PLS Captain, can this one work out

  • me 1/26/1981

    him 6/15/1982

    we talk via email. we hung out one time and it was nice, I enjoyed my self, we connected well

    Im just not sure.......

    I thank you, if you get a chance to do this one for me. 😃

  • This works better for friendship than love. As lovers, you two usually demand a tremendous amount of attention from each other, a selfishness that can undermine the relationship. Its chances of survival are increased however by your willingness to work on building empathic bridges and to sacrifice your own preferences for the mutual good. But it only works if you both do it. You may both come to resent this relationship - your friend because it restricts his need to be free to explore, and you because it restricts your impulsiveness. Such limitations however may ultimately prove beneficial for individual character-building. Marriage is not recommended here unless you are both willing to make big sacrifices and compromises.

    As friends, you will still require each other's attention, though it won't be as intense and demanding as a love affair. The challenge will be to give up a measure of your freedom and individuality, and acknowledge your responsbility to serve the group of which you are a part.

  • sounds like its best for me to just move on

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