Love reading please

  • Hi Captain can I have a love reading please I am libra 10-10-60 going out with a pisce male who wants us to get married. he has just recently revealed his jelous side

  • What is his birthdate?

  • Hi his DOB 15-03-1964

  • This relationship is best for a love affair, and worst for marriage. Romantic and inspired to the extreme, this relationship also has intensely pragmatic aspects that allow for a certain magic that can spill over into professional and other ties as well. But you two can get carried away with each other, so that you neglect societal criticism and opposition. Overconfidence and in some cases a certain arrogance to life typifies your attitude together, and this may cause nagging problems in the long run, even if things seem to be going well in the present. This relationship can arouse jealousy and animosity, both from the outside and from the inside as you are experiencing now, although it will also have its admirers.

    A love affair can be ultra-romantic here. Giving your all for love, you two seldom hold back emotionally or sexually. Such a passionate relationship doesn't often lead to marriage, however, because it invariably loses its special spark, and either breaks up or continues on a more ordinary and mundane level. As the two of you age, you inevitably look back on your more active years with a mixture of nostalgia and regret.

    You two are at your best when you put some of your inspirational energy into mutual business, artistic or social activities. Such efforts need not be big moneymakers, for the idealism of this matchup dictates working on projects that you both truly believe in, heart and soul. Often impractical, your schemes together sound good at the outset but don't often come to fruition, and in retrospect seem almost too good for this world. Over-sensitivity to each other's moods and wishes can be a problem in this empathic relationship, since each person feels the other's pain or distress so deeply. You will both have to strive for more objectivity and give each other breathing room or else individual growth and development will become stunted.

  • Hi Captain. thank you for the love reading. So not very promising then. shame as he seems really keen.

  • Maybe too keen - the jealousy showing already is a problem.

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