• a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

    2011: The Year of Enlightenment

    Beloved one, I would speak with you now about this year, what you call 2011, and I will speak of the Christ coming awake in this year, because the year 2011 is going to be a great one. You are going to have much joy as you will be in a place of thankfulness, as you will be in a place of receiving the understanding of the holiness of all creation, and that includes not only the formed, but also the unformed; the holiness of experiences, the holiness of every activity.

    There are going to be many experiences in this next year in your timing that are going to be unusual in one sense of the word, and yet as you will stand back, you will see how everything is leading to the place of enlightenment, the place where you can go lightly.

    There is going to be much coming to light. We spoke of this some years ago, that everything is going to be coming to light. That which has been swept under the carpet for generations is going to come out into the open, because the carpet is bulging and there is too much to be hidden under the carpet. And so you have been seeing much that has come out for ones to look upon.

    You have had recently the leaks, the Wikileaks. I do not know who makes up these names, but they are quite catchy. You have had information coming to you that you suspected, you knew that there was more than what you were being told, and you knew that much was happening behind closed doors.

    You knew that there were ones who seemingly were testing out their temporal power to see what they could create, without much forethought as to how it would impact the rest of the brothers and sisters. I have spoken to you often not to be in judgment, but to be the beholder. For truly, every brother and sister, as you see them walking and expressing and experiencing, trying out their temporal power, know that you have done the same in other lifetimes, as well. That is why you recognize what they are doing.

    You have been the ones who have said, “I can amass a great fortune. I can make others work for me at a small bit that I will give back to them, and I will amass the golden coins,” to the place where you amassed the golden coins and then you found that you could not eat the golden coins. They were not satisfying. So you reincarnated and tried another approach.

    Allow yourself to look upon everything that is coming to light as blessed, to know that truly you have been there and you have done that in other lifetimes, which is why it is in your computer as a program that you understand. You have already been there; you have already done it. But you have come past it to the place where you are knowing that that which is truly everlasting is love, understanding, compassion.

    So view everything that happens in this next year of your timing from a new perspective. Ask yourself when your news media brings you the breaking news, “How can I see this differently? How can I see this as serving the common good?” Much of it at first is going to appear to be very selfish, very constricted.

    More and more of you, points of light, are asking to know the truth, and want to experience equality and respect for all life; not only human life – but animal, as well — and not just human life on this planet, but to know life in different forms, ones that you still call extra-terrestrial, who are not so extra, because they walk amongst you.

    Ones are beginning to think that perhaps there can be another way. They are beginning to ask, “Can I not see this another way? Can I not live another way? Perhaps it is safe to speak to ones from my heart. Perhaps in this lifetime, if I speak something that does not seem to go along with the usual line, the ‘party line’, perhaps this lifetime I won’t be asked to give forth the head, with the head cut off or the tongue cut out. Perhaps this lifetime I can begin to share my views safely.” And it is true.

    You have come a long way in courage so that you can speak amongst friends, and then that goes out from one friend to another friend to influence the whole. It is very much in process. It is not just starting now. It is a process that has been happening for what you would see to be several centuries, stemming from what you call in your history the Renaissance, the rebirth, where there was a great explosion of creativity which has influenced your reality.

    You are bringing everything forth for a purpose: the purpose of realizing the Oneness of all creation and how creative you can be; and you are very creative. This year is going to be a year of enchantment, a Year of Enlightenment, a year of more and more of you spending time in fifth dimension, knowing that your feet are firmly planted in third dimensional reality—that is the world so far—but finding peace that the world does not know.

    Sometimes you are going to feel that you have to escape the world, that you have to find fifth dimensional peace, because the world seems too much with you — and that is good. You make all reasons for yourself to ascend, to come up higher in your feeling, in your thinking, your understanding, and your remembrance of Who and What you are.

    So there are going to be times when you are going to say, “I surrender. Third dimensional world is too much.” And you are going to move into fifth dimensional peace, into an expanded space. And truly, it will be, even on a physical level, an expanded space.

    Those of you who are energy healers, those of you who work with the body to allow others to feel at peace with the body, you know the effect of peace and energy on the body. You know how peace allows the body to expand into its natural state. Those of you who are energy workers, energy healers, it is a blessed thing that you do. Those of you who work with emotional healing, it is a blessed thing that you do. For ones in this next year of your timing are going to come to you wanting to know peace, wanting to surrender fear, and the body will expand into its natural state, and even more Light will be allowed into the cells of the body.

