Would like insight into new love

  • Hello captain,

    I am wondering about a new relationship and any insight into its future. My birthdate is nov 12, 1962 and his Oct 27, 1962. I would appreciate any insight good or bad with this relationship and its potential future, as it is new and from a long distance as well. thanks so much for all any of your help. Wishing you many blessing..

  • The roots of this relationship can go deep. Whether you two are involved socially, emotionally or financially, your ties feel inevitable, fated. Like and dislike are not the important motives here; free choice isn't really involved. Usually thrown together in serendipitous circumstances, you two slowly come to realise that your fortunes are inextricably linked. Oddly enough, mutual understanding is often difficult as if you have come from different planets. Over the years however, you usually discover your common origins and this process of self-discovery can become the focus of your relationship.

    A love affair can be slow to develop - it may take years for you two to actually get together face-to-face and more time still to begin to know each other. But exploring the meaning of your relationship together will lead each of you further on your own path of self-realization. Similarly, in marriage, agonizing or at the very least painstaking processes must be undergone before you two finally agree to tie the knot but once you do so, you will rarely look back. Absolute commitment is the keynote here. Infidelities or even flirtations will not be tolerated. Neither of you trusts easily so you need a firm commitment in one area of life before you can set up a relationship in another, such as with friends who become lovers or lovers who become business partners. You can both be extremely close-mouthed about what you do and will view any disclosure of secrets or inside information as a betrayal. Your strong moral codes may come to govern almost every area of your life together, yet you two are not incapable of acting for amoral ends or staging power plays. You two must assess from time to time whether your relationship has achieved a chokehold over you against which you need to rebel or at least step back for a while, for the sake of preserving your individuality. This is an all-or-nothing relationship.

  • Thanks so much for this insight, but it seems the year of birth is incorrect for him, it is oct 27, 1972, sorry for this, I dont know if this has an impact on the reading..and also do you see if he is true to his words to me..I know i care a great deal about him and really cant tell from a distance what he truely feels inside for me, and if really loves me. thanks for your help, its really helpful to me

  • No the year makes no difference here. You two are fated to have a relationship. There is a real close connection.

  • But be aware this relationship will take a long time to really get going or go as deep as it can be. If you lose contact early on, then it will all be over.

  • Oh thank you so much Captain..I totally feel the connection and he says this too. We are both ready to do what is required to make it happen,We understand what we are up against with our distance and the process of coming together. You have really put some hope into my heart now and am going to stop searching and flirting with other men..I believe he can sense this or see this somehow..Am i right?

  • Yes.

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