• so i'm interested in learning tarot, and i'm on a budget. i've heard that its bad to get a used deck and i've heard that its not a big deal. i was just kind of wondering whats the best way to go about choosing a deck, and also the best way to go about learning how to read it. any suggestions would be helpful, thanks so much!!

  • Hi Danielle, I agree. I never buy a used deck. They tend to be muddy or negative, and no amount of cleaning helps. In choosing one, look around here at Tarot.com at the beautiful decks that are available. Then go to your local bookstore and browse them. You'll find one that suits you best. When buying a first deck, be sure you can handle the box and see if it feels right to you. You may want to buy two, one being one of the starter decks that gives you one line meanings on each card, and practice reading for a while before cracking open your fav. Buy a clear quartz crystal and a plain dark purple or black bag to keep your cards in.

    Here's a website that may be useful to you.


    Many blessings as you embark on this wonderful journey!


  • In addition to Ahliyah's advice, try your local library. You might find books there that can help you learn. Also, do you have a friend living nearby who can teach you, perhaps in exchange for a service you can provide the friend at a later date?

  • This is an old, old thread but further comment might be helpful. . .

    Quite a few of my decks are used decks. I've never had a problem with them. I think it fatuous to impose feelings on cardstock and ink; it's a projection and not reality.

    My first deck was a used version of the Zerner Farber. I bought that because I sew and liked the art. I tend to buy decks on whether I like the artwork. I do think it helpful to have a Rider-Waite deck since most books discuss the symbolism and meaning in that.

    I have the Universal Waite deck which is a lovely colouring of that deck. For a book, I gave away most of my how-to books as they are full of gobbledygook, but I do like the Power Tarot book as it has meanings for each card related to different areas of life like work, finances, health, spirituality, and it has lots of spreads.

    You might try that plus a version of the Rider -Waite deck that appeals to you in style and colouring.

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