• This is chopper 10 flying high in the sky seacrching for chopper 9,

    Shee i hope that all is well with you and your family as i havent heard from you in a long time ,i miss our chats.I pray that you are still pain free.

    Sending you and abundance of peace, light and laughter .

    Take care lots of love and hugs lil sissy Mags

  • 🙂

  • WHERE ART THOU SHEE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • She was at the Doctor I think on Tuesday, she came on yesterday.

  • mags, chopper 9 reporting in for duty lol...chopper 10 i sent a email out to you...yesterday or the other day lol...pain is gone in the head mags...but i have a pain in my A** rotfl hehehehe

    I just happened to see this post, sorry Mag's....

    thanks spunkyyyyyyyyyyyy

    are the kids back to school now?????

    I'm really OK Mag's just purging the clutter from my mind like allot of people seem to be doing right now...then i will start purging some of k's items that have taken over our house...once again! purrrrrrrrrrr

    K got a another book from her grandma in Ontario, its Called "Are you there "GOD, its me Margret" i think thats what its called,,,,its of course about puberty, a really good book for your daughter...

    I will try and fill you in with an email, i know its hard for you to get onto the computer, so take your time replying...K has started skiing lessons through school, she started last Thursday she just loves it, so I'm heading out the door to bring her all her snow gear...

    Namaste Sissy Mag's

    Love shee

    ps i took the quote from beeeeeeee lol....shhhhhh

  • Dear Shee and poetic,

    Its so great to hear from you again i just sent you mail as well ive been flatout these last couple of days with the kids back at school and the dreaded housework . im glad to hear that you are still on the mend , Its great to seee you back on the forums fully its still so many threads for me and so little time ,now they are back i should be able to get back into the swing of things .yes and i to have to get rid of alot of items as well i have 3 toyboxes that are overflowing with toys that are not getting played with i feel sad that the kids dont play with toys much anymore not even E and he is only 8 he is obsessed with super mario bros its driving me crazy if it doesnt have batteries or doesnt plug in they dont want to know.

    Thanks Poetic and welcome love your butterfly blessings can you post one here to bless my new thread ? I would love that have a great weekend

    Must go girls the house work in calling so glad to be back in touch again sending love and light to you all have a great weekend Take care lots of love lill sissy Mags

  • sorry guys didnt realise that pic had suicide written on it , it was the picture i went for .

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