40th Year Birthday Reading Please

  • Hi! I have hesitated to ask for a reading, but I really would appreciate one from anyone so inclined! Now that my birthday has come and gone I hope you can give me this present. If needed, 2/2/1971 born in Memphis, TN at 11:40pm! Thank you very much in advance! I am gaining much from these forums. Love and Light to you! XO

  • Hello Waterbear,

    Happy Birthday. I sense that you will somehow grow emotionally in this new year of your life. Feels like a lot has happened to you on a level of personal relationships and matters of the heart where family is concerned also. I hear the name of Liz here around you as a helpful person for you to encounter and know.

    I see a yellow house here a small looking one on the outside but larger on the inside and it feels like it is your house or will be your house. Nice yard and it feels cold , so that tells me that the house is located where there is a change of seasons.

    You will have a much better scope of emotions by years end due to looking within yourself and taking some quiet time to meditate or seek out natural healing methods such as reiki treatments. Do you have pain in your knees or legs as I feel it here around you. Movement is needed for the body and treatment of some kind also comes in here. Physical therapy?

    Your car will make it until you find a new one to replace it, I see a silver or gray car that is one or two years old and has been kept well, as a choice .

    Do you have a son that seems overactive at times and I see lots of sugar going into his diet that needs to be cut down. He is a smart child just that his level of energy gets in his way of acting to much upon impulse.

    Overall your year will be a inner journey of getting to know yourself better and looking at your life and what you want in the terms of love, friendship and even in business. Do you teach as I see books here around you for some reason. If you have any deeper level concerns please write them in question form and I will answer.


  • Bless You Shuabby! Thank you for taking the time to do my reading. Most of your reading hits home! My neighbor Liz could be, just was in the hospital for heart attack and was then induced into a coma. I saw her Sunday. She should be home soon and will need help. She is very spiritual. Could be my house now, although not yellow, we could be moving soon. We do or I do like to keep it cool! I had a silver car, but I did get a new one last year. The silver one was just barely making it and I drove it like that for a year. I am trying to meditate with stones and have taken Reiki classes. I am walking a lot and have constant pain in my feet, knees, and lower back. I see a Dr. regularly for pain management. I don't have a son. Could be my man - child. He does have much soda, I think, but he is always sleeping. I don't think that's him?! I am trying to run a new business, money is elusive. I have just started taking classes to enhance my career. What I would like out of this year is a better understanding of myself physically and emotionally healing and about spirituality. So, I guess that is coming through. I have a gift of autowriting and I get signs when money is coming into my hands and travel will occur. I would like to learn how to make these gifts stronger and attain insight to other gifts I am unaware of. I would like to have a child, still. Directly, I need my finances to improve greatly. How is this going to manifest itself? Is there something I should be doing? Is there a child in my future? What is the focus for my spirituality at this time? Yikes, I hope that is not too much. I appreciate your insight, it's amazing! Love & Light to you. hugs

  • Hello Waterbear

    You will have a child and the sense I get is male. The child may present himself sooner than you are ready but will be a real joy in your life and your mates as well. He will be spiritually gifted and a born healer. Your gift of autowriting is really that A GIFT from above and I see you helping Law Enforcement with this gift. How you will gain insight to other gifts is in some classes or a school that you will look into, an institute for healing and I feel it will be with oriental people as they will have wisdom and gifts that will enhance and brings your hidden ones to surface. You will begin to work in a school as a teacher maybe P/T at first to teach others I feel it may have something to do with children in the future.

    Your money and finances will improve as soon as you let go of the expectations you have where money is concerned. You want to be wealthy and in your own right will be on many levels is what I'm getting. I do see some money from the government coming in here to help you along your chosen pathway. Spirit says they are with you every step of the way and will help you when ask and called upon.

    You have a wonderful life coming to you as you more forward with your gifts. Roger is here and wants to help you to know that love is the only house big enough to hold all of the hurt in the world. You my dear have that love to give, and will reap many rewards down the pathway for the giving.

    God Bless


  • That is fabulous news! I understand what Roger is saying as I tear up!! I am so thankful for you taking the time to answer my questions. I really can't thank you enough. So very helpful. Yes, I have much love to give for everyone. Love is the answer, isn't it!! ;0) God Bless and Good night. ;0) Happy Girl! Angel hugs as they say!

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