    In this year you are going to find that you want to spend more and more time in fifth dimensional peace and expansion. The thorax of you and also the abdominal area are going to be allowed to breathe. You are going to go with a lighter step. You are going to go with more peace, more joy. Why? Because you are going to choose it.

    Everything you experience is your choice. Now, I know the world does not teach you that. The world says it is going to give you a reason, and you must react to that reason, that action, and then you are going to react to the reaction. But in truth, you are the one who is experiencing. You are the one who is expressing. And so you are going to choose to live in a more peaceful state because you want to, because you now know that it is possible. Up until most recently, you did not know that it was possible.

    This year is going to bring you much of what can be judged to be upheavals, and that is good, because truly when a farmer goes out to plant a crop, the first thing he has to do is to dig up the soil. So there is going to be a lot more of the process of the digging up, more things coming to light, more of the upheaval happening. The seeds are ready and you have been sowing in some of the uprooted soil. You are going to see the blessedness of the upheavals in the political climate, also in the environmental climate.

    There is much that is coming to your awareness about the environment, and those who look at the climate and deny that it is changing have the sunshades upon their eyes and they are not seeing what is happening. Already in the northern hemisphere you are seeing that the winter has begun more early than usual. South of the equator the climate is changing, as well. This is going to make for a change in the seasons, and those life forms that depend on the seasons being in orderly fashion, some species are going to have problems surviving, because their biological clock is not going to be in synch with what is happening seasonally.

    You have power over what is happening upon holy Mother Earth. You have never been told, except by a few, how powerful you are. This was my message to you two thousand years ago: that you are powerful. You are of the Father, Abba, a loving Father, for it was a patriarchal society that I was speaking to. You are of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is. You are from the one creative Source, and you create everything, including the climate, including the next year of upheavals. You are tilling the soil for the new seed. You are growing a crop that is going to flourish to the place where there is going to be respect for all life and an understanding that, “I do not walk this journey alone. There is a shared consciousness that I share with my brothers and sisters, and that shared consciousness is a consciousness of respect, understanding, and compassion.”

    If you will receive it, every relationship, however fleeting it may be, is a shared consciousness. When you go to your grocery store and you buy the foodstuff and you pay your golden coins to the one who is accepting the money, there is a shared consciousness. If you are in a space of fifth dimensional peace and love, that will go into the shared consciousness at that time, and the one who is supposedly serving you by taking your money is going to feel more at ease, because you have brought that peace consciousness and given it freely.

    Every blade of grass, every flower, every tree, every four-footed one feels your energy. They feel whether you are in a space of fifth dimensional peace or if you are in a space of third dimensional fear and having to take care of yourself because the world is a fearful place. They read your energy, the same as you do with your brothers and sisters. You can feel if the other person is in a good space.

    You are not just the body. There is an energy around you that goes before you — and behind you — that takes care of everything that you do. There is an energy spoken of in your holy Scriptures that “goes before you to make the crooked places straight.” In other words, it is your own energy of love and expectation that knows that everything is going to work out for the best, and it goes before you: it is your energy going forth ahead of you.

    Allow yourself to know fifth dimensional energy of expansion, of trust. Allow yourself to feel that, because truly, sometimes you are so busy focusing on what you are doing, what you are going to do, what the other person is saying, that you do not allow yourself to feel the peace.

    Walk in peace. Practice walking in peace. Practice how it feels not to “have to,” not to have to do anything. You will do whatever needs to be done, anyway, but you do not have to. And that is the great secret to fifth dimensional energy. It erases the “have to’s.” It allows you to know that truly you are going to awaken in the morning and you are going to go through that day doing the things that need to be tended to by you, but not as a “have to,” but because you want to, because it is there in front of you, and you are going to do it, because it is easy; not because you have to.

    Generational teaching has taught you: the parents, no matter how well meaning they were, have told you that you have to do certain things. You have to be a certain way, and that is good as far as it goes. It has given you a trellis to grow upon. But at some point, as the most wonderful extension of divinity, you are going to outgrow the trellis and be on your own, so to speak, and you are going to go freely in fifth dimensional peace.

