Doing readings for those in need.

  • Serious7- your really do seem to have a great many fans! 🙂 No rush on mine- got some "instant karma" on my most urgent inquiry - right after I sent off the message requesting insight, lucky me:) . I do hope I'm still in the running as like one of the prior posters, I put in my forum name...

    anyway- light and blessings to you ! thanks again for doing this!

  • Ok thank you Serious7 - will look forward to hearing from you

    Best regards

  • Hello Misha!!!Again thank you for your patience!

    Well miss, I saw your post for the first time a couple of days ago and this post SCREAMED positivity to me. You are saying you are struggling to switch to law (also medical law jumped in my brain, Like starting or working at a firm that takes cases for mental health, mentally handicapped, and helps to get them the right treatment they need. I apologize If I read into it, but I feel you are so kind all the time. Just exhausted and anxious for such a huge decision in life. This is not a bad thing at all! Now the mother of your "friends" son is not around very much is she. Not fully out of the picture but may cause more problems than what is needed. False accusations and other immaturish behavior. Well here's the thing I can't tell you whether to marry him or not, BUT you know that you must walk a line to be where you want. Children are all over life, and you shouldn't worry about the other thing either as of now : ). I feel that because if this custody thing, you may have to move to the US. But I wouldn't jump completely yet. You have time, you know this you just may feel It's now or never which is not the case. Sweetheart LIGHT is all around you, The tunnel is for the next world. Now I drew to cards for you and The first was Signs. Now this card indicates that the angels and of course god are mapping out things for you. Have you had the need to go to a park, which has a stone courtyard with lots of birds. Steel round curly fences around all the trees, like cobbled streets in a way. There's a women in a fleece jacket, brown with I want to say three buttons feeding the birds. That's when you feel most clear. Taking a strollbeing happy for others. Those are all signs misha. Now what I wanted to leave for last was the second card, Celebration! Celebrate your friendships, yourself, Love, connections, Hope, prayer, God, and your heart. I would examine your notes, Take some time for a day and allow yourself to just wander. Focus on the main objective not looking but just being. Things will come to you when you pass this small stage of anxiety Misha! Now if I over read into this post I apologize, but I really feel you are on your way to something great and amazing. I hope the best for you sweetheart and this makes sense to you! God Bless you and yours! (and please excuse any misspelling, long day!)



  • Emma Thank you for the support! All I ask is for prayer for my family and myself, and that I make it through the weekend ; ). Thank you! God Bless

    OK Mr WM,

    I drew the card New Beginnings. Are you a nomad by any chance? Moving al ot, not even really physically but more mentally. Like a new state almost every day. "You just wrap your head around it and knock it down" lol random quote. Muscle is what I see now even if your a female, which no offense but I'm a bit off right now. Someone chopping wood in the backyard, wooded area. May be a specific image or even symbolic for cutting something or someone down alot. I just want to give you all of what I feel. But I do think this card is meant for a relationship of some kind. I see my own father, which means its something very personal and of something that was either him or someone that took his place. All I can say is Reconciliation is coming, his will allow you to move forward with a very difficult decision. I pray for you moon! Theres more than just howling within that exterior of yours : ). I hope this helped, and again I apologize if I am way off.


    With Love


  • OK everyone I thank you all for your interest and questions and I thank you for the patience. I am going to be off tomorrow from the thread, as it will be sunday here( and sleep day! wohoo). So please be patient with me, I thank you all for your kind words and healing thoughts, and prayers so much. God Bless



  • Serious 7,

    may I have a reading on love and the person I am in love with?

    Please and thank you.


  • Serious7> I am female. I really appreciate the reading although this enlightens me, Im not sure who exactly this may be referring to. I will just be patient and wait for it to play out. I get positive thoughts about it. I hope you are able to find some relaxation...

    Blessings, Wicked Moon

  • Thank you WM! I appreciate the response : ). keep me posted ok?! And yes That will be getting gotten in my bed.

  • i hope to get a reading from u, serious.....

  • yes please I would like a reading

  • "I too have been away for quite a while, but just had this"feeling" to return! Lol!"

