Energy Report – February 2011

  • a message from Kate Spreckley

    As we move into February an abundance of energy becomes available to us to shift and accelerate our personal growth, development and evolution. During this time of renewal, change and new beginnings fresh energy is being breathed into our world, clearing out the old and stale and bringing a renewed sense of inspiration and the resulting new opportunities.

    Our focus for February is on utilising this energy and working with it to shift our mental and thought processes. There is a shifting of energy occurring with the consciousness grids that link to our mental patterns and processes of thought. Our task is to align our thoughts with the Divine, within our hearts, allowing us to shift with the energy grids and thus transforming our Mental Body as well as that of the Collective Consciousness.

    For many this shift within the Mental Body will involve becoming conscious and aware of limiting and restrictive thought patterns and beliefs that keep us trapped within the past. Healing and releasing those patterns and beliefs is key if we wish to bring our Soul desires and dreams into manifestation.

    Much of the energy of February will be also be feeding into our different relationships and careers. Relationships will be one of the key focuses of the month. With this flow of energy we may find our needs, desires and wants within all relationships transforming and changing. These changes will require you to expand into new and different relationships and or careers or redefining the boundaries and limits of existing relationships and or careers.

    Aligning with the energy now will motivate and energise you, enabling you to improve and advance your abilities and gifts, bringing new career and relationship opportunities. This alignment will bring you back into balance and harmony with the prevailing Spiritual energies bringing your dreams into reality utilising the power of your heart. This will result in the ability to easily and swiftly break away from old limiting patterns and into new and expanded opportunities.

    New Moon in Aquarius – February 2nd / 3rd 2011

    New Moons signify rebirth, beginning and the start of a new cycle. This New Moon in Aquarius highlights the qualities of independent thinking, unconventional ways of being and living with a humanitarian focus. As we harness the energies during this phase we are able to bring these qualities into our relationships and into humanity as a whole.

    The energy of Aquarius also brings to the fore our deeper, intuitive qualities arming us with the ability to bring into our consciousness the innate wisdom of our Heart and Soul. As this New Moon rises become aware of you Heart and Soul as they blend with your unconscious and conscious minds, gifting you with the opportunity to actively break away from any old limited habits, thinking patterns and beliefs. In fact any area in yourself or in your life that is holding onto any negativity in any form.

    At this powerful time we are poised between the limiting structures of the past and the freedom held within our Spiritual evolution. We are being urged to continue to focus on our hearts and the interconnectedness of all life. It is the process of healing we are required to take, to heal our separation and bring about a new level of unity within our world. In moving through these intense periods of transformation and change it is ever more vital that you nurture and support yourself and others, bringing a deeper level of compassion as a force and a power within the world. This will shift you and your relationships into balance and harmony, realigning yourself and your relationships with the prevailing winds of transformation.

    Full Moon in Leo – February 18th 2011

    The Full Moon in February is powerfully influenced by the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. These two signs together, being polar opposites on the Astrological wheel, create even more transformation and change. Seems that at the key points in the Moon phases of this month change and transformation are what we are about!

    During this phase the Moon will be linked with our hearts, through the fiery sign of Leo and the Sun will be linked with our Minds, through the airy sign of Aquarius. Together in this way they will gift us with an opportunity to bring our hearts and minds into balance and harmony making it possible for us to access and develop more of the energy of our Spirit. What you realise, recognise and work with during the New Moon phase will play a direct role in this Full Moon.

    With the New Moon energies and the realignment of the Mental Body, during this Full Moon it becomes essential that you recognise and realise your unique, individual and distinctive Spiritual energy through the power of your heart. It is the gift that you are to fearlessly and with confidence offer in the development and evolution of humanity as a whole.

    Within the Full Moon phase, as we open our hearts and minds to the energy flooding in, our energetic structure and energy bodies will revitalised and renewed allowing for the energy of our Spirit to freely move within our consciousness. For some you may feel challenged to continue, but it is essential that you persist and persevere through this personal transformation. The blessings are great and as the new doors open and new opportunities are presented you will feel a greater sense of self worth and self-love that will enable you to transcend the old and embrace the new.

  • Just the inspiration I need to continue self development, self love & to reach out to those around me. thanks

    Blessed Be

  • Great post Poetic!!

    I have asc in Leo I wonder if this full moon will affect me a little bit more... LOL we'll see...

  • angel hugs

  • I am Leo-sun in Leo and aquar. rising I wondered too HappyDoc.

    I also am married to an Aquarius... boy do I know that polarity!!! Watch out! no seriously use it to grow.

    Thank you Poetic over and over again.

  • oh gosh poetic the article has spoke to a Leo,Leo,Aries moon how much crazier can i FIRE.....RRRRRRRRRRR

    love ya poetic

    hi Fea, my Leo siesta


    love and light


  • This inspiring post came at a great time. Thank you so much for sharing Poetic.

  • Love yall too! God help us with these highs and lows already! 🙂

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