Confusing Gemini man!

  • Hi, I'm an Aquarian Sun, Virgo Moon & Sagittarius rising, and I am living with a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon, Capricorn rising man and he is just confusing me! I have dated many Gemini men, but he seems nothing like the others. He blows hot and cold, I can never get him to say even word about how he feels. Can anyone shed any light? I am very open and direct with him. He also seems to have a different definition of honesty than I do and that drives me crazy! Help!

  • What are the birthdates?

  • 21 January 1976 and 25 May 1976 - thanks!

  • This can be a wild and wacky combination. A thirst for excitement characterizes the relationship but so does a longing to achieve something of lasting value. There is an affirmation and celebration of creativity here, whether in fine art, literature, music, film, etc. - in short, a cherishing of any great work that transcends its time. This love of the classic suggests that this relationship puts a high value on perfection. The perfect artwork would be an apt symbol for what it holds most dear, but it also values people, living situations, and of course relationships, which it subjects to the same high standards of scrutiny with which it treats art. Unfortunately, this means that the relationship itself is likely to fall victim to its own demands.

    In a love affair, you both may find it hard to live up to the demands of perfection and continuity. Both of you have an impulsive and freedom-loving side that detests being bound to set routines and expectations. You may find each other endlessly challenging and changing, however, and in your encounters you may discover a kind of lasting, albeit kaleidoscopic, ideal.

    Marriage too can be fascinating and successful. Should children enter the picture, a predictable danger is that they too will be forced to fit the perfection model. Hopefully, if you have reached the stage of marital bliss, you will both have learnt that perfection is an impossible ideal for mere humans to meet. Prestige and social pressures are less of a problem in marriage than in a love affair, since the relationship has its own strong value system. But friends and family may be needed to act as 'watchdogs' to see that oppressive and stultifying influences don't get out of hand.

    This combination has high eenrgy and occasionally bizarre tastes. It is interesting and even absorbing in the extreme and you two will attract others both socially and financially, promoting your own itnerests without a great deal of effort. There is much to recommend it so it will be well worth the effort for you both to learn to relax your standards of expectation a bit. But in order to do this, you must both communicate honestly with each other and talk about your frustrations and needs for the relationship. Without sharing and honest communication, this matchup will not endure.

  • Your friend finds it difficult to turn off his head and listen to his heart. His mind works so quickly that he often neglects or ignores his own intuition. He loves to have an audience but he needs to focus and direct his verbal acuity rather than talking a lot and saying nothing. It may take this freedom lover a long time to settle down enough to turn inward but once he begins the process, he will no doubt make up for lost time. A settled and fulfilling domestic environment and the confidence that comes from greater self-knowledge and professional achievement are what this intelligent and analytic soul most needs. Turning away from social involvements and causes and trying to understand more deeply his own inner processes and that of others will bring him the joy of seeing life from different viewpoints. He does not jump quickly into choosing a life partner because he doesn't trust easily - he will never open up to another person unless he feels completely secure with them. He has a deep fear of being cheated or taken advantage of, both professionally and personally. But a little introspection can allow him to get to the bottom of his fears. He also has a love/hate relationship with money which can see him running from it then being irresistibly drawn back to all the things that it can bring.

  • Thank you so much for your insight!

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