Triple Signs... Sun/Moon/Asc. All the same.

  • does anyone know anything about this? how rare it is? if it's a good or bad thing?

    I'm a triple pisces (venus in pisces as well) and i can't find ANY information on it anywhere. It's really starting to frustrate me. 😞

    anyway... does anyone have any good references or just any info in general? OR.. if you are one, what is your experience?

    personally... It's like most of the things I read about pisces are completely true for me and on overdrive (the good and the bad).

  • Whoa! That is quite a bit of fish in your chart!

    I don't have too much in Pisces, but I am one.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 12.34 Ascendant Scorpio 23.20

    Moon Gemini 3.40 II Sagittarius 25.03

    Mercury Aquarius 29.29 III Aquarius 11.28

    Venus Capricorn 29.46 IV Pisces 23.28

    Mars Capricorn 23.54 V Aries 21.06

    Jupiter Cancer 0.53 VI Taurus 9.42

    Saturn Capricorn 22.20 VII Taurus 23.20

    Uranus Capricorn 8.52 VIII Gemini 25.03

    Neptune Capricorn 14.04 IX Leo 11.28

    Pluto Scorpio 17.45 R Midheaven Virgo 23.28

    Lilith Scorpio 13.18 XI Libra 21.06

    Asc node Aquarius 16.24 XII Scorpio 9.42

    I've got quite a bit of Capricorn influence, which is a much different energy than Pisces... I find that I get along well with my sun sign cohorts, but I tend to be more logical and practical because of my Gemini Moon.

    . It's very informative...


  • dang! that's alot of capricorn, especially with you not being one.... I have a few capricorn myself, but definitely not that many.

    and yeah, i'm pretty much made of fish 😛 it's fun at times, but all in all it's exhausting having so many emotions running through me always... not to mention the dark supernatural side of things, or the virtually nonexistant line between reality and fantasy...

    of course that last one does come with some perks! Such as the fact that no dream is unattainable since reality is so maleable. 🙂

    Too bad with no fire in my charts I have no drive to attain them 😛 haha all that power, wasted.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 17.59 Ascendant Pisces 21.31

    Moon Pisces 29.37 II Taurus 2.02

    Mercury Aquarius 26.41 III Gemini 1.16

    Venus Pisces 11.05 IV Gemini 24.53

    Mars Taurus 28.19 V Cancer 17.45

    Jupiter Taurus 29.38 VI Leo 14.30

    Saturn Capricorn 12.17 VII Virgo 21.31

    Uranus Capricorn 4.54 VIII Scorpio 2.02

    Neptune Capricorn 12.02 IX Sagittarius 1.16

    Pluto Scorpio 15.05 R Midheaven Sagittarius 24.53

    Lilith Libra 3.12 XI Capricorn 17.45

    Asc node Pisces 4.53 XII Aquarius 14.30

  • I find that I'm more drawn to air and earth signs, myself... I love my practical Virgo friends and my talkative, engaging Geminis! When I feel like I need a deep perspective and a caring friend who will give light to a situation/feeling, I go talk to my Pisces. With fire signs, I feel like I am too relaxed and mutable for their taste, so aside from a few Leos, I am usually pretty fire-deprived... Which works for me!

    I've got a very good friend whose moon is in cancer and sun in Pisces, so she's quite stubborn and moody! But also gives so much of herself when she's in the right position to...

    What about yourself do you have questions on? I don't read tarot cards or have visions outside of 3 dimensional, but I enjoy sharing my personal views if you're up for hearing them... 🙂

    I just realized my links were deleted 😛 I guess I shouldn't vouch for other sights from Glad you got your chart, though!


  • And being a Pisces IS amazing in that you can change your reality! So it's good that that part stuck! I find I go onto new ventures and phases and change my mentality quite a bit... But it's also easy for me to grasp a concept when I'm being receptive... and then it's easy to keep my morals with my new mentalities I gain. I enjoy coming to this sight because I hear so many inspirational things and it just makes me feel good!

    Have you checked out any of the Psychic threads or the Tarot? Many talented, beautiful members to this sight. I'm sure you'd find it entertaining and very informative.


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