• I've seen your posts and love them! I was wondering if you'd have time to do a r/s reading for me. It's been awhile since I've had one here. 🙂

    My dob is Mar 18 1965

    His May 6 1971

    We were a couple for 3.5 yrs. We've been in a "holding pattern" since April 2010 - I was completely blindsided - but he continues to keep in touch with me. Now and then he exhibits jealousy thinking there is someone else in my life. New Years Day he invited me to an event, we had an awesome time together (as if we have never had months "apart"!), he was very affectionate and happy I had said yes to going with him. We went with his mom and he sent pix of us to other family members so he is not hiding this. Long story short, he still loves me and misses me and said he wants to make things better. I did not ask how he wanted to do this, merely said I knew we COULD make things better. By the next morning however, he was concerned because OTHERS were concerned as they knew I had been with him and "knew of our history". He got quiet again for a couple of weeks then called me to tell me of a tv show he thought I'd enjoy. He never calls me, only emails, the calls started in December.

    Enough was said and not denied that I do know without a shadow of a doubt that he still loves and cares for me. I didn't push him as I could see he was getting uncomfortable with talking (he was always the talker in the family so this is unusual for him). Mid-month though he had to rescue his sister from a bad situation and now she and her daughter are living with him. There is a lot of stuff going on, he's caring for them, he's been working like crazy due to weather, I understand his life has been turned upside down with the events of the past three weeks.

    Do you see him being able to overcome his obstacles and work back into a r/s at some point? I enjoy my life but wow, spending that day with him just emphasized how much I do miss him, and it seems he missed me just as much. I have never laughed so much as when we are together. I have been following my intuition all these months on this and it seems to be working so far.

    Thank you so very much if you have the time to do this and are able to feel anything regarding this situation!

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  • batrak-abrama

    Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

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