Astraangel from Jlinaangel

  • Wow, I love what you did for Molly! I am unemployed, and so is my boyfriend and I'm not sure if I need to move on from him...and I am sure I need a job but not sure what to do about it!

    Anyway, your reading's were so mindblowingly cool, I thought I'd ask for your help if and when you have time...


    and a couple of great people here have said they see me at a shop - which is weird because I manage time for something new? and if so how to find it?

    And the love life - total confusion for me, I can't seem to focus clearly with all the other factors up int he air.

    Any loving spiritual help would be a blessing...

    and blessings be to you all!

    One angel to another....

    Love & Light

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  • Jlinaangel

    I was able track down your blog and it is wonderful. I sent you an email to get your mailing address and will get that book off to you once we get that. You are very energetic and a lot of fun, I see BIG FUN things ahead for you... let's stay in touch! 🙂

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