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  • Hi PiscesStar,

    First, I would like like to apologize for upsetting you. I felt something negative that night but think I misunderstood where that originated from. As I am very sensitive to things and new at doing these readings, I think I picked that up from somewhere else. From the time I saw your post on the thread, I felt drawn to help you. I thought I might have posted something in my thread that I should not have. I am really glad to sharing my experience with the cancer I've been dating is helping your healing. I do hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. You've taught me something about my gift I did not realize and for that I am grateful. My intent is to gain understanding and enlightenment as well as help others when possible on this site.

    Blessings to you in your healing process.


  • Hi GreyStar,

    First of all I hope you are feeling better.

    Thank you for the apology, I can understand where you were coming from, but of all people to choose me to give negetive energy to you, that is the worst thing anyone could say to me.

    I am so passionate about the spiritual realm, and if your energy was in tuned correctly you would have known it was not me.

    As I mentioned, I would NEVER cause any harm to anyone, that is not in my nature and if anything I always want to help people where I can.

    Words fail me right now, its the Pisces sensitive side and when I hurt, I have a hard time explaining myself. I am so not a confrontational person, I would run as fast as i could to avoid it.

    With the cancer man, you told me of your experience, and like most people on this site, it sounds like we have all gone through the same thing.

    I will get over it completely, just time and patience, although deep down I think I have, its just those thoughts every now and again that pop up and cause me to be sad and sort of look back and wonder why it happened, otherwise, I love to laugh and joke and that is my true nature of whom I am, not negetive at all!!

    I am so sorry what has happened here, please continue to do what you do at the same time, take very good care of you.

    Blessings to you........and THANK YOU

    PS Love the Serenity Prayer, I have printed that out and have it everywhere, I love it!

  • Thank you Piscesstar. Negative was a bad choice of words on my part as I don't think it was meant to directly harm.. it was just intense emotions I was picking up on from somewhere. I think It was coincidence I ended up sick at my stomach from some bad food I ate at lunch. But as they say, hindsite is 20/20. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and don't like to think I hurt someones feelings. I am also sorry for what happened here and hope you continue to heal and find the closure and peace you seek.

    I was married to a pisces so I understand what you are saying. He was a very kind and spiritual person. At least you are brave enough to admit that sensitive side, I tend to be nervous about being vunerable especially in love relationships. The serenity pprayer has helped me greatly in those difficult times in my


    Blessings to you.


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