Captain Please...Anyone with Tarot

  • I've been in relationship past 10 months. He drinks a lot and majority of problems are related to his drinking. He did quit for several months but started back in Dec. We had disagreement over nothing major and he went back to his house. It's been 2 days now. Yesterday eve. he drove up in car got out, then back in and left. Has a friend who drinks a lot also. That's his drinking buddy. His friend was born on same day as I--Feb 3rd. I consider this friend and his wife as his friends. In other words, if something happens they'll be on his side--won't hear from them. I think the whole relationship is based on alcohol anyway. I have written couple of times re him. I don't like to do my own readings. This is what I drew--center 3 of coins, below 3 of cups, above 4 of coins, Past Empress, near past King of Swords, Near future 8 of rods, future 10 of cups, Me Chariot, Environ. World, Hopes and Fears Ace of Rods, Outcome 2 of rods.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I am sorry for what you are going through and know it must be difficult. This is an opportunity for you to stand in your own power. The cards you drew clearly indicate that this relationship is a life lesson for you. You were mothering this man and making his needs more important than your own. Spirit is CLEARLY telling you to take command of your life and let this man go. Be clear on what you want and deserve out of life and relationship and then set yourself in motion toward that goal. Personal empowerment, discernment and leadership of Self are the aspects of the lesson that has been presented to you. Gather your strength and believe in yourself!



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