AstraAngel to my friends on - hang in there!

  • I have quite a list of folks that have wanted a complimentary astrological-tarot "Life Purpose" reading, and I am working hard to take care of all of you. I have been working to get my own blog going on which I want to share some teachings on true love, and perhaps very soon some teaching and training on my approach to astrological chart reading centering on Chiron and your North Node.

    Please be patient as I am in the process of creating chart folders for each of you, to make it easier to field any followup questions you may have!

  • Your a sweetie! Thanks for answering my post the other day.

    light the way,


  • You're doing beautiful things!

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  • Dear AstraAngel,

    You are doing lovely things here. Your tarot readings really do seem to be amazing. I went through your past activity and it seems that you haven't been active within the last month - I would like a reading please, so whenever you're ready to become active again (if you plan to), please respond to this so that I can tell you the details of my reading.

    I'm hoping that I may have your help to sort out my situation.

    Thank you so much,


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  • AstraAngel I just saw your post I am like a lot of people out of work, do you see anything good ahead? Thank you I will wait for your response if you won't be able to do a reading let me know, thank you and God bless you,

  • Dear Astraangel

    your readings are lovely. I think its wonderful that your helping people.

  • Hey brightmoonshine

    Let's take a look - this is a rather quick reading however I wanted you to know that heaven has not forgotten you.

    Present situation - The Knight of Pentacles - knights are focused on something and for you this is material and financial. No surprises there.

    Near future - ten of swords - ouch! Nothing really exciting here, it looks like you are going to have to tough it out for a while. Don't let your mind beat you up about it though. You will get through this.

    Long term future - the EIGHT of PENTACES - yay! You ARE heading for a wonderful job/work situation eventually, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you! This is "the" card of material employment so you hang in there because you have something great heading your way in a job. This is reversed so my sense is that the angels are putting something together that is wonderful for you. It takes them time to do things just like us. Who knows, some of them may be out of work too, or maybe there is an angel strike or something that slows things down for us down here. IN any case, you will be fine, don;t let your mind give you any grief.

    Hidden factor - Seven of Pentacles - this looks like a card of material choice, like you need to choose a new career path perhaps. In any case it looks like you are having to choose between a couple of options, the thought that came to mind was that you would be offered more than one job to choose from. Wouldn't that be nice! The last three cards are all reversed so these are in development.

    While you are waiting, take time out to relax your head from the job hunt thing, grab a good novel. I have been telling everyone that today. 🙂

  • Thank you so much! I will follow your advice , and I am determined to get a good paying job, I have earned this right. Love and blessings. you have a beautiful soul.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    May i please have a life purpose reading when you have time?

    DOB March 4, 1964. Not sure what info you would need.

  • That's very kind of you! Have a great day!

  • Hi witchywomen

    Let's see... thank you Universe for good counsel for this question...

    We'll try a Celtic Cross and see what comes up, we will be focused on your LIFE PURPOSE so the cards will be interpreted in that way. First of all though, let's look at your chart and see what we can see from that, and then the tarot can clarify as needed.

    Your Sun sign is Pisces, and you also have Chiron right on top of your Sun, so this indicates some real struggle or some brokenness in your essential feeling nature. You are meant to be a very intuitive and feeling person however that is impacted by the wounded warrior Chiron. There could be something from your childhood or upbringing which made it hard for you to trust your feelings and the fluid depths within you. So you have spent your life at times pushing your feelings aside at times, or not trusting your intuition and that has caused some pain. I can relate because I am in the same boat as you, I am a Capricorn with Chiron right there near my Sun, so I have difficulties attaining goals and success that I know I deserve. People with Chiron placed near their Sun I believe are some of the most struggling souls on the Earth because it spells that there is some broken place not in one aspect of your personality, rather, the broken place is in your essential identity itself. The good news though is that you learn how to accept the weakness in others, you tend to be very compassionate although at times you run away from others. As a Pisces with Chiron there, your desire for your Life Purpose is impacted, making it hard to trust the intrinsic gift that you have - and yours all have to do with this feeling nature. My heart tells me right now that you have counseling or therapeutic talents.

