The "New" Horoscopes.

  • I find the new horoscopes to be sooo naive and idiotic and I disagree completely. This new one has change (supposably) what I am. I was a Scorpio and now I'm a Libra?!?! I think NOT! I have NOT ONE chareteristic of a Libra and I have practically every one of a Scorpio. So your opinion? Do you believe in this NEW horoscope, or do you say BS to it and believe you are what you have been your intire life?! 🙂 Post your opinions.

  • I heard somewhere that it only applies to people born in 2009 and onwards or something...

  • scopes are easy to make, all ya basically need is a free idiot proven gadget n taaaddaaahhh scopes. if u search for astrology on a searchenegine you get About 27,000,000 results (0.18 seconds)

    if u do the same on horoscope u get About 26,600,000 results (0.09 seconds)

    Now many links of these may be alike n from the same astrologer BUT equally many are different. Each astrologer has their take on astrology n horoscope making.

    Many are based on the sunsign, others goes more deep. Other ask for criterias as name place of birth time of birth etc.

    I think the boom withion astrology has to do with boom in occult science such as astrologym, astronomy , healing, reiki healing, empathy, psychicness, tarot, pendulum, oracle, bones, runes, tea coffee leaves, shamanism etc.

    Ive long learnt to take any horoscope n astrology with a grain of salt.

    So Dipsy my dear, if ure dissatisfied with that scope, mayb u could do ur own set? mayb u are n can b more accurate?

    cwb ;-D

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