Astraangel from Jlinaangel

  • Jlinaangel,

    You are the GOAT OF LOVE!

    First of all, I want to thank you for reaching out for this reading, that shows you trust me, and that means a lot to me! It is my deepest desire to help you or anyone on this great forum tackle tough questions and life situations. I hope you are able to glean some insight about yourself from this reading and continue your Ascent to becoming the Radiant Lady of Love you are meant to be!

    We'll start with your chart!

    Venus and Chiron in almost perfect conj in Aquarius

    Aquarius rules IDEAS... the far out and sometimes bizarre... you are forward thinking... so some issues relating to ideas and old vs. new ... the Venus placement hints that this is connected with your love life/lives somehow, so something going on with ideas related to love, alternative understanding of relationship, and some struggles in that area. Like, you want to expand the ideas of what the relationship should be about with your boyfriend, and that gets exciting for you inside, and then there is some push-back from him, and you pull back from that and you want to revert back to the traditional concepts of love... the Venus is SMACK DAB on top of your Chiron so your angels really want us to see how significant that is for you.

    Also, you have Uranus (the awakener) in Leo opposing Venus/Chiron, so that is acting as a reflection back to your Chiron/Venus issues.. you may find yourself trying to run away from whatever ideas and inspiriting thoughts you have about love and relationship, trying to escape from "thinking" about your new, bizarre ideas and inclinations about love, into something more action oriented - like, I am going to run a marathon this weekend to get my mind off the love concepts i have. Then the marathon is over, and the thoughts come back about love. Uranus is pushing you back to your Chiron pain in Aquarius.

    We can get some more clues about the Chiron placement now looking at you North Node, and it is in Scorpio. Scorpio is all about probing deep and discovering what is under the surface in life, and to do this requires a certain degree of control. Think of Scorpio like a scientist trying to run some tests to discover something new, and to do that requires very controlled conditions. So a Scorpio is always looking "under the hood" in life, and trying to get to the bottom line about their lives. This requires great passion and independence of spirit, very strong individually-minded and not social as much. A scientist spends a lot of time alone getting his results and that means some serious time apart from the "maddening crowd." This can bug the heck out of a partner unless they really understand you.

    So, the fact that your North Node is there tells me that your life lesson/Soul Purpose is to activate this strength in you a lot more. Something has interfered with this, probably connected with the Chiron placement in Aquarious that has caused you to back down from your Scorpio "research" in life. This could result in say, hanging out with your boyfriend doing something that is not really playing to your independent spirit. "Hey sweetheart, let's go square dancing tonight!" So you feel like that is something you "should" do, and you go square dancing, and your feel dumb and miserable all night. Why? Because your Scorpio North Node is telling you, "Hey, we are supposed to be back in the lab, finishing up that experiment about what makes love work!". The Chironic placement tells us what has been broken that is interfering with your North Node calling, something in the past that maybe "put you down" about your independent ideas about love and life. Maybe you shared some new-found "discovery" about female needs in a relationship with a close friend when you were young, maybe 12 or so... or it could have been a parent... and that friend went off on you, telling you how bizarre your thinking was and that you needed "help" or something. As a result, a brokenness occurred in your heart life and carried that opposing voice throughout your life experience. Like a parental authority figure (the Tarot Heirophant card is a good picture of this dude, always reading from the "book" about how love "should be".) So... your mission, "should you choose to accept it" lol, is to PRESS THROUGH this nagging authority voice in your head and EMBRACE YOUR WILD-ASS thinking about love and life and happiness, and EXPRESS YOUR FANTASTIC, REVOLUTIONARY THINKING with all your heart, and sing that to the world with passion. The Universe waits on baited breath for you to stand up for your strong independent thinking and ideas, that is going to HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE! PLUS... your sun sign is Cap so you know all about fortitude and pressing through opposition in life, heading up the mountain and not letting anything stop you! So you have EVERYTHING you need to find a total freedom in your love thinking, embracing the REAL YOU WHO IS A FORWARD THINKING LOVE GURU, and setting a lot of people free in the process! So, next time your BF wants to go square dancing, tell him, "No thanks darling, I have something I am finishing up in the lab, I am close to finding out what makes Love work beautifully for us, and I am working on a book, and a store concept that caters to broken love relationships! Maybe some sort of revolutionary sexual toys and therapy that YOU CAME UP WITH and sent the Heirophant run screaming back to church to give a sermon on "What is sacred and appropriate for LOVE in the bedroom". See you later Mr. Heirophant, Jlinaangel has a whole new view about that! 🙂

    Some other ancilliary notes...

