My divorce

  • I asked my husband for a divorce a month ago, but I haven't filed yet. He was the perfect husband for 8 years. Over the course of the last two years he pulled away until he had built a huge fortress

    around humself. I tried to talk to him many times. He says he loves me and there is nothing wrong. I finally gave up. What do you think will happen? He is June 27. I am June 28.


  • This was always going to be difficult for marriage. Ultrasensitivity would have characterized the relationship. You two would never have had an easy time of it, no matter what sort of relationship you had. You probably mirrored each other's feelings which is fine when they are positive but bad when they are negative. I very much doubt he was the 'perfect' husband - if he seemed to be, then he was repressing his emotions and holding back his true feelings from you. No doubt he feels he can't do that anymore. It may be extremely difficult for you both to continue on together, but if you can remain calm and objective and ask him to tell you how he really feels without getting all upset, he might feel he can be honest with you about his frustrations. And you must be honest with him, too.

  • Dearest cageybird,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your divorce. Whether it's right or not, divorce is a shattering experience and my heart really goes out you and your spouse.

    I find The Captain's take on things interesting, but in many ways right on.

    You're both Cancers (Water) and that should make you a good match. However, I'm wondering if you know your Ascendants and Moon Signs?

    You might wanna have a good Romance Compatability Chart done before you make any further decisions.

    Your husband is obviously acting very much in character for a Cancer and something is certainly the matter, but you need to see if you can dig a little deeper before chopping things off with an axe. It may not yet be called for.

    Cancers typically go into their shell if they sense anything is awry or amiss or dangerous or threatening, etc. Are you following? They're also very loving, nurturing, compassionate, spiritual and highly emotional beings.

    However, let me please stress again that you should have your Romance Compatability Charts done before you make ANY decisions about divorce, which is pretty final.

    If you need a reputable astrologer, I can suggest one. Let me know. And good wishes to you both.


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