Looking for guinea pigs -- free tarot readings

  • Hey all,

    This may be a stretch but I'm going to try my luck. I have been reading Tarot for over 10 years (I'm 25), and am looking to branch out and start reading for others. I am looking for those who are willing to let me read for them as practice. I think this will allow me to get over my fears and get more practice sifting my intuition from my more rational thoughts.

    I've created a Skype account specifically for readings. Video is not necessary. If you're interested -- please email me @ . I'm a struggling graduate student and will be grateful for donations if you enjoy your reading. Otherwise, no pressure at all.

    NOTE: I use the "Psychic Tarot Oracle" deck.

    Thanks 🙂


  • I just might take you up on that offer! I'm interested in possibly branching out into tarot and understanding it more. Struggling undergrad will try to help struggling grad if possible 🙂

  • thanks, toora! I'll appreciate the help. you get so used to reading for yourself that you wonder if it's all in your head after while. I don't have much experience initiating readings (do you shuffle or do I shuffle? etc).

  • I see my email's been taken down...oops. Well, thanks to those who were able to contact me. I appreciate the practice! If anyone is aware of a place where I can advertise, please let me know 🙂

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