    Mars in Sag tells me that you are very energetic around travel and dreams and goal setting, so this is a nice placement to assist you in embracing your actions as regards your FORWARD THINKING IDEAS about love and life. Capricorns call on Mars for energy bars on the way up the mountain. "Hey Mars, I am getting weary! And Mars ships you a box of Mars candy bars for energy. So keep some RED colors around your life to keep you focused on your North Node, I am independent about LOVE! Maybe an erotic poster with a lot of RED of a couple making love on an airplane, your Sag Mars will get off on that!

    Moon NN and Neptune also in conj in Scorpio. This tells me some more about your North Node calling, that you are really dreamy-eyed emotionally, and Jupiter is nearby on the cusp with Virgo, so you are very expansive here emotionally. You are a VERY emotional person, and VERY out there with your emotions and thinking related to love! I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, EMBRACE THAT, that is who you are!!! Not a think wrong there, although at times your emotions go crazy on you and you become a little too emotional... so some restraint is required at times. Saturn helps you there. Where a nice silver bracelet and when you feel the emotions getting too intense to deal with at that moment, grasp that bracelet and call on Saturn to help you moderate that a little. Saturn will be happy to help, that planet loves to step in and break up a party and sometimes we need that in life to calm down and STAY FOCUSED ON OUR CALLING. Your emotions are very beautiful though, that is a BIG PART of who you are as a woman, very tender and at times a little "far-out", however that is the really cool part about you! And the part that men really dig!

    Let's see, what else...

    Mercury is sitting there near the cusp between Sag and Cap. So make sure that couple in the plane, after they make love on aisle 13, have a good laptop to review their performance, and make some more notes about love. Technology is your friend and helps you with your VERY COOL RESEARCH on LOVE!

    Pluto is hanging out in Virgo, and helps you transform your thinking from being too much of a perfectionist. Go with the flow, keep your research GOING, GROWING and FLOWING, and don't get hung up on making sure all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted. Someone else can clean up all that stuff! That would be a nice suggestion to your boyfriend, "Hey BF, insteaad of square dancing, why don't you edit my book I am working on a check for typos... or clean up my new business plan for this LOVE SHACK SUPPLY CENTER I want to open downtown. 😉

    Now, on the the REALLY fun stuff. I have to say, this reading was so solid for you Jlinaangel, I was getting some very nice insights for you!

    First of all, THE CRYSTAL! Before I do a reading, I light a candle for you, say a prayer and CLEANSE the deck by dropping this cool little crystal (actually its a little piece of broken glass, to ME it's a crystal) on top of the deck while face down. I then see how the glass is positioned on the deck to gain a "quick snapshot" of you as a person. This, along with the Significator card sets the stage for the reading.

    YOUR CRYSTAL PLACEMENT: Center and pointing to the 10:30 position. Well, right away I could see you are a very centered lady Jlinaangel, GOOD JOB keep that going. Somehow in spite of the emotional ups and downs and turmoil of life, you are always able to find your CENTER in Spirit and your angels. You should be proud of yourself there, Heaven wants you to know you are doing a fantastic job, even at those times when you feel like all hell is breaking loose in your life. ALSO, the fact that the little crystal was pointing to the left, tells me you have a more passive, sensitive nature, (Venus in Aquarius), you are very much an "inner" person rather than an outer. And, the placement of the angel tells me that you are coming around the wheel of life, back to the top, so whatever storms have been blowing you around will now dissipate as you are turning the corner to BETTER DAYS for yourself!

    YOUR SIG (significator) Card - THE QUEEN OF SWORDS.

    This tells me your current position emotionally, I see a woman who is very poised and patient, waiting with graceful determination for the blessings that she knows are hers as a Star Child of the Universe. "Poise under Pressure"... that is YOU right now!