    So what I am saying to you is live in fifth dimensional peace and expansion as often as you can remember to do so in this year of your timing, to look at the upheavals as the tilling of soil where the new seeds can be planted, where you can walk as the one who tills the field and feel yourself giving forth the nurturing and the nourishing of the peace and joy of divinity, so that in time, that crop is going to grow to the place where all will be drawn unto it because they are going to want to be part of the harmony, the respect, and the love of true joy; not as the world speaks, because the world speaks out of two sides of the mouth.

    Bring into this year your consciousness of unstressful living, the joy of living. Project your joy, your knowing, your remembrance of how it can be to live the life that is happy, the life that is fulfilling, even if you do no more than just sit in the rocking chair that is most comfortable, and to meditate and to send out good thoughts. You do influence ones you may never see with the physical eyes because of the shared consciousness.

    Your consciousness is not confined just to you and what you see as your body and the energy around your body. It is expansive. It reaches out and it touches all living beings. Whether they receive it or not, that is their choice. But if you have the guidance to sit in the rocking chair all day and to meditate upon peace and to send out the feeling of joy, non-stressful being, there is no one, no thing, no great referee who is going to say that you have to get up out of that rocking chair and that you have to do X, Y, and Z.

    So as you walk in this year, allow yourself to be a new person in Christ. You have heard that before. Not a new person in Christ as it has been defined as one Christ, one Jesus, one Jeshua, but a new person in the Christ consciousness that knows itself to be free, knows itself to be fifth dimensional peace, energy, harmony, and to go with a light step.

    For this year is going to be the Year of Enlightenment, the year of seeing beyond appearances, the year of knowing that you can truly live each day in lightness and in Light.

    That is my message to you. Live in fifth dimensional peace. Allow yourself to roll with the upheavals and to know that you are tilling the soil and that you are planting the seeds, and that you are tending the crop that is already starting to grow.

    Verily, always and forever, beyond the confines of time, you will be that which you are right now. You will be the divine extension of the creative One living in fifth dimensional energy this year, and the year after this one in sixth dimensional peace and harmony, because it is exponential.

    So be it.

    • Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

    in expression through Judith

  • Beautiful!

  • That was lovely to read, thanks Poetic 🙂

    I wish everyone takes more time to simply breathe and appreciate all that we have. We've been given such a wonderful gift, we just need to open our eyes more and see with clarity and peace.

  • 🙂

  • Walk in peace..... sounds wonderful..... 😉

  • angel hugs

  • Hello Poetic, There are no WORDS to express what I felt just reading this beautiful message, it just adds to my feelings of enlightenment. Truly a beautiful work of promise . Thank You so Much for sharing...... Leonida

  • Hi Poetic, this is wonderful 🙂

    This question might be silly, but being in the 5th dimension... is it a state of mind we can achieved by meditating?

    does anybody knows? he mentions next year to be a 6th dimension?...

    Thanks in advance for discussing this with me 🙂

  • Thanks poetic really enjoyed this one, 🙂

    Bee Xx

  • Thank you so much, very inspirational.

  • Poetic thank you so much for all the great information you bring to us here. I don't comment very often, but almost daily I come on here and look for your posts. There is almost always some synchronicities that are amazing. Just this past week I have been trying to do my "have to's" with joy and happiness rather than dread, as I believe thats one of the ways we can raise our energy up. It seems that when I'm not looking forward to doing something it tends to invade my thoughts constantly, and if I tend to my "have to's" when I'm ready and with joy and happiness they don't seem to invade my other time as much. Peace, Love and Light! GJay

  • Happy Doc, we are supposed to be shifting (consciously) into the 5th dimension and be able to go "there" as part of the Accension process for this year and next, helped by the Crystalline Energies and our spirit guides/Angels. I believe it is a process and the more we search within, we will get there, some can already go there, there are many, many dimensions and levels, we grow as we go thru each life lesson/ purging, releasing and growing.

    GJay, thats a great way to look at everything, they say that we should do everything with no mumbling (hard for me) but I'm trying, the Peace is within us. We all need guidance in our lives and especially when we don't understand what we are going thru, these messages give me inspiration too and lift me when I'm down or unsure and quite often validation of thoughts, I share them because they are meant to be shared and we all can grow and learn together!

    "Blessed Be." 🙂

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