Psychic reading for this person?

  • Can I get a reading for someone born on Jan. 15, 1993?

  • This person is an impressive character indeed. Their natural sense of dignity, leadership, and authority however can be undermined by feelings of unworthiness. Nonetheless they are blessed with an ability to set a course for success that they will navigate with diligence and social skill. Yet for all their obvious virtues, this person may shy away from the challenges of this lifepath, subdividing their worldview based on petty judgments. Redefining their sense of self and facing down an inferiority complex will present a big opportunity for growth as will the willingness to open themselves to greater understanding, tolerance, and enlightenment. Getting in touch with their philosophical leanings and more humanitarian aspect, and dedicating themselves to their larger professional goals will serve them especially well and enable them to avoid the dangers of pettiness and criticism or a reluctance to reach for greatness with any enthusiasm. Proud to the extreme, they may suffer in silence rather than show any neediness or weakness. There can be an obsession with being listened to, heard, and understood, to the point where they can defeat their own purpose of proving their integrity and intelligence and just appearing to be nutty. This ties in with their fear of looking stupid or foolish. They need plenty of elbow room to move and grow and anything or anyone who blocks this process will incur disastrous consequences. Potential partners will need to have large amounts of patience, understanding, and practicality in order to live in the shadow of this larger-than-life person. The most successful relationships for this person will be in the family and professional areas.

  • Would this person & a person born on Jul. 14,1993 or someone born on jul. 23,1993 get along very well? Or how would an encounter between these individuals work out?

  • Jan 15 person and July 14 person: a love affair here is unlikely to develop beyond an initial encounter. The Cancer person would feel threatened by the Capricorn's fearlessness and the Goat would be unsettled by the Crab's sharp insights into their character. Marriage here can be unproductive, even destructive. This is not a good match for love. Friendship however can be vivid, exciting and a great deal of fun. It can also have a slightly mocking and sarcastic quality - as friends, these two know how to express any antagonism through light and nonthreatening behaviour.

    Jan 15 person and July 23 person: this too is best for friendship. The focus of this relationship is often a thirst for power. This pair needs to learn that there is more to life than ambition and endless struggle. Still, the energy here in this strong combination can be good for both of them. The more electrifying elements of the Cancer-Leo cusp's personality can recharge Capricorn's batteries and urge them on to greater heights. But the power struggles would destroy a love affair or marriage. Each person would selfishly demand more than their fair share and would end up hating the other person.

  • "the Goat would be unsettled by the Crab's sharp insights into their character."

    Does that mean the cancer would hurt the cap?

    Is there any way to get a reading on someone born on March 15,1993?

    And how well would this person get along with a cancer born on Jul.14,1993?

  • It means that the Cap would be shocked and repelled by how much the Cancer could 'read' them.

    March 15 and July 14: at heart this relationship is quite complex, yet at the same time it is one of the most natural and comfortable of relationships. The Cancer is often the more practical, taken up with worldly concerns and the structure of power while the Pisces is more idealistic about following their lifelong dreams. There is an emphasis on feelings here. A natural sympathy allows these two to overcome their differences and to build acceptance and trust. The overal fit is relaxed and this relationship is especially strong in the social sphere. As a friendship, it can function magnificently as a peacemaker to bring family or friends together and for reconciling hostile individuals or warring factions. Given the relationship's service-oriented stance, the danger is that Cancer and Pisces won't leave themselves enough time for each other. Self-denial can feature strongly with the pair often calling upon themselves to make the biggest sacrifice of all: neglecting their own relationship and denying it a certain amount of sustenance it needs for emotional and spiritual growth. But they can deepen their personal bond (though a love affair will still be difficult) if they act more selfishly from time to time and deny the needs of others in order to work on their relationship. Thus the relationship often turns out better for working together than for love.

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