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  • Thank you so much, GreyStar!

    I think it really is a lack of balance that keeps me going back and forth... like an uneven seesaw that gets just enough push to get to the shorter side for a bit, but eventually goes back to the longer side for a longer time.

    I've also always felt that I "owed" something. Not sure if that was a self esteem issue or if that was from the karma. But I must find balance before I can figure out the karma.

    Do you have any tips or recommendations on how to balance the physical and spiritual? I try to meditate, but half the time I just fall asleep or keep thinking about everyday things rather than meditating..



  • Welldone GreyStar honey.

    Glad to see u back, word of advice, dont rush now ure better. Such viral ones has a tendency to return for a continued hello a few times LOL

    at least thats what it does to me LMAO

    im glad ya is back. Ive skimmed ur work n im amazed n my hats off for ya. Well done indeed.

    cwb ;-D

  • Thank you cbw. I am trying to take it slower this time around.

  • AngelaVictoria,

    Meditiation for small periods each day are good, but there are times where are bodies need rest also. Don't try not to think, take it in small strides..let the thought pass trhough you freely, then let it go freely, then another thought will rise, then let it go freely. Over a period of time, this process will move quicker so that you can meditate easier. Also, having faith in your gifts and being gentle with yourself when you do not succeed on the first try or two is very helpful. I typically have a lots going through my mind a lot of the time. There are times when I just let them flow freely and then I find that sense of ease of meditation. I ended up creating a sacred space with special music that helped with this process. The sacred space was more of place in the spiritual that I would always use as a starting point for whatever work I was doing. i hope this helps you in some way.


  • It does! Thank you again, GreyStar. I'm getting there!



  • Hello GreyStar 🙂

    I hope that your week is going smoothly so far.

    I can not wait to see what insight you have for me. I am Glad that you are feeling better!

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Good Morning GreyStar 🙂

    GreyStar, have you decided to no longer continue this thread?

  • Sorry for such a long wait StandingTall. I typically only read at night when I am home. I thought I would have had more time after those three readings. My daughter has taken up more time lately on school projects and my health has been having some ups and downs. Because I am so new to doing these readings, its like I get very tired quickly. I hurt my neck and back in my 20's and I'm having a pretty bad flare up with it. I normally don't have this much fluctuation with my health that I've noticed. The heaches the past two days have been pretty bad. If you are unable to wait, I would understand. I plan to continue with the readings as soon as I my energy levels improve and the headaches pass.


  • Yep GreStyStar

    that falls under the readers rule i choose WHEN to read u requestees do NOT!

    so take all the time u feel u need to n those that cannot wait, repost a new thread n hope someone of the MANY other EXCELLENT new AND seasoned readers will step in a help, if not as someone else said on another thread, pay ur way for a NOW reply instead if u cannot sit n await ur turn in patience.

    cwb 😉

  • Thank you cbw. These headaches I have been getting from my neck have been pretty bad. I tried to realign my neck like a chiropractor showed me with a tennis ball but it hurts for a few days after doing it. I've dealt with it on and off for a while but I haven't had the migraine headaches like the past few days in a while.

    Thank you again.


  • Yw sweetie

  • GreyStar feel better soon, 🙂 Love ya Bee xXxXx

  • Thank you Greystar. It's very hard to let go because there's a little girl invovled. Not my own, but she was a very important part of my life and this man is her father. I was like a mother to her when her own mother died shortly after her birth. You are right that if it was meant to be, he will be back. If not, then I must move on.

  • I once went to chiropractor also. Did what they suggested. nada helped. I went to doc to get new painmedicationtreatment n got it while he sent me to a physiotherapist instead. I dropped from 2 to 3 chiro treatment a week down to a physiotherapy once every 1½ months.

    So maybe its the treatment per se thats uncorrect? i was sceptic on the physiotherapy but i was proven wrong. So mayb u should consider another form of treatment?


