Menopause:Does each sign deal with it differently

  • Hey gels . Wouldn't it have been nice if some one had told us about the emotional side of menopause.

    You know what I mean. The return to teenage emotions where we are so insecure, needy and unsure of ourselves it's like being 13 again. It's obvious really it's the reverse of the start of our periods so the decline of those nasty little hormones has got to hit us the same way,but now we are supposed to be smarter. Only now our partners are also going through the same thing. They are back to being unsure and insecure them selves. Male Menopause. They question their purpose in life, have they taken the right track, the right job, the right partner.Their answer is to get a new model of the wife, a faster car and maybe the road to a heart attack.Whilst we deal with our own teenagers, parents facing their own mortality and age discrimination.

    We all read about the physical symptoms of menopause, hot flushes, sleepless nights and aching limbs, plus the irratic periods, aching boobs and weight gain. But the emotional symptoms is where we all reach for something to get us through . Now my point.How does each sign deal with this transition to get us to a new point in life and do we all do it differently. Do tell

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  • Thank you for that. Very good insight. I was kinda curious about the emotional insecurities that go along with menopause , something our mothers never told us and if different star signs deal with it differently. As a libran I try to act balanced but well this kinda tips the scales so to

  • thank you for starting this thread sharja61 I am a sag an it has been 12 long yrs that I have been going thru menopause and it is a living nightmare at times. I had seen 2 drs prev and they would not give me hrt replacement on the basis I was to high a cancer risk so I been doing it naturally the herbal teas seem to help the mood swings but at one point the depression was so bad that I put on forty lbs but lately I have found walking & meditation have eased the mood swings black cohash will work after a several weeks & I still get hot flashes thru out the day so I will carry wet ones around with me & when one hits I put it on the back of my neck and chest

  • ouch hot flushes. hope you dont live anywhere too humid. I got painful legs and used to sleep with them up the wall. Bit wierd hey

  • Not any more weird than it being a steady 20 degrees in my bedroom!!! As a Virgo I try my best to quietly suffer through LOL and doing it naturally too! I've been studying and listing what things trigger my hot flashes and stay away or cut back doing at lot of them. i.e. caffine, **sigh...chocolate,soda.. Virgos are big list makers! I have slept with my legs up against the wall to ease swelling. Just being practical. :>) Meditation and Yoga seem to help calm all my symtoms down to something I can live with.

    In solidarity... :>)

  • This is very nice. I agree with you all. I am 57 years old. My mother asked me to leave home at 12 , so I guess she didn't get the opportunity to tell me about menopause. I have had menopause since 1997. I was born in 53. Yep, 13 years. As far as hot flashes and waking up every hour, I settled into that about 8 years ago. Weight gain? No. Recently though I have dropped quite a bit..from 160 to 135. Think I've stopped at 135. Emotions, oh yeah. I am a Libra with Tauras Moon and Sag rising. 1/2 German, 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Irish. I got married in 1985 to a Virgo. Since menopause....not much in common. Feels like support mechanism has vanished. Perhaps never there? To date: still soaking wet every nite minimum 3x. No perscription drugs, old school...if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger.

  • Wow thats a glorius mixture of nationalities there sajasof.Nice to hear your story. I think the physical symptoms of menopause are probably easier to deal with than the emotional ones, as physical symptoms are well documented.No-body wants to talk about the extreme highs and lows of the emotonal side, or the insecurities. Quite often during this period we discover that we dont have much in common with our partners at this time. But that could just be that we all go on different paths and what makes you compatible at 20 isn't neccesarily the same thing in your 40's and 50's.We all have different lessons to learn.

    As a libran I have tried both the medical trteatment and the holistic treatment . Trying to get a balance. And asking girlfriends about their experiences can be an eye opener.

  • Well I didn't read anything except the title. But a wise woman said to me before I was old enough to be going through the change "if you think you will have a hard time and have hot flashes then you probably will". I never forgot that. Also sugar causes the hot flashes. So sodas, candy, wine other alcohol. I didn't have them. Sajasof I'm Libra, Taurus moon and Sag, rising too. Cherokee, Scot-Irish, Dutch and English. You might try a Soy Menopause pill so that your body can assimilate your vitamins. I take it for that reason and it was a suggestion from my Podiatrist because of fractures in my feet. You can use the CVS brand it's cheaper than some of the others on the market.

  • I was born in 48'.

  • Hello all,awe what a beautiful post, its good to feel I'm not alone as a Leo,Leo aries...I'm a complete nut case...along with fire spewing out of my ears,mouth head lol..weight gain like I'm 6 months pregnant...Its funny i remember when i was in my younger years , i couldn't wait to stop my menstrals..I was lucky mine were always on time i never had a i never know i get all the symptoms but nothing...Like right now I'm in it and I'm suffering big time...Ok before i blow up my computer i will say thank you, and may all of us get through this...hope to keep this going...



  • Hey know how you feel.Looks like he knows the feeling too. lol

  • 1960 here, started hot flashes at 48, i guess i am grateful those have gone, but i had so many embarrassing moments...when you start stripping in department stores,streets, and thats when I just met my new partner...Poor sag thought i was sweating for him he has to suffer with my eventful the way He gets the hot flashes now..hehehe

    love and light ladies


  • I have been offered many hormone pills, and have read so many articles on menopause that in the end i think we are all different...i am trying my best to ride this part of my life without the medication and let mother nature take its course...Though if there was a magic pill to take it all away i would be in line for it...and i try and keep a sense of humour...

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  • dmick,i was at the Doctors yesterday, and i decided to step on the scale..I haven't done that in a year..That was a huge fear for me, to realize how much weight i have gained since my menopause took over part of my life...I'm sorry i stepped on it because i am being haunted into my past ways of starving my body...I know that is not a solution of course but, it did trigger that "I want to be thin response.." I feel the more negativity we put on our weight the more we will obsess about it...Just my opinion...Theres a great thread, i will post the link for you maybe you can ask Ramonita. "she has been apart of the thread from the beginning..."

    healingways started it but she is on a break for now...

    I'm sorry this weight has got you down, i truly understand,i have obsessed about my weight since i was a teenager and still do...I live with chronic pain and fibromialgia, and that interferes with exercise, but walking and riding a bike does help..but of course everyone is different...

    Take care dmick, whatever we put out into the universe, it comes back to try to, instead tell yourself the weight is comming off "instead of the weight will not come off."

    Love and Light


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  • I hate the weight gain. Especially the times when I seem to swell up and my legs seem so fat.

    I used to be pretty cute. Now I feel like a bowl of jello wobbling around somedays. I tried some estrogen pills and they helped with mood swings, etc. but made me feel fatter and I couldn't buttom my pants.. Patches didn't work. Herbal and natural remedies don't work. And the part I hate is breaking out in a sweat and waking up totally drenched at 5 AM every morning. Sometimes more often. - you would think I was sitting in a sauna. What is the deal with this?

    It rarely happens during the day - mostly at night.

  • Your welcome D, yippie to the weight coming off, we will all be the menopause cougar women soon....:)

    Turtledust, some women suffer the dreaded night sweats, my pillow used to be soaked in the morning, how embarrassing it is...That will soon end for you...I know my sister uses a fan all night on her, though her husband doesn't apreciate the fan on in the middle of winter, so I told her to tell him to go sleep in another room LOL...

    I like the Jello analogy, that fits in with me also...

    Namaste to all of us


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