    Now, on to what you came for... the TAROT CARD READING!

    I created a custom spread for you, seven cards, based entirely on your questions. We'll start with your employment concerns as that was the first thing you mentioned (followed immediately by the BF), so employment is a top of mind concern for you right now, and understandably so, you are out of work!

    Card #1 - Job Prospects Short Term - THE HANGED MAN!

    I wanted to see if we could glean some quick help from your angels as to what you can do to get some coins in the door FAST. This will get the ball rolling for you and will get you moving towards achieving your North Node calling. Well, the Hanged man tells me a CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE in the employment area, and I have to be honest, I see you going in a new direction, more of an entrepreneurial direction, so here are some quick ideas that immediately flashed up for me (In light of what I was seeing in your chart)

    • Couple's counseling! I could see you helping people with COUNSELING as regards their love life, and this could be easily stared. Draft up a one sheet flyer and get some B cards printed up and stick them around town, and if there are bulletin boards near those apartments you used to work at, convenience stores, grocery towns, that would be cool. You probably have some folks that know you from your apartment management days, you could mail them some flyers, as some of them will REMEMBER YOU - you could announce your NEW PROFESSIONAL LOVE AND SEXUAL THERAPY services 🙂

    You could mention ini a letter mailed to them "I used to help you get your toilet unclogged, now I am helping people get their love lives unclogged"... CALL Jlinaangel's Cupid Counseling TODAY! These people know you so you could be on your way quickly with cliental! You want to piggy back on past life experiences and parlay that into some DOUGH!

    • In general, as regards employment, the Hanged Man is telling us to look in NEW directions as regards your work. Look in local alternative magazines and newspapers, check the bulletin boards every time you go into a grocery store. Something about looking in NEW places for you with NEW work! I cannot help but see you going in more of an entrepreneurial direction knowing what I know about you from your chart!

    Card #2 - Job Prospects Long Term - THE ACE OF SWORDS (reversed)!

    Jlinaangel, I don't have to tell you what this card means! It is the Creme de la Creme card in the Tarot, it is the Ascended Master's Card! It is a CLEAR SIGN that Heaven has you square in their TARGET for BLESSINGS! Wow! Great things ahead. It portends NEW BEGINNINGS are in the AIR, which speaks to Spiritual and Intellectual Matters. This plays very nicely with your intellectual curiosity about love and "what makes people tick, male and female". So this could very well be a SIGN that you are starting a great business of some sort related to LOVE IN THE AIR! (Remember our couple on the jet to Bali, and what they were doing on aisle 13?). The fact that this card is reversed is a very interesting clue about this reading. In light of card number one, which shows a dude upside down, this card is reversed and seems to be whispering, "Hey Jlinaangel... pssst... keep your eye on the reversed cards in this spread tee hee..." I can hear your angels laughing. So, New Beginning in something that is going to be a long term BLESSING for you!

    Card #3 - Prospects for a "SHOP" - THE FIVE OF WANDS (reversed)

    This card portends some sort of group effort, where there is some tussling and playing going on. "Go outside and play" is one way to look at it. The fact that we are seeing a group of five individuals working or playing together tells me nice things about a SHOP for you! Is that in your heart? You might need some co-workers to deal with the customer "over the counter" stuff, while you tend to their needs in back with your awesome powers of perception in to their love life...low light. I could see Jlinaangel's LOVE AND SEXUAL AIDS AND THERAPY shop! Wow! A lot of people today are really needing some encouragement in this department. Too many years of watching football and NCIS reruns on TV has left couples hungry for the REAL THING again. And Jlinaangel is just the person to help them! So, a shop it is, YES YES YES, YOU GO GIRL! Sex toys and costumes out front, and for those customers who have the desire - and the dough! - Personal Sex Counseling with Jlinaangel in back! It's a slam dunk Jlinaangel! Boy, I am getting so excited about this, if you don't do it, I am flying to your city and I WILL OPEN the thing up for myself! 🙂

    (And...psst... remember, keep your eyes on the reversed cards in this custom reading as a possible clue as to the best way to go! This card is reversed which says YES to me!)

