Ive had a physic reading done ;; very confused!

  • ive had two readings done and yet they say an awful lot but yet its too complex for me to understand what it Really means so if i could send you the answers ive revcieved could someone break it down for me and explain what this all means!?!?!

    My first question would be to know If the boy who is with me in this picture has ever cheated on me?

    (now she answers this .. its not whether he has or not? thats what i wanted to know yes or no!!<

    The question here is not so much about whether or not he has been faithful to you, but whether he is committed or the right one for you. He does not know what it is to be faithful and will not be faithful to any woman until he can fully examine his conscience, and that is several years off from now.

    I strongly feel that there are too many metaphysical obstacles for his emotional and spiritual growth at this time. He is bound by his sexual hang-ups and cannot comprehend the extent of the pain and disappointment he causes through his passive-aggressive tendencies and harsh words.

    The further you involve yourself with this man, the further you will be from your spiritual values. My sense is that this is an imbalanced relationship and very unhealthy for your psyche. He will not change any time soon, as he does not realize his role in the universe and you will suffer yet another broken heart from those closest to you.

    The second would be to know who my soul mate is ? or do i have one?

    You absolutely do have a Soul Mate, and in fact, you have several Soul Mates who will take you through the various stages of your emotional maturity. Your path has not yet crossed with your romantic Soul Mate, but as you end your connection with the man in the photograph, and you begin to heal, you will be introduced to several individuals who will lead you to the inner circles of your first Soul Mate.

    And the third i guess i would have to say is how my finacial future is going to look will i own a home and be set and have no worries?

    You are about to face a major transformation in your life, including changes and opportunities to your career. You will enjoy progress and rapid movement in the next few months. One point I would like to emphasize is that you will have success in areas of business and finance, and it is an area I would like to see you focus on in the next few years as a long-term career path.

    I strongly advise you to prepare yourself for prudent money management early on, as you will come in to a wave of prosperity to complement your love of luxury as the years progress, and I would like to see you maximize on that potential.

    As a general overview, I see you rehabilitating your sense of self-confidence as you break free from this emotionally destructive relationship. Additionally, I see that you have been surrounded by malicious gossip and a series of conflicting opinions that prevent you from relying on your own intuition. This is a vicious cycle that has held you for quite some time. It blocks your creativity and ability to assert yourself in situations involving your immediate interpersonal relationships.

    You have also faced delays and setbacks to your plans, but this is going to change. As you find your talents and creative stirrings emerge, I would like to see you take stock of your life's decisions and begin laying the foundation for your future plans.

    I hope you will find my answers helpful. Feel free to contact me at any time or for any reason.

  • shellybellybear,

    It's obvious he can't be faithful to any woman and has emotional and sexual hang-ups, so what does it matter if he has been unfaithful or not? Chances are he will be even if he hasn't had a physical relationship with another woman while you have known him.. She's saying that he is very immature and couldn't sustain a relationship. Over and over you are being told to cut your connection to this boy and that his affect on your life is and will be negative. Forewarned is forearmed. Love yourself enough not to be a victim of his disfunction.Think there is a bit of obsession attached to your feelings for him. However, through him or his friends you may possibly meet "the one". Soulmates arn't just romantic connections. They are people who teach us throughout our lifetime and some are lifelong friends.She is telling you that you will meet your romantic soul-mate because of your connection to this boy--within the circle of people you know because of him...Will you own a house? Well if you follow her advice, you will. Things look good in your career and eventually you will have the means to buy that house. Hope this is helpful. Sorry if I've come on a little strong but I see strong warnings here concerning that boy and I worry for you. Good luck...

  • Hi, This sounds like some sort of generic form letter that was sent to you by a so-called psychic. I wouldn't put a whole lot of weight into it. You might want to post the questions who have in the Love and Relationship section. You can get a variety of responses and some good advice. That's my advice.

  • Why so synical. It doesn't appear to be anything phoney about her reading. Nor is it vague. I agree with the earlier person.

    Get out before you sink.

    There is a beautiful life out there waiting for you. Find Mr. Right he is out there waiting.



  • I totaly agree this man is no good for you health and wealth use the soul mates you meet will be genuine caring people and can be used as stepping stones to your love mate get rid and find you true life path x

  • Hi Shelleybear,

    i guess the reading is accurate in the sense that spiritually, faithful isn't sexual, it is more about being faithful to each other emotionally. Is he there for you when you need him?

    If the answer to that is yes then he is faithful to you but he might also be faithful in the same way with other women/girls.

    For the record, i believe the reading suggests that he has a lot of living to do before settling down to the kind of relationship you want. Remember your question was asking about what you want from him rather than what he wants from the friendship/relationship.

    It is only confusing because of that when you think about it.

    The reading is asking you to step away from the emotional tangles which are holding you back from seeing the picture clearly. It is rare for anyone to be able to separate emotion from reality.

    When we want something so badly, we actually stop it from coming to us so the opposite of what we want is what we attract.

    If you can cut off mentally, not necessarily literally from him, you'll be in a better position to understand your true feelings. When you ''let go'' like this, you allow the right energy to flow and if he is right for you he'll be there before you know it because his soul will be attracted to your individuality. I sense he is a ''young soul'' and that's the reason he seems flighty.

    There's nothing wrong with the reading in itself, but it's good to ask questions when you don't fully understand the answers you are given.

    Hope this helps you a little more.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Shelly~ I think you do understand the answer, it just hurts.

    Just because someone is not physically cheating on you it doesn't mean they are committed to you, or that they are the right one for you.

    Someone doesn't have to cheat on you to be treating your poorly, or not appreciating you, or giving you what you need.

    You asked the question because you KNOW something is missing, it's often easiest to defer to ' another person' being in the picture. Infidelity is not the only means by which a person can be disloyal to you, your needs, and your feelings.

    He is not ready, and you have far far more important things to do.... and far better things in store for you if you will just believe and take the step... You are worth more than what you are getting, and the universe is just waiting for you to realize it so it can give it to you....

    wishing you strength and courage... :O)

  • Hi ShelleyBear, She wants you to focus on the reasons why she feels as she does. This reading is basically laying it on the line that this guy is destructive to you for many reasons. She is giving you a very bright future ahead. She wants you to know that you'll meet several soulmates.

    She got a very bad vibe from this guy. What do your friends and family think. I didn't mean to sound cynical just saw a lot of generalizations towards the end.

  • I believe that there are real readers and no real readers. When it's vague they keep you on the phone to ring up your bill. I can give you a vague reading. Obviously you had something trigger to ask the question if this boy cheated on you? I would say you already know and stop second guessing yourself. Better yet, just look him in the eye and ask him and you will know on the way he looks back at you or his reaction.

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