    Tother with your Sun you also have Mars and Mercury empowering you, so this is helping offset some of the Chiron pain. With Mars, you have learned how to sometimes trust your feelings almost blindly at times, although that has frightened you a little. You have seen from experience that you can trust your feelings, so this is becoming a strength for you and not a liability. With Mercury, you have a lot of intellectual and communication strengths also, which agains makes me think of counseling, helping others sort out life issues, I think you should be excellent at such a career!

    Also, we see your North Node calling in Cancer which supports the fact that you are called to develop a deep emotional nurturing nature. You have a desire to give others a shoulder to lean on and you love to show support to others. This is a calling, so it is something that is a life work, and did not come natural at first. Your Chiron-Sun Pisces has made it hard to unveil your deep feeling to others, however you are called to do so, as seen by the North Node Cancer. This also plays into therapeutic work, or career guidance. Often, the very area that we struggle the most to discover, like our Life Purpose, can be a sign that we are called to help others find their LIfe Purpose! Funny how that works! So you are learning a great deal about yourself in this process and my sense is that you will apply this to help others in their life path journey!

    You have Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (the Awakener) opposite the Sun so there is a light shining from afar to help you transform and discover your Unique LIfe Path. So you have a lot of excellent placements to help guide you in this discovery!

    Now, let's move to the Tarot and see what we can find out in detail!

    Significator - this is your present self-identity, how you see yourself - Seven of Wands - You are busy intellectually, envisioning the possibilities for your life purpose. This has you preoccupied. Not to worry, you are going to receive clear guidance in this matter that concerns you. This is also reversed so there is a special emphasis indicating that this is turning in your life, a positive change is to be expected here, ie intellectual illumination!

    Your present circumstances/environment (your clothing, what covers you). This the face you are presenting to the world of work and career. You see yourself and expect others to see you as very capable and adept. This Ace is the root of the powers of the earth do you can expect this energy to be very strong around you right now, surrounding you and protecting you. Expect a new beginning in material security and some sort of messages coming from outside. This sounds to me like your present situation has you comfortable however seeking something new in your life, this is also revered so the energy is turning and changing, again expect some positive developments in your career.

    What crosses you - This is an energy that you must overcome and accept to make forward progress. This is an important key to understand for you. The THREE of SWORDS tells me you have left recently a situation that has been trying and heartbreaking, although not the end of the world. You have experienced similar situations before, and you are wanting to be free of the pattern. You have learned a lot through these experiences and so this becomes a background in your life from which you will draw in your life path purpose. My sense is (and this connects back to your chart) that your feeling nature in connection with the Chiron pain has resulted in some real challenges for you in relationships, in your ability to properly express your feelings to others. You have cried out "Why?" and the Why is Chiron, and this Three of Swords. A lot of this energy is in the mental realm as you have puzzled a lot over what makes you tick, and what has caused these past issues. You will be using these experiences in your life path work. Advice: Accept these past events as a beautiful part of your life, nothing to be ashamed of, matter of fact they help you immensely as you move forward and learn how to channel these experiences on behalf of others.

    Your hopes and dreams - your highest and brightest aspirations for your life - The SEVEN of CUPS tell us that you are really a dreamer and love to feel your feelings. This CUP is all about inner love connections, and you are a real charmer in the love and relationship area. You are always imagining romantic outcomes, and mysterious rendezvous, and this romantic dreamy quality in you has you always on the lookout for connections with others. The possibilities are overwhelming sometimes though... you have no trouble dreaming of possible life purposes, the challenge for you is - which one!? There are so many for you! I believe that as we go through this reading your choice will be made clear and will leave you with a clear path to pursue! So, keep dreaming, and let's see about honing in on that one path for you that suits you the best!

