Cancer in need of guidance.....

  • I am hoping someone or a few of you out there can give me some ideas or point me in a solid direction. My dob 06/25/1971 and this past year has been a major change as I am divorcing a man I have been with for over 20 yrs. The issue I am having is and I know I need to be patient, but I can't help get frusterated --- I don't feel like things are progressing for me. I feel like I am stuck in a whole ( and no I am not depressed) and keep spinning in circles. One minute I know what I want for my future and the next I feel lost, which sends me into a panic. Meditation has helped some, but I am not satisfied with my sense of limbo. Thanks for any ideas!!!

  • there is a path for you if you follow it. Do you work in communications or internet? or piano?

    I am seeing keys like piano buttons. (or whatever they are called)

    You would do just good if you thought of yourself as a butterfly. Live in the moment and hop around. Follow your instincts and just enjoy life, There will be a period here where things go very slow. Outwardly.

    I think. I am no prof. That is just kinda what I am getting. 😉

    Good luck.

  • Thank you Awriter,

    I have heard the butterfly scenerio before, trying really hard to use that imagery. I don't work in communications, but alot of my work is at the computer, always wanted to learn to play the piano though. Thanks again, this gives me something to focus on. Have a great day!!!

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