I can spend a lot of time with in my future. Any thoughts or insight would be most appreicated.

    Warmest wishes,


  • Hi Serious 7, I was scanning the board and saw your thread! Yes, I would love a reading!

    Do I need to provide a question? If not, just a general reading or one about my career.

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your kindness.

  • Awesome pic Poetic!


    I had a question regarding a man im datign right now but i desided not to continue seing him.

  • Angelbee,

    Thank you for the Updated list! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out : ).

    God Bless!

    CWB, Thank you for everything!

    And thank you all for your support and patience!

    God Bless!!


  • Dear Serious7

    I was wondering maybe if you just over looked my request or thought it was a double as to another user name being similar. I believe it was on pg 3 im between LostGuy and Grat-2-2d..

    Thanks and have a Blessed weekend.

  • Dear Serious7,

    I apologize if my request seemed abrupt. I am not sure how much information you need to do a reading and I know you must be swamped with people needing help. There is so much pain and hurt in the world! I take comfort in the love and joy that also exist.

    I feel as though I went to sleep and woke up in a world that I no longer recognize. I cared for my father 24/7 for six months until he passed in December, which required that I also be separated from my husband. During that time, my feelings about my life's goals and my relationships changed and, like a round peg in a square hole, I no longer fit into my "former" life.

  • serious7- That is okay 🙂 dont forget to take the ones of the list after you done them, though you proberbly now that already lol,

    Bee XxXx

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