Cancer man shattered my heart..

  • Hi Well I will give a brief background. I'm a virgo sun leo moon he is a cancer sun libra moon he is 30 i am 33, ok So we have been in an on and off relationship for a year. this is our fourth time breaking up. he always comes back... why I dont understand... so this time he says I love you but I am not happy Im sorry this hurts you but you have no idea how hard this is for me and honestly I dont know if things get better from here or not. I said if you Love me how can you leave me? he said because I cant tolerate 1.5 hours late in a long distance relationship it makes me angry and is hugely disrespectful. I said I promised to never be late again... he said your words dont mean very much right now. so I said maybe you could put things in perspective. he said thats what I'm doing right now. to that I said well I will try and keep things in perspective on my end and try and not be screaming mad at you for ripping my heart out because im late and your not happy, I'm sorry I'm just hurt. I hope you have a good week at work and please take care of yourself dont push yourself so hard and I hope your elbow doesn't give you to much trouble. I'm not going to contact you I cant be friends and I cant see you on facebook so I have to delete you. I hate this I really hate this.. that was it and he didnt respond.. I wonder if he will come back again im so confused I dont know if I handled it right.. oh please help with advice / insight.. It happened last night..

  • I sent him a message the next day that said, I know I said I wouldn't txt you but I hate the way I left things. I don't require a response at all I just want you to know that I don't hate you, actually I'm not even angry with you. I understand that You hurt and angry and I understand why you felt you had to walk away. I grasp the gravity of the things I have done. when I said that I can't be friends and deleted you from fb it's just my way of coping. I love and miss you and seeing you on fb just makes it worse. I'm not saying I do not want to know you any longer I'm saying that if we aren't together then I need time and I'm sure you do to. so I just wanted you to know this just in case you didn't.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am a virgo and the cancer man I love has broken my heart too. It has been 9 months. He tried to make it as though I was the pursuer when he was just as curious and interested in the beginning. he always tried to put the onus on me.

    They seem to lose interest easily, esp if they are alcoholics. And have exes close by. they seem to give more interest if they have known you a long time before dating. their stupid mothers have a hold on them, and ruin their lives for them, controlling their relationships.

    He was upset that I didn't say I love you when he did. When I finally did, he smiled that night, then he toyed with me and gave every excuse there after as to why he wasn't ready to be with me.

    He constantly said he was poor, so I gave him things. I wanted him to be the best and feel the best. I treated him and his kids like gold. He put me down for giving them things. so did his mother. I believe in my heat someday he will regret every mean thing and foolish thing he did to me, and for letting me go.

    Until then,I have suffered, I miss him I still hold onto the times he showed me that loving, attentive cancerian man. I am so heartbroken. He saw me and didn't acknowledge me, he does that to exes, me even more so.

    The other exes he worked with, I came out of nowhere. I am waiting for my time to rise above this. I am waiting for my time when he feels like the biggest jerk in the world and so stupid for what he did to me and regrets it. I cannot wait!

  • did your cancer man come back to you?

  • Did they try to reconcile with you? As far as I believe, cancer men don't intend to hurt or break your heart. I'm sure, they loved you so much.

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