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  • I had three books given to me by a dear friend. I pulled them down just before Christmas (it was at the December full moon/ eclipse). I remember this specifically as I slept on the couch then in order to see the moon. 🙂

    I had never finished one book so I started with that one. Then worked on #2. Both those are finished and put away.

    I can't find book 3 now! 😞 I admit I have not torn the place apart yet but I have known it to be missing for quite a few weeks now and it's in the back of my mind every time I am in a room or cleaning something. I've gotten up on a stepstool and taken a good look at the shelf that it came from (where the other two are) and I didn't put it back away.

    I looked under the couch cushions and behind the side of the couch and underneath it. I must've brought it back upstairs or something but I just don't see it.

    I would be grateful for any ideas.


  • There is something in the 3rd book that you are not prepared to learn or see. Have faith that the book will turn up when you are ready.

  • Really? I have read it before......... but don't even think I left a bookmark or any other memento in it. As long as it's not "gone", I'm good with that.

    Thanks Captain!


  • It's not gone--will be found by the full moon. Don't look for it--just clean house. Is there an area of clutter you have been putting off/ Start there--with the intention of just cleaning and getting rid of things.

  • You have read it but not comprehended it the message. It will come to you in time.

  • Thanks to both of you. Blmoon, that is amazing. My entire house (minus the front hall) is a wreck from what my exh left behind over two years ago. I am on my 2nd dumpster which is almost full but I've been at a standstill since Christmas due to weather. I have a bunch of stuff "ready to go out the door" but I can't get it out. I got fed up 2 weeks ago and thoroughly cleaned my front hall. Saturday I worked on the mess at the top of the stairs and a good portion of the bedroom, but I am still stuck on actually getting things OUT of the house.

    Thank you again!


  • You have the same "motivation" angel who kicks my b utt in gear every now and then. It seems whenever I get stuck in letting go or neglect my surroundings even though I know better--I will lose something even though I'm very gifted at finding stuf--but soon as I get back to dealing with the neglected cleaning project--the lost item will appear.!

  • I had made such great strides in the house UNTIL I started to work on the BIG issues: garage, yard and attic. It looked great through spring 2010. At least the garage and yard were contained to outside. Attic, well, you have to go through the house to get rid of that (I threw what I could out the window but it wasn't much). Then all the shredding I've done in my bedroom. Bringing the shredder upstairs - it's not plugged in unless I'm using it - caused a spiral effect in the kitchen as I started tossing mail on the counter again. Plus the stuff lined up to go out the back door. I'm sure you get the picture! (I'm not even shredding now as I can't get the trash to the curb etc etc.). Everything has multiplied despite all I've tossed! It boggles my mind, as I don't bring stuff back INTO the house.

    Tonight I put away 3 big things on my upper landing. Not much but it made a huge visual difference and it's easier to use the stairs now.

    I can't wait until the house is settled - just too many huge unfinished projects and it's so overwhelming that I just quit at times.

    I've known for awhile I had to get back to this somehow, even though the dumpster is off limits to me right now. I really need to finish a room besides my office so I have a "clean" place to sit and recharge.

    Thanks again to both of you for your help, it is so much appreciated.


  • Keep at it! I was raised by a family of hoarders and can tell you it sucks the life out of you! I am so sensitive to that energy that when I feel it creeping around me it amazes me how quikly it can spread once we let it go too far. Feeling stuck is real--chaos and clutter freezes up energy so it is a viciouse circle that can get overwhelming.. I'm too busy to be a neat freak but I know when it's clean out time by how I feel--it's a low heavy feeling and it is like being slowly smothered. I'm always amazed how energized I feel after a good cleaning. Everyone has the table and counter clutter attraction thing to fight. My gift to myself is to clean the kitchen before I go to sleep--yes some nights get skipped--it is so energizing to wake up to a clean kitchen that kisses me back good morning! Same with bathrooms--even if the rest of the house is messy a clean bathroom will feed the soul--bathrooms and kitchens reflect on the soul so start there and it will super charge you to get through the rest. I always keep a donation box at hand and as the days go by if I run into something had too long it gets tossed in and filled it gets moved to my vehical--I always have donations building up and as that fills I drop it off at the goodwill. I've made this a habit. Everyonce and a while I get a big urge to purge because spirit says--open up for abundance and I'll put nice furniture items by the road as gifts for someone to find--and yes I receive after that. I think full moons are great purge days---to not think about it too much--just toss toss toss--buy lots of bags--use every can and purge. It's very liberating physicaly and spiritualy--in fact I may purge my dresser drawers this full moon! BLESSINGS!