    Now, you are a dreamer, and so that has caused some issues at times as your perception of reality has crossed with the reality of planet earth and your practical day to day life. The PAGE of CUPS reversed is a sign of these struggles, again it seems to be in the way you are able to channel and convey these beautiful feelings you have unto others around you. You communicate your feelings and don't find the connection with others occurring - are they even listening? you have asked yourself. This is a typical Chiron condition when Chiron is in your Sun sign - a feeling of disconnect from others, you feel so deeply, and yet you are frustrated by the disconnect with others as you talk and share your emotions. There has been one recent event especially which comes to your mind where this was felt most acutely. Good news though, this is very important past event that will factor into helping us understand your Life Purpose.

    The recent past has also shown a VERY emotional time for you (The MOON reversed), you have moved away from a recent environment where your emotions were running a little wild! Your feelings were way out there one minute, and then swinging wild to another extreme - what is going on here! Well, it is the depth of your feeling life in evidence here - I hear Heaven saying that "she needed to experience this in order to validate her feelings as vitally important!" It is like a trial by fire you came out of, and you are still cataloging and sorting out what happened! Good news again though, this past experience is shoring you up for a beautiful life path as you learn how to channel (that word keeps coming up) your feelings in ways that are a tremendous blessing to others.

    Now, looking foreward, what can we expect about the near future for you? What can you expect to step into now after the tumultuous time of the Moon? The JUSTICE card tells me balance and a recentering of your life, you are very poised here, like you are saying, "okay, okay I get it. I am a feeling person! Now, how do I keep that under control and use it effectively in my life?" Justice tells me that you are rapidly heading into a time period a new phase where you find a new solidity in you where you don't stop feeling, you simply find yourself able to contain them in appropriate and helpful ways. Justice is all about righting wrongs and settling account for others, so this tells me you are helping others in some profound way, and you are VERY secure and happy in this new found role! Yay! This has you excited and so secure about who you are. I feel a thrill here as you find your wrok and your way, it is very beautiful.

    So, what are some other characteristics of this Life Path you are stepping into? The QUEEN of SWORDS shows us that your emotional nature find new ways intellectually and expressively to be properly addressed. This card is very much a reflection of the Justice card showing you strong and in control, not afraid of who you are, simply resting in that knowledge and ready at any moment to help others slice though their own life issues. Very strong card of a healthy and robust mind, you are quietly waiting for the openings to use your gifts for others. The sky is clear and blue, you are so happy in this place, and so relieved that you have at last found your way! Thank you angels for this guidance! I can hear you singing.

    The next card is a card of how others see you, and perceive your Life Purpose, and this show us the FOUR of SWORDS which is a card of rest and repose. I will tell you the first thought that comes to mind (and this has been in the back of my mind this entire reading) that this is a counselor or psychiatrist's couch, where others can relax as you help them sort out their own Life Purpose! The atmosphere is quiet and calm, and so others are seeing a strength in you that makes you magnetic, and an attractive source of counsel and wisdom. Very beautiful.

    Now, with everything we have said, you still have some challenges. The next card represents your hopes and fears regarding our life path, and connects back to your "Hopes and Dreams" and the Crossing cards. This is the Ten of Wands so this is a sign that you are excited about your new Life Path and the work it will bring into your life. However you are also a little apprehensive about the added responsibility of managing these demands. This tells me you have a sixth sense about your Life path being in some way a counseling or guidance related field, however it scares you a little as to the responsibility. Do not fear this card is exciting news to me because it shows how much you long to help others get in touch with their own feelings, and how ready you are to accept the opportunities that will soon flood your life. This is also reversed so this is turning around, and you are ready to accept the calling of Heaven on your life, this sees you saying YES to your wonderful Life Path. And the rewards look tremendous to me!