    This was in my post on page 4 on Feb10th. I did not know at the time why I had a "feeling" to return but it became clear to me today that spirit was guiding back to the forum. I believe spirit led me back not only to the forum but to this specific thread, for those in need. I wasn't really in need when I posted, just curious about career & love...but spirit knew within hours I would be in need of prayers and support...the "feeling" wasn't a coincidence! I received a phone call this morning, my ex-husband & father of my child passed away last night...24 hours after I posted, so this is why I say it was not a coincidence, I didn't know it, but spirit knew I would be "in need."

    My child was not home when I got the call, again, spirit intervening to give me the time to absorb the shock and find the strength and words I would need to tell my son of his father's passing. My son is in his teens and has been estranged from his father and his father's family for a couple years now. Long story, I won't go into all the details, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that his father loved him with all his heart. I just wish he would have had the opportunity to tell his son himself before his passing but now I have to hope and pray that my son will come to understand his father's love through his family and the stories they will tell him of his father and of his love for him.

    I am asking that you please pray for my son, that he will come to know and understand that his father really did love him with all his heart even though he did not have the opportunity to tell him before he left this earth. Please pray that as we travel to go to the funeral later this week, he will come to know of his father's love through the stories of his family and that this reunion with them will once again bring them into each others lives and close once again. His father and I were together for 20 years before divorcing 9 years ago, but no matter what our differences were, a beautiful child was created out of our love, and love will continue through the gift of our child. I ask that the Lord give me strength and patience to be there to help my son in his grieving process and to come to terms with his father's passing. I pray for his father's soul, that he may rest in peace.

    Thank you and God Bless

  • Hi Serious7,

    I really appreciate your giving your time for us. Waiting here, however, whenever you have time when the line reaches. Thanks. Rest up this weekend.

  • Thank you Tellstar.

    Danr You and your son are in my Prayers!! Please be safe on your journey. If you need anything Please don't hesitate to ask.



  • Dear serious7, Thank you for this offer. I have been away from here for a few months and a lot has been going on. Last night I finally got the nerve to leave my ex-husband in the middle of the night after the worst episode of physical abuse I have ever received from him if not for my young children being in the room I am sure he would have killed me. I had to leave my four children behind with him also. Will my children be ok and will I finally be able to start living a peaceful life free from my ex-husband? I appreciate your insight. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Dear Serious7

    Thank you so much for your reading, I really appreciate it so much.

    I was a bit unsure though whether you advised me to pursue this relationship or let it go because you could foresee some issues arising from his ex wife?

    Thank you


  • Dear Serious7

    Lately, I had enough on my plate and can't really think the right things to do. I feel like, I always give may everything and in the end of the story I'm the one hurt badly . I don't really understand why this things happening to me. I admit that I commit a mistake but I wonder why everything to me is so complicated. I'm turning 36yrs.old this coming wenesday. I supposed to celebrate my especial day with my close friend but I choose to be away to reflect myself. If I'm away I can easily comfort myself and get back on my good spirit. But, I wonder why this time I'm away nothings change. I honestly loosing my self confidence. I'm a very friendly person but I'm very cautious to select close friends and fortunately they ate really good friends. But sometimes I made mistake to choose a good friend and it's killing me if , I found out that they can back stub me on back while they always benefits on me still had a nerves to do bad things on me. I am totally disappointed to this 3 cancer matters to me. My girlfriend that I consider a big sister and a family to me betrayed me for no reason. And we had found out that she is jealous in me and really can't feel that when were together and the other one is the sister of my bestfriend for life a cancerian girl too. We tried to help her me and his brother . But she was really show off, she never wanted to put her feet on the ground though she lost everything that she has money and property . We try to help her but instead she criticized me and her brother . Till we decide not to help her anymore . The guy I used to see and enjoy his company and make me believe that he was a nice guy . Unfortunately , he doesn't care about I just realized that everything that he said against me is true . He called me ne and swear on me . I'm not trying to generalized cancerian but why they always hurting my feelings. I'm so sad and Totally mentally unstable.

  • Thank you for the thoughts and prayers Serious7. Sending love to you.

    God Bless

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi serious7

    can you tell me about my current love u see any potential?

    and also about my study plans and money...

    thank you and God bless

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