    Okay, now on to the boyfriend question. This is where it gets really interesting 😉

    Card #4 - What Happens if Jlinaangel Stays with the Boyfriend? THE TEN OF CUPS!

    Now, before you get all lovey-dovey (and normally this is a very lovely, beautiful card), keep in mind that the card is NOT reversed. A clue about the BEST WAY TO GO? Hmmm... it's possible! You will have to decide though! What I do see is that should you decide to stick around with the Boyfriend, you are looking at a nice, lolly-pop life with him... la, la la.... very sweet (and if you ask me, very boring), but that is something you'll have to decide. I see kids too... do you and your Boyfriend have kids hanging out with you? No? Then maybe you can adopt some! Of course, no kids allowed in your "Love Shack" shop, so this might be a tiny problem. In all seriousness, should you stay with him, I can see your love deepening as you make plans to sail off into the sunset together. It's just that I think you will always be wondering "What would life have been like if I left this loser and opened that Love Shack that AstraAngel told me about?" (Of course then your reminiscing is broken when your Boyfriend asks if you want to "join him for Square Dancing lessons in on the top deck of the love boat?"

    Card #5 - What Happens if Jlinaangel LEAVES the Boyfriend? THE HIGH PRIESTESS! Reversed!

    WOW. Double WOW! This card in this position tells me that should you LEAVE THE BOYFRIEND, You are heading into a FANTASTIC NEW LIFE as a QUEEN OF LOVE (sniff, sniff, "I'm sorry darling, I think my life path is taking me to HIGHER PLACES... you will always be in my heart though! 😉 Don't worry, he'll understand. Give him a cowboy hat for to wear while Square Dancing as a token of your "unfading" love lol. The High Priestess Card here really shines and I can feel her saying to you, "Jlinaangel... GO FOR YOUR DREAMS and FOLLOW THE PASSION IN YOUR HEART!!!" This lady is all about mystical love in all the right places if you catch my drift and seems to be saying to you, "Embrace that ethereal far-out, forward-thinking in yourself, about love!" That is you Jlinaangel, YOU ARE THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF LOVE and LIFE lived to the fullest! She is a guiding beacon to you, I would find a poster of her somehow and tack it in your bedroom... and should the boyfriend ask you what it means, just reply sweetly, "Oh nothing dear... just some ideas I am bouncing around in my head..." The High Priestess is your ticket of ouf ORDINARY and into EXTRAORDINARY and that is what I see for you!

    Hopefully, you perhaps detected some slight suggestion in the two cards above as to the whether or not to leave the BoyFriend... Love boat and square dancing lessons... or LOVE SHACK TO THE STARS... I don't know... 😉

    OKAY. Now, on to HELP with the Confusion in your life!

    Card #6 - How Can Jlinaangel End the Confusion in Her Life? (Angels, a hint for Jlinaangel, please!) THE LOVERS CARD - REVERSED!!! OMG!!!

    Okay Jlinaangel, now we are starting to tread into more "explosive" territory here, so you are on your own now. I will give it to you straight though. LOVERS! As in more than one! That will do you more good to end the confusion going on! How! Because deep down, you are a Researcher of Love, and you THRIVE when you are exposed to others in relationships! By opening your life up to multiple partners (while keeping it on the "up and up" I am certainly not suggesting that you GO AHEAD AND GET PHYSICAL with them!) you will expand your inner horizons and FUEL your thirst for LOVE RESEARCH. This will play really well into your New Counseling Career in your community, after all, we all need to do the "field work" to gain real life experience! They are OUT THERE Jlinaangel, and don't worry, your Boyfriend will understand. Just tell him you are wanting to get into the counseling field for couples and relationships, and you are meeting up with other "counselors" to pick their brains a little. He will be very supportive I am sure. At least until roses and stuff starts showing up, then you might have to have a heart to heart with him... sniff... sniff... I'm sorry daring, it was that reading I got a while back from AstraAngel... she said this was all a part of Heaven's Divine Plan for our life... sniff... sniff... here's a Cowboy Hat for you... Jlinaangel, getting out and about will help you stay tuned into the ebb and flow of life, get out of that house and the NCIS reruns and MEET UP WITH like-minded folks in your community, make yourself available and you will get the foggy thinking out of your head, as your DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE appears out of the gloom. That is your answer to confusion!

