Experience Your World Through Joyful Creation

  • a message from Goddess of Creation channeled by Shelly Dressel

    As I was attempting to come up with a name for this channel I was really struggling. What I wanted to call it was ‘Releasing Self Judgment & Opening to Lightbody Energy As It Assists You in Creating Your Life in Joy’ but that was just too long! But truly all of this and more is what occurred with this channel.

    As people arrived in the All That Is there was such an expansion of energy because the lightbody energy was there and permeating the entire space. What I perceived through the Goddess’ eyes was that there were a number of people who were blocking the lightbody or felt as if it wasn’t something of which they were worthy. So she first worked with releasing old energy and feelings of worthiness. From there people were then more open to the lightbody energy.

    As the lightbody (LB) energy began to speak, there was a lot of integration taking place. It’s amazing to see how when you allow in self-doubt and lack of worthiness it does narrow your perception. The LB spoke of how the entire universe is linked through consciousness. It created an opportunity to look at the omniverse, to see what is there and the alignment. We then looked at the earth and we could see how the LB energies moved into the earth. It was very interesting to see the similarities and the differences. More of the higher vibrational energies are now integrating the earth.

    Lastly the channel focuses upon what it’s like to be happy. How it can affect your life and your perspective. The Goddess really grounded the energies into the earth and it created a much stronger anchor which in turn allowed for greater LB energy to be available for us to use. It was a very powerful channel and brought about a greater integration of the increasing crystalline energies coming into the earth.


    Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

    I greet you, my beloved family. There is so much that’s happening upon the Earth right now. I keep hearing from people over and over about the shifting energies, about the intensity, about unexpected things happening in their lives and about the times in which life is a struggle. So it’s as if the spectrum in some regards is widening.

    What I see is truly the case; is that there is more opportunity that keeps flooding the earth especially at this time and with opportunity it allows the unexpected to occur, and it also may create a new potential that you were not expecting and therefore it may seem as if it’s making life even more confusing.

    The benefit of all this energy and all of this potential coming in is that it gives you opportunities. You may have the opportunity to try something new in your daily life. You may have the opportunity to speak what is in your heart in a way that you have not before. You may have the opportunity to shift with greater ease. Allow for everything to come your way.

    If there is one intention that I put forth for the year it is that each person, each human, who is walking upon the Earth allow themselves to walk towards what they truly seek to have and then that they may accept all that is present for them. Let go control, let go trying to create from a specific or narrow place and breathe it in while you are here in your earthbound part of the channel.

    With that I invite you to allow yourself to shift your consciousness. As you shift have a sense of releasing where you are and allowing your focus to move into the magnetic grid. As we pause here for a moment, allow yourself to take in this energy.

    Does it feel familiar to you? Consider that you may be coming here on a frequent basis during your days, because this is where thought, intention, communication, telepathy all those various attributes that you have been seeking will often times take place.

    As you have a sense of shifting or expanding further feel as if you are moving into the crystalline grid. As you feel yourself here within this new space, let your energies expand so that you may feel what this is for you.

    As your consciousness is moving through this space you have sense of how you come here also on a very consistent basis. With all of the work that the light workers and those who are interested in the energy and the vibration with all of these things having a focus or attention, more and more of the crystalline grid is being integrated into the magnetic grid and down into the Earth. I thank you for all that you have done to assist in this.

    From here, I invite you to shift your focus once more, allow yourself to move into the space of the soul plane. As you come here within this space you feel what it is. Reach out as if you are reaching out towards your divinity or your I AM presence. Some people feel it come up within them, some people feel as if they merge; allow this to come within you to an even greater degree.

    As you blend with your divinity, feel how it washes over you. Feel the love, the acceptance and the awareness that is here for you.

    I the goddess come into this space. I reach out to each one of you and I send forth my embrace. As our energies merge, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

    Look around, see what you have created. This is a place of creation; it’s a place of practicing alternatives for what you may want within your life. As you look around, you may see some of those potentials.

    This year as more and more of the crystalline energies come in, the Lightbody vibration is also coming into an even greater degree. Feel how this space expands as I speak of that. Here we are gathered together and we will be speaking with the Lightbody energies.

    There are some that may feel themselves immediately blending and then allow your focus or your consciousness to shift into where ever it may take you. There are others who have a Lightbody energy within and around you, but you are less aware of what it may feel like or be to you. [Deep breath]

    So breathe in, breathe in your divinity allowing it to move even further through you. And as you allow this to take place I ask you the question of worthiness. How does that pertain within your life? Do you feel worthy of all the magnificence that you seek to have within your life? Perhaps that’s not the word that you would have associated with it. Perhaps there’s something else that is just; “I know, I want to have, and you can fill in that blank, but it’s just not there”.