    Finally, and we reach the end of this study, the Outcome of your Life Path, where you are heading... The FOUR of WANDS and there is not a more beautiful card in the Tarot for someone like you, so in love with the emotional nature that you possess, and how effectively you have learned how to apply your talents toward assisting others. This card is a card of great personal victory as you courageously march forward armed with nothing more than your heart, ready to accept the requests and needs of others into your Life Path and work. And wow, are there a lot of them! Like the Ten of Wands we just saw, the demand is staggering and yet you are so strong and able to stand on your own. You have been paying the price all of your life, Heaven has been preparing you for this day and you are sailing into a wonderful Life of deep fulfillment and at long last - the pain of Chiron finds a home and a reason, as you apply your life wholeheartedly toward assisting others in their own emotional needs. You are ready to TEACH and SHARE and CHANNEL your heart toward others and you are so very happy in this card. Your life come full circle and you at last find the reason for the pain you have experiences. You know here that it was all needed so that you could relate to others in a most profound way.

    Witchywomen, I can only add that I felt so STRONG that you are meant for some kind of counseling work, and that is such a fantastic path for you. You have wondered all of your life, why am I here? To what work and Life Purpose am I called. It has been so frustrating for you as you have longed to know what this is for such a long time, however the calling has been so great and of such import for you, that Heaven has had no choice except to prepare you slowly but surely. Anything in the personal guidance and counseling areas are great for you. Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, School Guidance Counselor. A very strong direction could be in marriage counseling and the area of interpersonal relationships (the CUPS in your reading all lean toward relationship issues, and you would love to apply what you have experienced to help others. Also, PSYCHIC work is strongly indicated and this ties into all areas of counseling. As a PISCES you have that ability in abundance and LOVE to guide others in any way you can. Are you doing that now? Are you keeping a personal journal? Those actions are all recommended for you.

    You have been a long time being prepared and a final whisper from heaven for you is that there is NO SUBSTITUTE for experience. and your experience has been a lifetime of hearing and learning to trust your feelings and intuitions. Now is the time for you to learn how to channel (you could be channeling what you are hearing on behalf of others) your heart towards a Life Path of Counseling in come capacity. Heaven is totally behind you, the lights are all green as far as I can tell, I salute you in your New Life Purpose and I see you so deeply fulfilled and happy.

    My wishes for a wonderful journey as you keep taking steps in this direction. Peace and love.

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  • Hello AstraAngel,I look forward to your teachings on true love and astrological charts, bless you and thank you for taking the time to guide, teach and share with us.

    I hope all is well with you! I feel the need to say to you that it’s important that you rest and take more time for yourself more often, for some reason.

    Love and Light


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I have never had an in depth reading like this before.

    You were so right about how i am and things i been through. The counseling i'm not sure. feel like i need it more then i could give it. lol. Alot of people i know will come talk to me when they are in a bind and always say they feel so much better after talking to me, so maybe i need to check into it.

    I could go on and on but wont put you through that. Ha. I want to thank you again, and im sure the more i read over it i will probably have questions that i will need to ask of you.

    May you have a very blessed life for helping so many people.

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Can I request for a reading regarding a japanese man that I like? I really wish to know how he feels about me. Is he interested in me or simply not at all. Should i move on or wait for him to approach. I am in no position to do anything now. Could you guide me on this. My DOB is 01 May 1982. No hurry. I will wait for your reply. Thanks a lot. Bless you! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your angel.

    So very uplifting for all to see.

  • Morning AstraAngel, I have just seen this thread you've posted. I did open a thread about 6 weeks/2 months ago requesting a life purpose reading from you but assumed you were very busy which is why I didn't pursue.

    If I may be so bold/cheeky to request again.........?

    Thank you in advance and hope you have a lovely day x

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    I have loved reading through your advice on this site. I am in awe of your gift!

    I realize you have a very long list to work through, but please could you add me to it for a love tarot reading?

    I am 05.04.74.

    I looked for you online and can't wait to see your site/blog etc.

    Thank you AstraAngel.

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