Hi could someone pls help me ?

  • hi 2 weeks ago l went to get a reading .. and this guy who did my reading said that my boyfriend is cheating on me ... my boyfriend is a libra and lm an Gemini his DOB is 27/09/1975. he also told me about l guy l onced new and that not long now l will be hearing from him again

    and his DOB is 20/06/1970

    and mine is 13/06/1979

    could someone pls help me l feel so mixed up please

    kind regrads

  • allin13,

    Don't feel confusion, honey. This will all become clear to you soon. Dispense with confusion. It will only lead to cloudy judgement and an inability to connect with you intuition, which is VERY important in this situation.

    I'm going to give you some pieces of information, which I hope you find useful, but first, a couple questions.

    Do you SUSPECT that you bf is being unfaithful to you? Do you have any cause for suspicion or did this info come at you out of the blue? Third, what are your instincts/intuition telling you?

    I constantly encourage people to use these two qualities. We have them for a reason. And the important thing to remember is that they're either dead right or dead wrong. That's why it's important for you to have a trusted person you can talk to about this. Do you have someone close in your life in whom you can confide?u'

    Given the most basic interpretation of all three of your Soul & Personality cards, I would think you and current bf would be a good mix. Let me explain.

    First of all you're both Air signs. This usually bodes well for a relationship (although a lot also depends on where the other planets are in your natal charts) because you're both the same element. And as far as your significators go in the Tarot deck, you stand together as the King and Quenn of Swords (Air).

    Moreover, your Soul & Personality card is The Hermit and your bf's Soul & Personality cards are Judegment (RULED by Libra, interestingly) and The Priestess. The Hermit and the Priestess usually make a good combination given their mutual spiritual qualities. And the Judgment card is all about fairness, equality and balance, restoring wrongs, etc.

    Now, this guy you're supposed to meet is has the Soul & Personality of The Chariot, perhaps a bit too intense for a Hermit like you, despite the fact that he's also a Gemini (though he's on the cusp of Cancer). Water (Cancer) and Air (Gemini) aren't necessarily the best mix, and I would dearly love to know each of your Rising Signs because that would explain a lot more, as well as your Moon signs, but that's jumping the gun.

    First of all, you need to find out if IN REALIITY your bf is being unfaithful. Talk to a close, trusted friend or advisor; trust your instincts; can you talk with him DIRECTLY about your fears? Can you trust his answers? Is he usually truthful with you? All will become clear in good time, allin, but I don't want to see you jump to erroneous conclusions when, in fact, nothing may be the matter at all.

    Are you following me so far?

    And in terms of a relationship spread, we could easily do a 3 card spread for each of these men and simply ask the cards how your relationship with these two men looks aspected. There's also a lovely 5 card spread that I call "Love, Love, Always Love", which could be done specifcally on your relationship with your current bf.. This, too, would give you lots of info. However, these are all jumping the gun.

    Do your own homework on getting to the bottom of the situation. I would like for you to practice what I"ve outlined above and take into consideration everybody's Soul & Personality cards for the present.

    This is a lot of info to digest and you don't need another reading at this point. That will come later if it's meant tobe and when the timing is right.

    It will all become clear in good time. All in good time.

    Trust that your life is being lived in accordance with your Greatest Good, allin13. Keep your side of the street clean; that's all that ultimately matters here.

    Please let me know if you have any questions once you've taken some time in meditation/prayer to ponder the info I've already given you.

    May your Path and everybody else's be blessed.

    Peace be wtih you and don't give into anxiety, confusion or depression. All would be counterproductive to the situation. You need your wits about you right, dear Hermit..

  • Hello gwalchmai60

    first of all l would really like to thank you for all your help your very kind thank you …….

    Well the fortune teller who read my cards told me that my bf is cheating on me with a blonde lady and he see a child with this lady…. he also said her name starts with a C or K he isn’t sure .. He also asked me if l knew this person but l said no... L got thinking it could maybe a lady from his past … l wouldn’t know for he never spoke about his past … and my mistake l never asked

    You asked me if l suspected his cheating on me well no never …….l have spoken to a very good friend of mine about this …and even she agrees with me….. But this is the second time that l went to get a reading done and his came out that his cheating on me now it’s got me worried that his playing me for a fool . I have thought of talking to him about this but that’s face if he is l don’t think his going to tell him that he is... He’ll just turn it around …. So deep down l don’t know if l should believe this teller but it aint the first time l have been to see this teller and in the past he has said things that really happened to me for Ex: he once told me l will get a promotion at work and l did ….. l would be a passenger in a red car and there would be an accident and it did…… I think that’s way lm so mixed up.. And that way l posted on here for help maybe someone out there could see some truth in what he has told me or not.

    So sorry for writing so much... But l feel l can open up to you

    Thank you gwalchmai60 for your help

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