Would welcome "fresh eyes" for this Love Celtic

  • I recently did a Love Celtic reading and would welcome some opinions. Here's some background: after being alone a long time, a love interest that I had a couple of months back seemed interested one day, then unexpectedly (to me) went and chose someone I didn't even know was in the running. Nor did I expect this to rock me to the core the wayit did. My sensations are still confused: part of me wants to get on and accept this person choice and wait for something more appropriate for me, another part of me senses that he's still interested but not sure at what level, another part of me fears that I'm destined to be alone forever!

    This is the reading:

    Love & me: six of swords

    Situation: valet of swords

    Challenges: eight of coins

    Background: ace of swords

    Recent past: four of swords

    Near future: eight of batons

    Higher power: knight of coins

    Issues: ten of cups

    The loved one: the fool

    Love advice: three of swords

    Long-term potential: ten of swords

    Grateful for any intepretations!

  • In reply to your reading this man is not genuine and if he come back into your life it would only be to satisfy his own needs (emotionaly) he'l probably always have more than one love interest in his life- then he's always got something to fall back on when things arent going his way- (selfish/insecure) . this man would end up hurting you making you feel and look stupid this type of man generaly knows how to play women and would run a mile if one stood up to him!- yes he's a coward too. Concentrate on on home ,job ect however mundane this might feel because that is what your good at until you put this man out of your mind on stop leting him rule you mind mr right wont come along . hope this helps you xx

  • Yes, thanks. It does help. What you say is true, and I know I need to get it out of my system, but, as you say, I'm also beginning to see that the very thing that makes him run a mile/stand in awe is the very thing that he is also attracted to in me: the fact that I speak my mind. But I'm curious to know how much of that you saw in my reading and how much is down to intuition /experience.

    How about the progression of my reading. I must confess that I was disheartened to see the ten of swords as the long-term potential...

    Thanks again

  • Ok - here's the thing. This man - I don't even know what you asked, but he is NOT the one for you. PERIOD. WALK AWAY. All of those swords around the the fool - ESPECIALLY with the three of swords right next to it and the ten of cups on the other side. RUN. You will only get your heart broken. When the fool comes up - it means that it is someone looking through rosecolored glasses. This spread is basically telling you that if you continue in the path you are headed, you are only going to get your heart broken - especially if the ten of swords may be the potential outcome.

    Leave this one alone. There is always someone else around the corner......

  • hi altrum i am glad my interpretation helped i interpd alot through cards and intuition and paulaj backs up what i told you find something other than him to focus on and get on with your life hun. glad i could help xx hopefully your next reading will have alot more positive outcome

  • Thanks so much to you both! I needed to hear what you said, because the temptation was/is strong. My question wasn't about him, I wanted to know where I was at on the love front, but in reality, I had seen this guy for the first time in a couple of weeks on the day I did the reading, so obviously it was him on my subconscious mind, but I'll definitely take your advice and work on weening myself off him.

    Thanks again!

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