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    If I may, I would really appreciate some insight... I'm a single mum doing a job that I feel is sucking the very life out of me, mainly to pay the bills. I know I need to make a change - it's time to start doing the things I'm meant to be doing. Of course this going to mean adjusting some priorities, for which I think I'm ready. In terms of what I'd like to do, I have some ideas but they're unfamiliar terrritory so naturally scary, on top of which I have a tendency to doubt myself. They're all in their own way a social service (I've felt for a long time that I have a contribution to make) but I also have to be realistic in that I will need an income. Do you perhaps get any sense as to which aspect I should focus on to start - the writing or the humanitarian side? And do I take a leap of faith by resigning, or do I work at getting things going while I'm employed? I don't want to fall flat and need the support of others - I'm trying to be self-sufficient in my life - but at the same time, as long as I'm where I am, I'm not sure I have sufficient energy or strength to get the new things off the ground. Hopefully there are some new players approaching the scene to help. But I suppose I'm feeling alone and at times somewhat under pressure to make things happen. My DoB is 1972/11/18.


  • If you are interested in writing, you have to understand that it can take a very long time for you to establish yourself and for your work to become financially viable. It's something you should pursue in your time off, like doing an afternoon or evening study course in writing, and not give up your job until you see some actual financial returns.

    Same for the humanitarian work - volunteer in your free time if you want. There will be more emotionally and spiritually satisfying rewards here than financial ones for now. If you don't have the energy or strength to get these endeavours off the ground, then maybe they don't really inspire you. Or perhaps you are allowing your fears to get the better of you. What is the alternative then - to give up your hope of a more satisfying life and settle for a dull life in a job you hate?

    I know you want to escape the humdrum grind of mundane responsiblities. You have issues about being in a personal setting or remaining professional, to the point where you sometimes mix up the two and have gotten yourself into a mess. You must pass through the fear of abandonment and the avoidance of career onto a higher expression of your true nature. Your mind is active and curious and once you find a balance between what you have to do and what you want to do, you will be master of your own fate. You yearn for a place where you can feel safe, secure, loved, and accepted, somewhere you feel you truly belong. But no one person or group of people is going to provide you with this deep desire of yours. Your need to be taken care of can lead you into a neverending search for security in the outside world. But the truth is within you - you have to be willing to take a risk, take charge, and assume full responsiblity for your own life and needs. The irony is that once you take charge of your life, you will feel secure and in control of your own destiny. You must create what you want for yourself. By pursuing a goal that energizes you or by finding a set of principles and beliefs that builds your self-esteem, you will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

    When I look up your life purpose via your birthdate, I find this - "You are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it your own. Although money and ambition are attractive, your orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, your aim is to develop a talent or skill to a level of mastery. This requires you to renounce or sacrifice other desires or interests in order to give all your energy to your prime focus. You are an unusual blend of idealist and realist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and the comic - you are able to focus on your goal with savage intensity and anyone who gets in your way may be trampled underfoot. Once you perfect yourself in your chosen skill or master a particular talent, you face an even more difficult task, since true mastery requires manifesting a unique vision or using your talent in a unique way. Thus you face the challenge of bringing your vision or idea into solid reality, while resisting the urge to over-work yourself into the ground. Your core lesson is finding and studying with a mentor. Your goal is mastering a craft or art, using your gifts of diligence, persistence, and persuasion.'

    Your astrological profile shows you have a knack for turning your inspirations and insights into tangible assets and achievements. Moreover, you have the advantage of being able to add the extra spice of seduction to your already formidable powers of persuasion. Attracting the right teachers and mentors will prove no problem at all, though you will have to take care not to use the knowledge and expertise of others merely for your own ends, and be sure to dedicate yourself fully and humbly to the learning process. A real awareness of your own motives in every situation will prove especially beneficial in your progress towards your goals, as will an ability to objectify and absorb constructive criticism. Depression resulting from self-doubt and extreme sensitivity can be your downfall, so don't let it win.

    Your challenge will be to avoid the impulse to jump from teacher to teacher in hopscotch fashion, and your fulfillment will be in daring to realize your dreams. With your inner gifts of expression, sensitivity and intuition, you can help to uplift and nourish others in your immediate area or in the wider world. Any role that reminds you of the emotional side of life (because you can appear somewhat unemotional to others) is beneficial for you, so good professions are teaching, sales, management, social service, writing, counselling, healing, performing, or lecturing. You have an ability to tune into other people and subtle dimensions. At heart you are a romantic soul who often suffers from emotional 'crushes' and needs to practise emotional honesty and expression of vulnerability. But you also possess a superb intuitive intelligence which would see you do well in any field that involves logic and clear reason. Any lack of money in your life relates to self-doubt. If you use your gifts and expression in the positive, money follows.

  • I have thought about volunteering, but just never get there because I've felt guilty about taking more of the precious little time away from my little boy. I’ve spent a long time putting others’ needs before my own, and as a result his too both directly and indirectly, and I think this is part of my challenge to find balance there. Though I do need a foot in and to meet similar-minded people because I have a vision. And though of course it will be wonderfully fulfilling to be involved in the field to an extent, I also need flexibility and sufficient distance to oversee the big picture through to fruition – there are many branches – and the writing is linked and will follow on from it all. A psychic told me last year that I had to leave my job in order to get anywhere on the new chapter because it was too draining on me, and that I must do so around April this year, which is perhaps what is stressing me out. It made sense because it really was sucking the life out of me, but I’m feeling better after a holiday and plus it’s less busy at the moment – so right now it seems a reckless move. But I know that in 6 months it’ll come around again, so I do need to start extricating myself. Do you get a sense with regard to timing at all?

    I acknowledge that a lot of my hesitance stems from fear of failure due to self doubt - it's plagued me a lot in my life for no justifiable reason - I wish I knew! But I identify with a lot of what you said so feel happier with reinforced knowledge, that it’s just a matter of time till my resolve is strong enough to take that leap of faith. I think my motive is pure – so hopefully at least basic money will follow.

    Thank you so much for your time. I really do appreciate it.

  • Future predictions are only valid until you step out the door of the psychic's home/place of business. It is predicated on everything remaining the same in your life. Thus the prediction can change at any time if you change anything in your life, even or especially your attitude. So you really must be your own psychic and only do what you feel in your gut is right for you. Evaluate objectively your own situation and make up your own mind about it.

  • And the only real failure in life is not trying.

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