The duality of pisces (i need advice)

  • I'm a taurus, my boyfriend is a pisces and we've been together for less than a year, recently we've been talking about making our relationship more serious and possibly having a child, moving in together and possible marriage. He's met my parents and I'm going to meet them next month when we fly to PA for spring break.

    My problem is that I've recently come to find out that he's been chatting online w/ his ex-girlfriend, their conversations consist of her children (who he was a father to for 3 years) and sometimes him asking to come back home (to her) and she flipping out a couple of days later, at which point they fight again. This woman has been physically and emotionally abusive to him, cheated on him and yet it's like he keeps getting drawn back.

    I've recently asked him to not contact her anymore and he agreed. But am I fooling myself in this relationship? I truly feel like he loves me but I also feel like he's still drawn to her. I just don't understand how you can be with two people this way. Am I being too literal about this?

    My issue is that he wants to make himself miserable trying to get her back than he should go do that but I want to be left alone. He doesn't seem to get that though. Is this a male thing or a piscean trait?

  • Pisces always want want they can't have. They yearn for the unattainable its so ridiculous but its true. They need to UNDERSTAND that if they continue to want things that they cant have or things that are bad for them, or people that show them no respect then they will only get hurt and they will push away REAL love and what is good for them,. They find it hard when things are going smoothly because deep down they are scared of rejection and hurt, for some its all they know.

    My advice to you is be cruel to be kind,. Tell him he can go back to her and get hurt but you will NOT be there to pick up the pieces. And he will be left alone, always pushing away the real. Tell him that Ignoring the real, and longing for the indefinable will only lead to emptiness.

    Good Luck and remember Pisces are sensitive souls, they want to be loved but they dont like OVER clingeyness

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