Capricorn Man HELp aries women

  • Hello everyone i need a little advice i have been dating this cappy man for about three months and now we are in a relationship and before i entered the relationship i got a card reading from a friends co-worker and he started out saying very good things then concluded that this cappy is just dating me as a new experiment and this will end in betrayal. that reading bothered me for days he also told me to go along with it and don't stop seeing him because i will leave some type of lesson (which i of course fear) a few day later a after having a small get together in my apartment he asked me to be his significant other which i agreed to because of the feelings i have for him.. i know he really like me but doest show emotions and we spoke about it which lead to an agreement because he felt i didn't want to take things slow which of course was true because i had the "reading" in the back of my head and i don't know if i should just move on?

  • What are the birthdates?

  • Hi Captain,

    I am dating a cappy for 4 months now,i knew him over an year.We lost touch in between until recently he found me again. I really like him. Will you be able to help me by doing a reading?

    his DOB : 12/28/78

    mine: 2/1/77

    thanks a lot.

  • the birthdays are

    april 11

    jan 2

    please help

  • to be clear his Jan 2

    and mine April 11

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  • Ariesfire11, the success of this relationship will depend on whether it contains or can develop sensitivity and responsiveness. The two of you are objectively well suited to collaborating as equal co-workers or of forming a business or romantic partnership, but your combination can also entail a danger of power struggles, animosities, and lost tempers. Situations in which one partner is the boss and the other is the subordinate should be avoided whenever possible. This must be an equal relationship with power shared in a balanced proportion. Most Capricorns are authoritarian by nature and, as you are a dominant type yourself, you are unlikely to find this man easy to live with. Furthermore, your particular combination usually doesn't experience the kind of deep feeling of love that leads to a close personal relationship. Through hard work and firm resolve however, you two are capable of developing enough sensitivity and empathy to make you exceptions to the rule.

    You can be quite close friends, since you both value honour and a straight-ahead, upfront approach, with little fanfare accompanying it. In your dynamism and imaginativeness, you Ariesfire will inspire your friend and will serve as an excellent example to him of how to move ahead in the world. In turn, you will benefit from his reliability and practicality, a good foil for your own tendency to become unrealistic and to fall out of touch with some of life's harsher materialities. As long as power does not become an issue and sexual jealousy or social envy don't rear their ugly heads, the relationship is likely to be stimulating, physically invigorating, and productive.

    When it comes down to it, you make your own future and happiness in a relationship with honest open communication and sharing, so don't be put off by any cardreader or psychic who tells you they know for sure how things will turn out.

  • thank you very much, the card reader enforced the word BETRAYAL should i be worried about that in anyway... and he specified it would happen in may

  • Yes, you would be the betrayer in that you don't trust this man enough to form a close bond. If he feels you don't trust him, he will certainly look for someone who will.

  • oh gosh my capricorn man is telling me his heart is no longer in it after our argument and feel we should got our separate ways but continues to talk to me...

    Will i lose him.. i don't understand how he can just lose feelings so quickly and be so cold

    Captain what is next?

  • Like I said "the success of this relationship will depend on whether it contains or can develop sensitivity and responsiveness." Did you trust him enough to let yourself go and relax with him? Perhaps he sensed you were holding yourself back. Once the seeds of doubt are planted, it's hard to get them out of your mind. I think you would have an uphill battle convincing your ex that you would act differently if given a second chance.

  • you are right but i felt he was not considerate when it came to what i wanted and didn't care much about my feelings.. so me being an aries i said some harsh things yes that i did apologize for. he also told me that he was indecisive about what he wanted to do, his body language has changed completely towards me. I believe he is having a battle within himself one day he wants to speak to me and the next he's confused. i would like a second chance but I'm not sure he will open up to me again or if he will continue with this cold attitude. he also says it is not anyones business about how he feels and he has to have control of his feelings.

  • He does still like you but, now that he has seen your fiery side, he is not sure he wants a close relationship. Basically he has lost trust in you (or the person he thought you were). Once Cappys make up their minds, they rarely change them.

  • Thats sad.. i still have feelings for him but if his mind is made up i can't change it.. he continues to contact me because he wants to remain friends. after he Made it so clear that his feelings were no longer in this, Thank you very much Captain

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