The Captain or Anyone - please...need insight

  • 01/04/1953, Columbus, Ohio, 8:20 p.m.

    I feel as though I went to sleep and woke up in a life not my own. Spent 6 months caring for father dying of cancer, he passed on December 17 and miss him very much. During that time, spouse (05/28/52, Urbana, Ohio, approx 5:30 p.m.) suffered breakdown (may have been faking at first but medication caused complications). Appreciate, with all my heart, anything you can tell me.

  • Will do a reading. Give me a day or so.

  • Thank you. Blessed be.

  • Hi, It's true, you've been thru a very difficult time. I feel it's the situation, not you. Shows you moving away from current situation but the cards actually call for self-examination. Above your current situation it shows you as being a caregiver. Perhaps you learned this role from your mother or someone close. That will not end, is still predominantly in your current state.

    Peace is already in you. You will have to separate yourself (get away) to find it. Long walks, lunch with friends etc. Be sure to avoid extremism or stubborness as this will escalate the situation.

    Need to get alone to find your light. Perhaps free of relationship. Is there any tormentors. Also, are you involved in a project, school that calls for you alone to work out. I drew the Hermit in your future.

    Shows you as having a lot to deal with. Temptations. I drew the 7 of Cups in the You position. I feel your probably dealing w/more issues than what you spoke of. You are building character w/ your decisions. I feel your making the right decisions.

    Your actually working towards peace and tranquility and you will acheive it. Something about a job or your goals will have to be re-vamped and shows you are able to do this.

    You will find truth in weighing both sides. Deal with everything truthfully, then you'll be equipped to detect dishonesty. Reading is calling for fair play. Find balance within yourself. I drew Justice in the Outcome position.

    I know you have been thru a considerable amount of pain but I feel it's the current state. Your reading calls for personal reflection. You have inner peace and are a caregiver. If you have any questions I'll try to clarify. This is the best I can do. You had a lot of swords. In your near future I drew the 3 of swords. This cards symbolizes to me something different than what you read about it. Maybe a painful decision your contemplating. Avoid harsh words.

  • I am dealing with a painful situation. I care deeply for my husband but he is so needy I cannot move forward with my life while I am with him. I am continuing training in hypnotherapy and in my heart, I know I can help others to heal and am seriously considering working with Iraq vets. An astrologer once told me that I would have to choose between caring for one person in a relationship or caring for hundreds and that choice is upon me now. I believe I am being pulled to attend a school in the southwest, alone. I thank you for your insights. The Universe is showing me the way. I just have to be brave enough to go there!

  • Very insightful astrologer. The Hermit is a sign that you alone are studying to acheive a goal. Your true self wants peace so hypnotherapy is a good, best occupation for you. I guess this is the re-vamping. I feel you need to at least explain your situation to husband and how you feel. I have to deal w/family member that is mentally helpless. You have to explain stuff and give deadlines. It's very irritating sometimes. The three of swords explains the mental challenge and pain that you are experiencing (near future.) Your reading shows a financial struggle w/husband also. 5 of coins in near past. This is one of the most challenging readings as far as present struggles that I have done. You have an exvellent foundation to deal with these challenges--Temperance below, queen of coins above, Justice as the outcome.

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