Cupid Hunt for KC's 2011

  • Thank you to everyone! The great clues given made the hunt so enjoyable! Mad respect to all!

  • well, for some reason took me a while to get there. Cupid is hard to find from Maria's blog. No way of knowing Maria's is this week's video star.

    Best clue is from main page,,

    plus day and a week, cast,


  • hope that helps

  • @ islandsq

    Your welcome, Flowsco! And thanks for digging my clue since you've been the clue fairy many times from what I've gathered here this week! I hadn't been on since last summer---I think I had needed a break---and it sounds like you do too now (Ha!).<

    Thanks for the compliment. Truly appreciate it. It’s has been a challenge for the first time for me these two hunts. New spots and some more. You missed The Red Envelope Hunt (Chinese New Year) but as someone else mentioned perhaps with Sint Patrick we can go at it again.

    Yep you got it right ...break here I come...hahahaha.

    @ Everyone else

    You’re welcome. I hope this has been a good exercise for the next time if I find the coins first.

    And PoWWow.

    LOL @ that grin!!!!!!

    Bye people.

  • Thanks Flow for the clues....I actually had to go hunting today. See you on the next hunt!

    Love and blessings...


  • I did not receive my e-mail notification until today! on Valentines Day!

  • Great clues, thank you so much!!

  • Great clue! A few clicks and i was there! Happy Valenine's Day to all.

    Fun Hunting KC's with you all!



  • LOL! I needed a good Laugh after today...Thank you!

  • Islandsq,

    Thanks for the clue, just hard enough to make me have to look!

    I do, sometimes, read the blogs but rarely watch the videos.

  • Today I was able to find it on the first click... Great hunt this time around and the hint today was easy to find. Thank you and blessed be to all~

  • You're very welcome virgotarot, cynde and rynna! I really enjoyed not only finding the cupid first but even better, creating a clue that left for some mystery & fun, but also made the hunt a little less exhausting! i hope you all had a wonderful, healthy, happy hearts day and night! And may we all recognize love in all of it's manifestations, forms and expressions.....blessings to all the signs!

  • Today was the last day, did anybody find it?

  • flowsco said her goodbyes yesterday 2/14, so she must have thought that was the last day.

    Someone did open a new thread, blog on next karma coin search, with todays date. Someone else also posted karma coins until the 22nd of Feb. Haven't found todays coin yet though, will try a lite search.

  • from new, to valentines horoscopes, to cupids quest, search ended 2 14.

  • I haven't found it either still searching

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