    When I hear people saying things like that, you begin to question your beliefs. You begin to question what you need to do differently within your life. You ask yourself, ‘how can I fix this so that it will manifest in my life’? I invite you to breathe deeply, down within yourself. As you allow your breath to move through you, let go of anything that keeps you from feeling that link or that alignment within yourself.

    In the past, people have focused upon the issues in their life, there problems and I do see the importance of recognizing how something may be happening in your life and perhaps is holding you back. But I would encourage you to open to the possibility that if things have not worked for you, if things are not happening just yet; then take a step back from trying to do something.

    What would it be like to live your life from the experience of your focus being breathing down and integrating your divinity? In this space of creation, as you look at the many things that you would like to have in your life, take a second and look at it from the perspective of your everyday life. For some this means the things that seem to get in the way.

    But then also have a sense of taking just a minute or two to breathe deeply, just simply breathing in your divinity and letting yourself feel how good that is. No agenda, no intention, simply breathing in your divinity. Feel how it shifts your focus, how it shifts your perception. And now take a look at whatever it is that you have been seeking to have in your life. It gives you another alternative; it gives you a different way of looking at things.

    So coming back around as you think about your life and what you have been seeking to manifest, whether it’s based in worthiness or it’s based in struggle. I invite you to consciously breathe in for a moment and as you breathe out let that go, [Deep breath] let it wash away from you.

    I so totally love humans! I love your determination; I love your strength and your awareness. I’m not asking for anyone to give up anything that they would like to have; in fact I encourage you to seek to have even more within your life. Such great abundance as at this moment you can’t comprehend what it is.

    So when you are letting go of resistance or you are letting go of the struggle in your life, you’re letting go of just that; struggle, difficulties, perhaps frustration. As you let all of that move through you realize how you can take in a deeper breath, how your energy can expand even bigger. Realize how this allows you to have what you truly seek to have. Now let that go.

    As you let it go, I invite you to open up your senses even further and take in the Lightbody energy as it flows through here. I am going to shift and allow the Light body essence to speak with you.

    Lightbody Energy Speaks:

    Greetings our beloved family, we are all one. We the Lightbody, you the humans, all the energies of the universe all have a common thread; and that is consciousness.

    Some people choose consciousness in a human form upon the earth with gravity and physical bodies. Others choose consciousness without the body, perhaps as an abstract energy in the universe. Still others may choose consciousness on a star or planet in whatever form they may have. But everything is linked together.

    As I flow the awareness of the Lightbody essence into this space, I invite each one of you to open up and feel it as it moves within you. [Deep breath] The Lightbody energy is very much of the crystalline energy. It is that, and it is something that does not necessarily need to be defined. It is a stream of consciousness, or shall I say that the Lightbody energy allows for the various streams of consciousness to move with greater ease throughout the universe and to each of you.

    You, who are choosing to participate in this experience this evening, have had many different life experiences upon the Earth. You’ve had many out in the universe, all of that is linked for you through your I AM presence. Therefore, when you link with your presence you can reach towards an allow any of those experiences to come down and be a part of you.

    You can tap into it for just the experience or the knowledge. [Deep breath] As you allow your focus to link completely with this Light body energy, I invite you to have a sense of following that stream of energy as it goes out into the universe. It’s as if you stand at the door of the omniverse and you see galaxies, planets, stars, and you see more than what you can consciously give a name to.

    As you look and absorb all that is out within this space, realize how you are able to process, to send and to receive everything through your Light body energies. It gives one almost an electrical impulse. This is here for you.

    As you allow a greater and greater amount of your divinity to flow within you, then you will find that your perception of your Lightbody energy increases also. Although these two energies are very close in alignment with one another, you do not have to be conscious of one to be conscious of the other.

    Now have a sense of shifting your focus. As you look around the All That Is, look with the intention of understanding how the crystalline energies are moving into the Earth.

    For some you may notice there are various vortices of energy. For some you may see how it’s a stream of light that goes down around the individual. For others it can be that it’s something that trickles down as if it’s a random energy that permeates all of consciousness and all that is here.

    So take it in, let you perception expand and then feel that flow [Deep breath] as it moves through. I invite you to have a sense of following the stream of energy that is you and your consciousness as you are going to where you are anchored in your body.

