Menopause:Does each sign deal with it differently

  • Finally, someone is telling "my story"! I started menopause at 40, now I'm 45. I was so miserable and exactly like a teenager again! Well, I started taking the over-the-counter Phyto-Estrogen for GNC and I immediately felt the difference! It has plant-based estrogens versus animal estrogen, Premarin, that is made from pregnant horse urine and is what is normally prescribed. I still sometimes feel the physical and emotional discomforts, but not as intense. I'm really looking forward to when I get to move on to the next "phase" of my womanhood!

  • I have had a very severe menopause. Night sweats through the sheets and unable to sleep through the night. What was a real surprize was that I started to dream and everynight I dream now. I remember them and some are distrubing and others are beautiful. I'm a diffrent person on more than one level now. I did do the natural bio-idential hormone therphy and it did stop the sweating, however after two years of being on that I had to stop because of the side effects that left me wanting to give Suzanne Summers a good talking to.

    I'm in my eighth year now and can say that if menopause makes some feel so beautiful and full of life , than I must be full of something that makes me feel like I just may look in the mirror tomorrow morning and be cheeta if you know what I mean.

  • HI again - this is what I don't understand - I weigh about 10 or 13 lbs more than I used to.

    If the weight gain is due to reduced estrogens, then how come, when you take and estrogen repacement, you don't lose the weight, you actually gain more weight? Also, I though that the estrogens would improve hair and skin. Maybe I did not tak ethem long enough because I quit when they made me gain more weight. I am going back to trying the phyoestrogens.

  • I want some of what Shuabby's having. Excellent attitude there 🙂

    I was convinced to try the mirena implant that would solve all the problems. I thought I would try the medical approach and if that doesnt work then try the natural approach. Yep you guessed it wieght gain and bloating. I feel like a telly tubby, well I look like a telly tubby with wrinkles and a whole lot more attitude.

    It would be nice if clothes designers could come up with something a bit more tasteful to disguise our new found bellies. In our fifties we are limited to dressing like a 20 something and appearing like mutton dressed as lamb, or ready for retirement in sweats or frocks.Already feeling insecure and unattractive in regards to weight gain where are our saviours in the clothing industry.

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