5 for tarot

  • .angel hugs

    poetic 55, thank you

    Not sure if Grey Star will require my DOB - May 2, 1947

    Blessings to all


  • She is so skilled, it's amazing. I feel like a baby.

  • GreyStar

    May i be included in your next set of 5 if you decide to do so? Was on thread that got deleted.

    dob/ March 4, 1964 time around 2:15 a.m. in south miss.

    What you see for family and finances, or what ever you pick up on as there is always other things going on.

    Thanks and Stay Blessed

  • GreyStar

    Sorry for post. Did not read your post like i should have. Sorry again.

    Stay Blessed

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your patience still. I have not gotten over my cold well enough to do any readings yet. Hopefully the antiboitics will kick in before it gets any worse. The five I have listed for this round of readings as soon as I get well enough to do the readings:




    Standing Tall


    Cbw & witchywomen I will post another thread in which you will both be the first two requests when I put another thread for another 5 for tarot. Thank you all for your continued patience while I am getting well.


  • Healing team on its way GreyStar honey.

    thank u darling!


  • Take your time! feel better, GreyStar... Thank you for your offer in the first place 🙂


  • Greystar, If you are posting another thread would kindely appreciate a reading from you, I was also on the thread before, But wasn't sure weather to post again as it seemed others had claimed there place, but i would appreciate it if i could be on your next list.

    Mostly looking for spirituality Insight, As i am working my way up like yourself i guess. If you need my birthday, i will Gladly Post it,

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • GreyStar

    Thanks for your offer to put me on your next 5. The main thing right now is for you to take care of YOURSELF. Hope you are better soon.

    Thanks again,

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    GreyStar, thank you for including me in this set of readings.

    May the healing UNIVERSAL LIGHT be with you as your body heals.


  • GreyStar, I hope you are feeling much better very soon. I see you are doing a fine job in helping people. Take care of yourself too. Blessings to you. 🙂

  • GreyStar,

    Health and Family come first, take your time. I don't think any of us are in any rush. Sending you lots of healing energy!


  • For those of you have helped with healing energy and waited for your readings, I want to thank you. I am feeling much better. I should be able to start working on your reading requests.


  • Take your time GreyStar. Your health comes first..

    RKDreamerRK (RKDreamer....got messed up with the moniker so had to create a new one)

  • Hi RedPetals,

    Thank you for your continued patience. I feel as though you are shedding of the old out moded patterns and beliefs to begin a anew. Fear not to let go of your old self and release it as you are on the brink to something more than yourself. Something of the spiritual. 2011 wil be a new beginning for you. Open yourself to new levels of consciousness and allow yourself to further feel the oneness and connection of all things. For you are in everything and everything is a part of you. You have in the past stood firm allowed those things that should be cut away and removed to be removed. You have stood strong and showed much strength and resolve. You have actively sought out the light and it is answering your call. A hunch or intuition you yourself have could be part of the answer you are seeking. The marriage of creativity with reason will create much for you this year. As you are awakening as a butterfly from its cocoon transformed into something even more beautiful than before. As you open to the universe and its understanding, much good will manifest from this in the physical world around you. You will create and manifest around you the environment that you seek. The time for this is very near. Continue on the path of enlightenment and do not let yourself be detered into thinking the easy way is the right way. As long as you maintain the path of the straight and narrow, much good will come of it this year.

    I hope this speaks to you in some way.


  • Hi AngelaVictoria,

    Thank you for your healing blessings also and your patience. The time has come in your path towards awakenment to seek what you have forgotten. You are already on the correct path towards enlightenment. Karma debt might be an area to review at this time. What we send out whether in this lifetime or in the past comes back around to us. That debt must be repaid before moving forward. Think back of a person you might have been drawn to or someone you will meet soon. You will receive this knowledge from an unknown source. Seek it earnestly, and you will find what you seek. You may feel the need to rebalance at some point as your physical and spiritual are out of balance in some way. Once you have obtained this balance, understanding and the knowledge you seek to remove this karma will come forth. You may have a period of stagnant or obstacles until this balance is regained.

    Does this mean anything to you offhand? Ahyilah is a great source on past lives and Karma.. you might want to seek her out at some point.


  • Hi RKDreamer,

    Presently I am picking up that you need to work on getting your own affairs of your household in order at this time. Everything in in life has its own time, its own turn, its own season. Your season for this relationship as you know it may have passed its point of usefulness in your life. I have always taken the stance that if you love something, let it go and if it is meant to be it will come back. If it is not meant to be, then it won't and was never really meant to be. I understand how hard this is as I did this a few years back with the man I loved. If it was meant to be, he will come back. If not, he won't and a new door will open once you have healed in this area and opened yourself again. You may have someone from your past may reappear. I am seeing this period is meant for a healing process or some type of growth or rebirth. It is unknown if this is something of a more permanent nature or just something temporary.

    I have been in your shoes a couple of years ago, and know how a person feels to let go like this not knowing if it is temporary or permanent. I went through some of the most intensive healing and growth I have had in most of my life during this time. The serenity prayer really helped me throught that difficult period in my life. I wish you blessings and strength if you chose to move towards this path and always above all keep hope.


  • Hi StandingTall and Lovingsillverwings,

    Thank you for your continued patience. I will be working on your readings next. I am really sorry it has taken me so long.


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