    As you observe from here within the All That Is, take in how much of the Lightbody energy is there within and around you. Perhaps have a sense of looking at your community, at looking around your state, your world, whatever it may be; but open up and see other sources of the crystalline or the Lightbody energy.

    I invite you to take this in as a means of assisting you in your daily life. [Deep breath]

    As your focus returns into the All That Is, I will shift from speaking with you and return this to the Goddess, but I would like you to remember that you are so much more than what you think you are and you do have this Lightbody vibration within and around you. Breathe in that potential.

    And with that I will shift and allow the Goddess to once more take over.


    The Goddess of Creation speaks:

    Alright beloved family, as the Lightbody consciousness shifts back within that stream of pure consciousness it helps to amplify it for all of you. Look inside, just as he mentioned, and allow yourself to open accepting this added aspect to who you are.

    What would you like to do with your life? When I speak of living from a space of joy is that something that you can conceive for yourself? Reach out and as if you are taking in a deep breath of your divinity, breathe deeply and let yourself expand even further into your divinity allowing the Lightbody energy to amplify and accelerate this for you.

    Here within this space, that feels like bliss. Put forth the intention that in your daily life no matter what you are doing, you do it from that place of bliss. Let go of struggle, open to and allow ease. Let go fear, breathe in acceptance and allowing. As you do so, you find even more of these energies flowing within and around you. I put forth the intention that each one of you will find this happening within your life with greater and greater ease.

    Now, I invite you to gather together. As you come together as a group take a moment to look around at all these energies that are here. As you take in the Lightbody energy that’s available from everyone around you recognize how this is all there, present on the Earth. You do have support in your daily life.

    So as the hologram of the Earth comes up within the center of you, allow your consciousness to expand so that you transmit that essence of a life of ease. You transmit your Lightbody energy, and all that you seek to have evolving or occurring with ease.

    As the crystalline energy moves through the hologram, look at how it is helping to shift out energies that are no longer in alignment. The hologram itself creates its own balance and you are part of that. So as this hologram begins to shift, it moves down, it flows through the crystalline grid; there is that aspect of it that shifts out to the new earth and then the remainder goes, continuing on, it moves through the magnetic grid. It creates an expansion or greater balance within the magnetic grid as it moves through and then it goes down until it anchors within your physical earth. [Deep breath]

    There was tremendous intention and focused alignment of the Lightbody energy into that hologram. As it links with the center of the Earth and the crystals in the Earth it expands outward. It moves out in such a way that it comes up through the grass, it comes up through the trees and it comes up through you as the human that you are.

    Feel it in your physical body. Feel what it is to have joy and excitement within your life. Feel what it is to allow that Lightbody energy assist you in your daily life. This is available to you on a continuous basis. You need only reach out with your intention to align with it.

    Alright and so allow you focus to once more return to the All That Is. As you come back within this space you have a sense of briefly shifting so that you align once more with the soul plane. Your divinity fills up this space. Whenever you reach towards an alignment with your divinity you are reaching it within this space. Feel how the Lightbody energy is creating a greater access for you. It may be as if your consciousness streams up and down through that Lightbody consciousness or it may be that you simply have a greater perception of who you are as your divinity. [Deep breath]

    Have a sense of moving into the crystalline grid. As we took those stair steps coming out so too do we take them as you move back towards grounding your energy within your physical body. As you float through the crystalline you feel yourself arriving at the magnetic grid. You once more feel the magnetic pull of the Earth. Look around you and perceive the difference in the magnetic grid from simply this journey that you have been upon. Your consciousness has expanded and you are more aware of the potential that is here.

    I invite you to now have a sense of feeling your energy as it streams downward into and around your physical body. As you allow for your consciousness to anchor once more within you, I invite you to have a sense of breathing down into your heart center. Let everything flow through you moving down into the Earth. You feel that blend with the Earth and it comes back up.

    As you are here present in your physical body, I invite you to have a sense of expanding your consciousness. Feel as if you are reaching toward your divinity and feel that instant connection that is there for you. [Deep breath] You breathe deeply, allowing more of your divinity to come down within and around you. You anchor your intention to allow your life to be lived through joy, excitement and greater potential. As you are living this life, enjoy everything that happens in your day. Feel how full this can be.

    And so, with that beloved family as you are moving through these next couple of weeks in your life, if you would like to have a task then let that task be: ‘what is it like to breathe in my divinity’? ‘How can I be more grounded here on Earth and open to a greater flow of my Lightbody and my divinity’? ‘I intend to live my life from joy’. ‘I intend to allow all that is here for me to come within and around me in my life’.

    I am ever with you and within.


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