What should I expect in 2011?

  • I am curious what to expect this year if anyone sees anything for me I would appreciate you sharing - Thank you.

    My birth date is 2/22/1967 born S. Korea

  • The theme of 2011 for you is sacrifice and compassion. You maybe called upon to help others, especially your family in ways that you don’t believe (right now) you are capable of, but you are and will be. This year will be about serving others and expanding your compassion, sense of humanity and charity. Your connection to your higher self, inner strength and spirituality will be heightened and challenged. It is best to trust in powers greater then yourself to help guide you through this year, if you do so, you will do the world and your family tremendous good. Next year - 2012 - will give you a break and a chance to replenish yourself, so remember that these sacrifices will not be permanent, try to embrace them and grow from this opportunity for giving.

  • "Uuuurgh!" not what I wanted to hear, I've been in a cycle of "sacrifice" and "serving" for 9 years now. It hurts!! I won't go into detail but believe me people can't understand our lifestyle we look like village idiots, liars, and just plain out right crazy.

    Seems like i've been stuck in the 12th house forever.

  • That's because you haven't learnt the lesson of being content with your life purpose and not worrying about what others think of you. You see sacrifice and serving as pain and suffering; when you see it as love, you will be able to move on.

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