  • Hi cbw,

    What is a physiotherapist? This time it is taking me longer to get the flare up calmed down. I have a pituitary tumor and the neck that can cause migraines. I suspect it is my neck. The muscle that holds you vertebrae in place was overstretched when I had the wreck in my 20's. I'm. Having trouble keeping it in place this time so it is staying inflamed. The headaches are gone but my neck is hurting still pretty bad. These weird weather patterns in our area arenmt helping. It's 75 in $ebruary with tornadic storms on the way. I'm open to other treatment ideas.


  • Hi RKDreamer,

    I can understand how much you care for the child involved. I am a single mom but my boyfriend is more like a father to her than her dad is at times. I had a time where I split with my boyfriend for several months. In someways that split has brought is all closer now. I had some healing I had to go through before I was capable to have the depth in the relationship we are now. It was very hard for me to let go and have faith if it was meant to be, then he would come back. I kept thinking of if you love something, set it free and it will/ come back if it was meant to be.

    Try giving it some time, then drop a line about how are you doing and was thinking of you email and see where it goes from there.


  • GreyStar:

    Physiotherapy, also referred to as physical therapy, involves evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a range of diseases, disorders, and disabilities using physical means. Practiced by physiotherapists or physical therapists, physiotherapy is considered within the realm of conventional medicine. Though physiotherapy is typically practiced by physical therapists, certain tasks may be delegated to trained assistants or other types of health professionals.

    Physiotherapy begins with an assessment of the patient's condition. This assessment typically includes a medical history review and a physical examination. Often, the medical history review is considered a subjective examination, while the physical exam is considered objective. Both elements are important to successfully examining and treating the patient. The assessment stage may, in some cases, involve diagnostic tests to better evaluate the patient's condition and develop an effective treatment plan.

    Treatment is guided by the findings of the assessment. Based on the unique needs of the patient, various physiotherapeutic treatment methods are employed. Such methods may include musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and integumentary physiotherapy techniques. Physiotherapeutic treatment methods are constantly evolving as the field grows.

    In addition to the physiotherapeutic methods used in treatment, physical therapists often provide patients with guidance regarding such things as walking devices and mobility aids. Good physical therapists also work hard to help patients stay informed about their particular conditions and the required treatments. Patient education is key to the success of physiotherapy.

  • Thank you GreyStar. Great advice. I'll give it a rest. I'm tired of thinking about it so much. Not sure if it means much, but one night I spoke to the universe about what I wanted from the situation and sought guidance through my tarot deck. I shuffled and cut the deck. The first card I pulled out was the two of cups. I started crying because at that moment, I felt the universe was listening to me. The other night I asked the spirit of my dead friend (who happend to be the partner of the man I am referring to) what she had hoped for him and I. I got the 10 of cups. I asked other questions and went back to ask the same one again to my friend. Again, I got the 10 of cups. I consulted an on-line psychic last month and she told me things I could verify. She described a spirit with brown hair, about 5'6". That's my friend. She also saw a white wired bed. I recalled days later from seeing a picture that was the bed in which the little girl was in at the hospital. The psychic saw my friend giving me a bouquet of flower and holding a child in front of her, giving the child to me. This has brought out so much hope, but I do realize that wha'ts meant to be will happen in its own time. Thank you again.

  • Hi RKDreamerRK,

    I am happy to hear that. I had to learn that lesson the hard way with my soul mate. Now that things are moving at their own pace, things have gotten much smoother.


    The physical ailments have finally subsided just still drained in energy from it all. I asked for healing assistance on this site as I think I knocked something out of balance trying to attempt a healing which I am such a Novice at. I think I am also getting more in tune with the cycles of the moon so I am feeling more drained at certain phases of the moon and then seem to feel better after they pass. I think I tend to go full force and then have a period of being drained. I need to find a more balanced approach to things in all areas. I guess that is a lesson to be learned.


  • I hear ya,. I have the same spurts. Sudden bursts of energy n race full force n too soon drained for days on end. Right now im more focussed on me n my health. yet maintaining my friendships. doesnt need to take hours to reply a friend.


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