Torn by 2

  • I been seeing two peolpe at the same time and I am confused because I love them both. One of them is married and the other I stay with. The married man is seperated from his wife forx mount of years. The one i stay with the relationship been for 10 years . I love the one that is married and he loves me, but sometimes he can be very cold- hearted and do not want to talk half of the time.Same way about the one I stay with. Love is confusing and I need advice , What should I do ? The married man and myself is so compatible , and the home man is 27 years older , we are compatible only when it is to use our mental agility.

    What should I do...........Help

  • Why are you attracted to someone who is cold hearted? I am sure he has some great qualities but think of yourself in a relationship with just him? Has the married man talked about a future with you? I am sure it would be hard to think about another relationship when he is getting out of one. Wow, 27 age difference? I know that age is not suppose to matter but what do you have in common with him? Ask for a sign but first ask yourself do you see yourself with either of these men in the future?

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