    And finally the last card for additional help to FOCUS CLEARLY in your life...

    Card #7 - What can Jlinaangel do to Focus Clearly at this time? THE KING OF WANDS!

    This card isn't reversed because it shows me where you are heading in your life which is at last - RIGHT SIDE UP and DOING FANTASTIC! This Kingly Dude is HAPPY and REIGNING because he is FEEDING HIS MIND on some great can-do, positive thinking books that inspire and keep you focused! What I am seeing is READ. READ. READ. Especially books on your thought life, subconscious issues, that sort of thing! And Jlinaangel, I can't believe this, this is so bizarre... I was at a bookstore last night just browsing the MetaPhysical section, and this book jumped out at me and I bought it. "The Power of your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy. And, when I came to this card in your reading, that book floated up before me and I knew right them that this is a BOOK FOR YOU!

    So here is what we are going to do Jlinaangel, I AM GOING TO MAIL THIS BOOK TO YOU TODAY! FOR FREE! My angels said this is for you, so I am under orders and KNOW that this is a very important step for both of us to take. NO STRINGS ATTACHED (it was only $6 so I can buy another one!).


    It is VERY IMPORTANT for me to mail this to you today, and it is very important that you receive this as a GIFT, a token of love from your angels, and from the Ascended Masters as an expression of HOW MUCH HEAVEN LOVES YOU! I hope you read this post soon and I can somehow get your mailing address this morning... (don't feel like you need to give me your name though, I can just send it to Current Resident should that be more comfortable for you!) Anyway, I really want you to have this book, sending this to you actually helps me too as I grew up dirt poor and have tended to cling to things so I need to LET GO AND GIVE THE LOVE AWAY! I am not sure how the contact thing works on this forum, I can give you my email here perhaps. Not sure what the "rules" are. We'll figure it out. Imn any case this looks like a great book for you, and there is a ton of great material out there. READ UP on psychology perhaps, couple therapies, sexuality, that sort of thing. The KING OF WANDS is happy because he FEEDS HIS MIND with great food for thought, and as a consequence stays focused on his LIFE PURPOSE - Jlinaangel' SLOVE AND SEXUAL THERAPY SHACK! With counseling and prayer and beautiful lovely POSITIVE ENERGIES helping folks in your community and online too! Mercury wants to get in on the act!

    I guess the couple on the plant got finished are now settling into their laptops and ONLINE COUNSELING that helps people work through love questions!

    BOTTOM LINE - Jlinaangel, I can sense you are a very wonderful, and very sensitive person who has been striving to climb that mountain of love and success in your life! I am also a Cap so I know how it feels. You keep seeking and trying everything, you keep sending out energy, and it seems like your ship never comes in! Well, I have GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, your ships are coming in BIG TIME, because you have never given up, you are A QUEEN in LIFE, THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF LOVE. Except when you want to go mountain climbing, then you are the goat of love! 😉

    You take care of yourself Jlinaangel, let me know somehow on that book should that be something you would like. When I read the cards I got very tender but strong energies coming up, so your heart is very strong in these ways, you have gifts in you that you have only started to uncover, sharing your heart and guiding others! You are going to be doing great, I do see you starting your own business for sure (the mountain goat will love that!), and as for the Boyfriend question, you will have to seek your angels as to whether or not YOU SHOULD LEAVE HIM. 😉

    Let me know should you ever have additional questions, I am happy to help in any way I can. We had some fun here, and I hope you had fun with me. LAUGHTER IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU, you have a light nature and love to laugh!

    Love and Light to you also Jlinaangel! Let your light so SHINE! (Mt 5:16)


    DISCLAIMER: AstraAngel assumes no liability should you actually decide to act on these readings, they are given from Heaven above by our angels. You should always pray and seek Heaven's highest and best for your life and bring these matters before your Higher Power for confirmation! Always seek what is beautiful and bright and BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE that you are always guided PERFECTLY in your life - because you are! Peace and Blessings!

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