5 for tarot

  • Hi, I am relatively new to this forum and can pick up from lovedetox and and do help four. Please no more than 4 requests on this posts.


  • Good luck with this Grey Star...let's hope your thread doesn't get deleted this time.I think you're doing sterling work. Love to you.

  • Can I ask what Lovedetox is?

    Do you do any spiritual guidance, GreyStar?



  • Thank you Highpriestess3.


    LoveDetox was a person I was assisting on my previous thread. What spiritual guidance are you seeking?

  • OH I get it, now!

    Well I'm going through the Spiritual Bootcamp with The Captain, so far so good 🙂

    But if you can easily see anything from a reading that might give me any further guidance to steps I must take to reach a real awakening, I would appreciate it... BUT if it's any trouble or you have a hard time figuring me out, please don't spend much energy. I know it's my free will to move farther, I just feel as though a step is missing.

  • Hi AngelaVictoria,

    I wil see if I can pick up anything for you. It might take me a day or two to get back with you, but I will work on your request. Let me know how the Spiritual Boot Camp goes, I have been thinking of posting on the boot camp as there is always room for growth. If this thread happens to disappear, I will post your response with your name in the subject.

    Blessings to you.


  • Hello GreyStar,

    I am glad to see you are still offering to help a few people! If and when you have time I would really appreciate it. I had a challenging 2010 with heath, wealth and love! I am ready to begin 2011 on a positive note and would like to know what you see for me.

    DOB 9/14/60


    Thank you so much for anything you could share with me. I think my health is good now, I am able to go back to work and I am open to a relationship.

    Many Blessings to you!!


  • Thank you GreyStar for helping. I'm wrestling with a decision..whether to move on or to wait things out about this man who was very important to me a few years ago. I haven't heard from him in a long time. I've tried several psychics and tarot readers. Timeframes have been shifting. I'm feeling pretty lost and at the same time hopeful that he and his daughter will return into my life.

    DOB 3/15/64

    His DOB 01/01/51

    His daughter's DOB 12/29/04

    Any insights would be most useful.



  • Hello 🙂 Thanks for offering your services!

    I was wondering if you can PLEASE, give me some insight on whether or not I will find a Job this Month?

    Also, I am having BIG Money problems as well. Do you see me having some sort of relief; in regard to my Stress and Anxiety about my Money situation??

    And if you have time, I would like for you to look at my stagnant Romantic Life as well. Do you see a Renewal in Friendship with my Exboyfriend this Month?

    April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance:)

  • Hey GreyStar

    Ill watch ya back as before.

    i reckon by now u have ur 5 listed so may i b listed as one on ur next list???

    cwb hopeful lol

  • The Spiritual Boot Camp is great, so far! I'm very glad Captain has created this thread to help so many who are open to any advancement, are confused or just don't know where to start. People get a chance to share and work on issues and anybody who decides to read somebody else's post is welcome to give any insight, so it gives a feeling of community and family!

    Thank you for working on my request, and don't feel pressed for time. Your skills are building more and more "muscle" the more you work on them, and I'm flattered that I could be a small part of the building 🙂

    Blessings BACK to you!


  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Grey Star, you are a blessing to have on this forum. May all be well with you.

    I would appreciate information of a general note.

    Do what comes naturlally.


  • Hello CharmedWitchBente,

    I do not recall if you were before or after me on Greystars first thread. If you were before, then I would like to offer you my spot in line. I can wait until if and when GreyStar decides to make another offer. I will leave this up to her, but if you want my spot in line please post your wish to be in my place. I realize the overwhelming requests that are posted, so many of us feel the need for advice. Ayway, the offer is out there and take it it you wish.

    Many Blessings to you


  • Redpetals. Hon, i think u got it all wrong. GreyStar chose i think to start afresh, meaning 1st 5 to sign she will help, then she will post a new 5 first n so on.

    Since she has been busy with HER life OFF here, as many of us including u sweetie, we wont know. I cant say wether or not. The end choise is up to GreyStar. not us. So in reality we as asking party do NOT get the choise on whom she helps as first 5th or 10th.

    Its a readers priviledge to the following rules: 1. They choose whom they read, 2. When they read, 3. where they read, 4. The row of whom they read, n 5. IF at all they read EVEN if they have offered.


  • ps redpetals, if ya had read the 1st page of this thread sweetie, u´d seen even i was not sure if GreyStar had her 5 first listed on her criteria. I mark again, its not up to u or me whom gets read. Its all GreyStars. But thank u for ur sweet considerate offer. Not many think aside themselves. ;-D xoxoxox

  • Oh and there's no need to sugar coat anything if you see something I need to be aware of..

    Thank you!


  • Thank you guys for your patience. My daughter had company over the weekend and I have come down with a cold. I'm trying to give it a few days to improve before reading again. The first five on this thread will be fine as many are from my previous thread. Any details such as birthdate and some background on a specific area you are seeking guidance would be helpful as that info was lost when the thread was lost. I seem to pick up more naturally on more specific requests.


  • March 3rd, 1990 00:50 hrs.

    Juneau, Alaska.

    Spiritual advancement.. I get stuck too often!

    Thanks again, Grey Star.


  • Greystar honey im hope u´re well soon, until then i think u need to line up ur list of 5 on this thread n stick to it. Until then will i remain in limbo, yet look out for u n ur thread.


  • Hola! Grey Star don't forget Juliana she's been so patient! Everyone be Blessed!

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