Triple Fires

  • If your natal chart has revealed that you are a "triple fire" of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, post here with some insight.

  • Sun in Leo, Ascendant in Aries, and Moon in Sagittarius.

    I have only just begun exploring my natal chart thoroughly enough to make connections, and I am finding it eerie. It's a roller coaster, in my opinion, and both a blessing at times and a curse. I am learning to embrace being a triple fire, but I worry that my intensity frightens people away, especially in romantic relationships. While I am truly a Leo through and through, my own knowledge of my intensity has made me feel more self-conscious over the last year or so, and I find myself pushing people out of my life and also seeking new people constantly.

    Also, can someone explain whether or not I am actually on the cusp of Cancer/Leo? I was told I could only be on the cusp if I were a Cancer (I was born July 24). I have a ton of Aries and Sagittarius in my chart, and Gemini as well, but Cancer only in Mercury and the 4th House Cusp. I have more Sagittarius than anything else in my chart.

    I am just hoping for some insight and stories from other triple fires. I don't want to put out the fire, but I don't want to fan the flames to the extreme either.

  • I guess I am the only triple fire here ? 😞 I have tried to find other people to talk to about my concerns in different forums around the web, but no luck so far. Please, if anyone has some insight in the realm or can give me some guidance, I would really appreciate it.

  • Hi Mindfield, wow what a combination you have...i thought i had fire.. lol

    I'm a Leo, Leo moon in Aries...

    no advice or answers for you but its pretty quiet on the weekends and i'm sure someone can give you some answers...soon.

    i'de be interested in the answers also, until then take care

    peace and love


  • sorry, i just realized you have been waiting from the 6th...again hoping you'll get some insite.

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