Cancer Woman is so confusing

  • Good! Sometimes physical boundaries are the best outta sight outta mind.

    LOL crabbypants..

    I understand cancergirlfromtheheart.. I have Cancer rising... 🙂 moody is my middle name.

    cheers P

  • I certainly cannot speak for any other Cancer women out there- and it seems like this issues is pretty much resolved, but yes indeedy we can get very crabby!!! And take it out on those whom we have a connection of some sort- which is not fair but happens. I'd just slowly back away from this silly crab if I were you, she does not seem to have herself pulled together just yet. You can so ever so much better than that.

    But please don't write off all of us Crabs on her account- most of us are just grouchy and cranky and then the moon shifts and we feel better. MOST of us sweetly make it up to you in anyway we can! In my case that would be by brining in food!

    Personally, when I get cranky- I just get quiet and drift off into la la land, where I can control what happens. It's so much more pleasant than snapping at people.


  • Yes I was watching a special on Princess Diana yesterday and she was a Cancer I believe.


  • Hi Cappie/noonie... This Cancer woman (child?) is definitely immature and playing games with you. She wants your attention and gets off by confusing and manipulating you. The reason she does this more with you is because she finds that she can get a reaction out of you by her erratic push/pull behavior. She seems to thrive on getting someone involved in her mental and emotional game playing.... in this case.. YOU ! She MIGHT be interested in you as more than a friend, but

    you already have the situation figured out when you say you don't need this drama and her immature crazy making. You intuitively know that she would drive you even more insane if you became more emotionally involved with her. Take your new job position as a Gift from above and use it as an opportunity to RUN away from this Cancer as fast as possible !! GOD BLESS !

  • I agree she is playing, again it is her lack of indecision and self esteem. Truly, you need to guard yourself if you are feeling for her and her actions this deeply. I know we can be very manipulative, just watch out for what you want and need. The space might help, if she doesn't see you as much she might figure it out. Don't forget we are dreamers and her staring at you she is probably imagining how things might be with you. One thing, sometimes we need to be told straight up what your intentions are and if she is hurting you tell her, but sometimes just like little kids those tantrums we throw, sometimes we need some tough love even as sensative as we are. I am not saying blast her, but be firm and don't make her answer you right away, give her a few days to process the information and emotions just make sure you don't let her off the hook and follow up with her to see where she is.

    Good luck 🙂

  • true. Thank you and well said !!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Today I just really stayed away from her and didn't really communicate with her other than goodmorning and good-bye. The rose colored glasses really just fell off and all I see are her games. I was also thinking the same that this new opportunity was given at the right time and god is trying to get me out of this situation I'm in currently. I just want to thank everyone for their advice and I haven't given up on my Cancers. In my opinion I think Capricorns and Cancers belong together and hopefully I will be proven right one day.

  • Noonie, good for you!!--- in the future now you know what to look for and trust your instincts. Good luck on your new project and keep smiling :))

  • Hi Cappie/noonie.... It's hard to realize someone is not as sweet as we think / hope they are.

    NOT a Happy Valentine's Day this year.

    But then, you are getting closer to knowing what you want by knowing what you DON'T want.

    She showed some flashes of sweetness (we all have some potential) but she TOOK more than she GAVE. She has a LOT of maturing to do and there is no guarantee that she will ever grow and develop her Heart in this lifetime. So don't waste your Life waiting for her to change.

    Keep the faith that you will find a Sweet Hearted Cancer Lady someday if that is what you want ( about a 'cancergirlfromthe heart' ? 😉

    Sit down and make a list of all of the qualities you'd like in a Woman

    (caring, friend, warm, sweet, loving, attractive, sexy, sense of humor, fun, etc..)

    and start manifesting her.

    Also important... make a 2nd list of things you absolutely do NOT want in a Woman and promise yourself to never settle for a Woman who has qualities and behaviors on your 2nd list.

    (well... there can always be exceptions to any rule... but keep the list as a GUIDE LINE).

    MUCH LOVE ! to You

    & GOD BLESS !

  • Geez... I can't believe they censored my use of the word that begins with the letter 's', includes the two letters 'e' and 'x' in the middle, and ends with a 'y' ! Give me a BREAK !, LOL !

  • CoachNikki, lol about the sensoring.

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