  • This post is deleted!

  • It sure does! I've now labeled my exh as a hoarder, the signs were all there even when he moved in but I just didn't realize how bad it was. He wouldn't get rid of work clothes that were really only suitable for yard work - and he would never wear them for that. I'm talking at least 30 pants and shirts (each) stashed in the attic over the years - plus jeans and other clothes. He even saved unopened junk mail.

    I need to clean the kitchen again as it's what I walk into from outside. If that and the hall are clean I feel so much better. If they have clutter, which they have for a couple of months since I've been weather-bound, I feel miserable. I have no counter space in the bathroom so that never gets cluttered.

    I was SOOOO good with the kitchen and mail for almost 2 years, time to kick myself in the butt and figure it out again.

  • Last weekend I got a ton done. Cleaned up the cardboard in the kitchen, unfortunately till more snow melts it's in the garage but at least I don't see it! Counter is clean, floor washed. I actually washed 4 floors last weekend and did a good cleanup in the sunroom! Feels good to spend time downstairs again in a sun patch. 🙂 I worked a ton this week away from home and am now housesitting for 10 days so what I do here will be minimal.

    Unfortunately the full moon was last night and I still have not stumbled across that book yet. 😞

  • you go girl--I declared today my big purge day--boy what a huge mess when you start emptying drawers and getting into stuff! I have a line going to the road--my car is getting fuller and garbage bags are going fast. My son has issues with drawers--he can't keep clothes in order or he stuffs them so full they break. I decided to put up two rods one for shirts one for pants and ditch the dresser. happy purging!

  • Another full moon is approaching and I have not stumbled over my book yet! The snow has mostly melted so I've been able to load my car with stuff for scrap and to start shredding again (I have only put my trash out to the curb twice this year due to the snow so I didn't do a lot of tossing).

    Any other ideas on where I can look for it? I still don't get why I moved it from the sunroom when I brought all THREE books in there. Why did the one I didn't read disappear?



  • Keep purging! Spirit says you have several decorating items you always had plans for---know in your head how that room looks---time to give birth to that---full moon comes with completion of a lhigher intention. You are holding on still and need a real get er done energy burst. The kitchen is the soul of the house--start there---your bedroom is your energy source for attracting love including for yourself--no lonely pictures in there! The bathroom is very important as well--it can attract abundance or send it down the toilet. Be bold as far as getting rid of trash--don't wait for the snow--hit the dumpsters--late at night---donate to charities--say a prayer and put items by the road for others---at the least pile it up outside closer to gone and cover with a tarp--just get the big motion going and the universe WILL support you. Today is an excellent day for this energy burst. Don't be in "waiting mode"---spirit says you do that a lot--get overwhelmed and passively wait. You can do this! BLESSINGS

  • LOL I'm just afraid it's going to get tossed if I don't find it soon! I couldn't get stuff out my back door for over a month due to ice and my dumpster was full of snow,that's why I got stuck. Kitchen is still clean, hall is fine, LR is just about done (headed to the scrapyard now). 🙂 Sunroom still clean from a few weeks ago.

    Bedroom is a whole other story as I have to strip the wallpaper and paint the new room still and that's money dependent (the paint anyway). And actually the LR has to be painted too but it's the cleaning there that is almost back to the way it was.

    I'm working girl, I'm working! 🙂 I just want my book safe and sound back up on it's shelf. Books are my treasured friends and I never lose them. To misplace this one has really upset me!

  • Your book has not gone anywhere--and when it returns be sure to have a "home" for such a cherised thing. BLESSINGS!

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