Are my father and grandmother watching out for me in this turbulent family time?

  • Dear Paddi

    I just came across your discussions and I would greatly appreciate your insight. I am, and have been for a longtime been at the bottom of the pecking order in my biological family and in actuality the 'black sheep' and 'whipping post'. In the last 12 months Everything has come to a head and I have 'divorced' myself from the biological family. THey are aware of how I feel, the good, positive thing Everything is now out in the open. But unfortunately I still live in my mother's house, and now that I am beginning to get on my feet financially, hopefully I will be able to move out of the house and into 'my own situation' sometime this year. It is especially my biological brother and mother that give me the hardest time and I have been surprised how vengeful my brother is towards me. It has been a nightmare in many ways, but I choose to look forward to a better future in All ways. Are my father and my grandmother 'looking over me' and can they see what is going on?

    I would appreciate it very much if you could look at this.

    Kind regards


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