Cupid Hunt for KC's 2011

  • Wow - do I feel slow tonight. I have looked off and on all day - through the love and relationships forums.

    I would have never found it without the last few cluse.

    Thanks to All!!

  • wow I just found him, I've been on this site for about 10 yrs and never found ANY of those characters... I just stick with all of you!! Thanks so much!! 🙂

    so everyday hides in a different place??

    🙂 thanks again, it was fun to look for him having clues!

  • Oooo, can't believe I am the first to find it - well to post anything up here!!

    So I will try giving a clue for the 13th Feb cupid.

    The main theme is Love today'

    Hope that helps!

  • purplequeen--believe it-and because of your clue I found cupid with one click. Beautiful. Thank you!

  • thank you purplequeen, got it on the first try!

  • Yes, I found it too! It took me so long yesterday that I gave in and read all the hints everyone left (I usually give it a go on my own because the victory of the little cupid shooting me his/her androgynous (that cupid is a fellow Gemini!) arrow is all the more delightful. But today my instinct to follow my heart and go for the big love that is the first page of importance in this life....led me to those delicious golden coins! I wasn't going to write anything and then I saw that no one had responded so I decided to type this, and by the time it posted, I discovered that the purple queen of "heart"s had probably found it just seconds before me. 🙂 Ha! Well, I'll happily take second Geminis like having a friend to join in the fun with us, even if they come in first! 🙂 Purple Queen already gave you all the only hint you already need today--it's sooo easy to find. But I thought I'd just have fun with my hint creativity since this is the first time I've posted something since last summer. I gave you my version of the hint/clue in my third sentence in this post. Have fun...and remember...always put love ---first.

  • @islandsq - great clue and a bit more creative than mine!! But I was riding the adrenaline rush of finding it myself, and posting it up. Giving something back for a change!

  • Good afternoon,

    Thanks purplequeen!!. Have a nice day and Happy Hunting to the rest.

  • Not as clear as yesterdays but LOVEly just the same!!


  • Thanks for your sweet words, purple queen---and I know what you mean about the giving back--that's why i finally got to typing today, even though it was technically 2: 28am when I started!

  • Thanks for clue!

  • Found it. Thanks for the clues!

  • Thanks for clue.

  • I finally found it. Thanks for the clues. It was right in front of me, and I kept missing it.

  • PurpleQueen,

    Thanks for the clue.

  • Lovely clues, great to have an easy one. Thank you all!

  • Thank you for the clue purple . I agree with joyful - great to have an easy one today!

    Now that yesterdays location doesn't matter - would some one PLEASEW tell me where cupid was hiding yesterday!!! I never did find him!!! Looked hard on and off all day and had no choice when the calendar changed to Sunday.

    I would just like to know where he was hiding cuz maybe it will help me with understanding clues in the future.

    Thanks all.

    I guess i shouldnt complain, 10 out of 15 KCs is better than none. 😃

  • I have to agree with you I never did find him yesterday either... I was all over the place and I thought it was a reading of some kind with all of the clues but I am thinking that I was way off. Happy hunting~

  • @ ibyumyum2 & Samandy

    Saturday Cupid was hiding in Tarot->READ(INGS)->LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS and as someone else pointed out he was hiding at the bottom of the long page!

  • Wow! I found it first on Valentine's Day! I can't believe it! i hope this means some good love vibes are comin' my way! Ok., now I have to give you all the clue...let's about----

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