AstraAngel jumping in before is too late :-) please

  • Hi AstraAngel, I also have read your responses to some users, and they are greatt

    If you could please give me any insight it would be great!

    So lately I've been pondering changing my career path towards education and counseling for high-school kids...

    or if I continue in my current path then I need to find a post doc and do the counseling in high-schools by volunteering my free time and stuff...

    So one option I would like to happen is... ask my current professor to keep me working with him for one or two more years while I pursue online certifications for teaching-aide and counseling

    and another option is to apply for a post doc somewhere else (I just found one posted in Florida, that involves lots of teaching for undergrads) and continue with the plan...

    either way I need a post doc/job to get some money to pay for my online certifications...

    one thing was I didn't want to move because my love interest lives here (40 min away) and once I finish school I was hoping we could start exploring our potential together... so if you could shed some light in that department would be great! his DOB is Oct 6, 1973 mine is May, 19, 1978

    it might seem that we could do a long distance thing for some years?? or is it just non-workable?

    Could you please shed some light on this situation? Thanks so much in advance! and Congratulations on your gift, your responses have so much passion and joy! Cheers, HD

  • Hi HAPPYDoc

    Thanks for the reading request! I will jump on this shortly and see what Heaven has for you and post back here later today! šŸ™‚


  • This post is deleted!

  • HAPPYDoc

    My apologies that this is delayed, I ran into issues with my computer yesterday and ended up typing this all out last evening on an old Smith Corona typewriter I have. I hope you can make out the text from the images, otherwise I can probably type it in (now that I am back on computer.)

    I think that was a serendipitous occasion though, as you are a Taurus, the feel and touch of material is very important to you, your senses are very involved with how you process life, so I thought having this on nice cotton paper that you can hold would be nice for you! Also, there is a card and a stone I found which seems to be calling your name... I would love to MAIL this all to you in a nice presentation. I don't know that it's permissible to mention my email address here. However, you can track me down on a little blog I just started. (One post yippee!:) Should that be of interest to you, you can go the wordpress dot com website and do a search for astraangel in the upper right box and track me down that way. Then I can mail all of this to you. You can just use your initials for your name to keep confidentiality, that is perfectly fine. I feel strongly that this is something you should have in your possession. I really have a desire to mail folks my readings, I believe there is HEALING in what is handled, and when we touch shared material, something is transferred between us and I believe there is healing and psychic energies flowing into you. That is all up to you though.

    BOTTOM LINE: I really received strong leanings that you should remain where you are and work matters out with that professor, rather than moving to Florida. You can read the full report though and see for yourself. There are some typos I am not the best manual typist in the world for sure.

    I thank you for your trust, and you reaching out, you are in Heaven's hands, you will be very blessed, and your desire to counsel High schoolers is such a beautiful path for you.

    Love, AstraAngel šŸ™‚

  • Oh I Love this idea so much AstraAngel!! THANKS SO MUCH šŸ™‚

    No worries about being late I appreciate your help a lot! and that last advice it's great and very welcoming also šŸ™‚ going to find you over there šŸ™‚

  • I left you a message in your blog šŸ™‚ Thanks in advance

  • HAPPYDoc - Unfortunately my attempts to post the images here didn't work, I think the pixel dimensions were too large. The limit here is 400 px wide which I just noticed.

    I just sent you an email with the larger images attaches so hopefully I can get this mailed out to you soon!

  • HappyDoc, I am heading to the post office now to mail your typewritten reports (and your playing ard and stone :). Attached here for public view are small versions of the pages. Hard to read probably at the size linits of 400px width, however I wanted to share with everyone anyway... Blessings!


  • Here are the next two pages...

  • And, here is the playing card you will be receiving in your package, along with the little stone...

  • Thank you so so much AstraAngel!! your blog is beautiful!! I'll also keep reading over there!

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