Where am I at with this love triangle?!?

  • Well Ive been torn in a triangle for the past couple months. Actually guy #1 I kinda left in Dec. because of so many issues in my life & because I met guy #2. Ever since I got involved with guy #2 Ive missed & wanted a chance so bad with guy #1 again. Well guy #2 & I had a talk the other night I asked him where we were & were we only having sex he said yes but that I kinda led it that way. I said well considered the circumstances I jumped from one guy to the next & I cared a lot about guy #1 & at the time was very emotionally unstable. Well we were a little bit ok & was kinda relieved to feel like I was getting out of it without guilt but we did briefly talk & I stopped by the other night for my scarf. Had a feeling that was the wrong move. Guy #2 seems very sensitive to my actions.

    Yesterday I decided that was it I wasnt going to contact him anymore at least for awhile because theres a lot in my own life I need to put back together. Well last night out of fear I was doing the wrong thing by not contacting him. I contacted him. No response back. Now I just feel like I blew the possibility. Relieved to have my freedom before without any kind of bad feelings towards anyone especially him.

    It still bothers me that I called. I wanted the oppurtunity to stay connected as friends which I know would be good. Still I want the room for answers with guy #1. Guy #1 told me to let him & move on months ago but I do love him & know that I was very unstable then & we both had gone through some serious break ups 2 years before dated that left us extremely broken.

    Anyway I am going to use this time to really work on my own life & allow the things to hopefully unfold naturally. Guy #2 & I had a great time but wish I hadnt called last night cause now Im all messed up with the flow of the situation here.

    ANy insight please?!?

  • I dont want to completely shut guy #2 out but ever since we got to this point I thought it was an opportunity to get my answers with guy #1 without feeling like Im betraying guy #2.

  • Hi there Carmela

    I have your answer!

    I used a "choosing between two lovers spread" and it's pretty obvious what your wise course of action is.

    Card #1 - The nature of your relationship with Guy #1 - Ace of Pentacles - This is an amazing card to pull as regards a relationship, this guy is very good for you. A lot of positive energy and you are going to discover (together) that the pain of your past breakups is some kind of karmic connection between you two, and what is drawing you to him, He has some answers for you and you have some answers for him! Have you two met in a past life? It's possible! That would explain the incredibly strong energy tugging at you with him, PLUS it explains the breakup.. a lot of times these strong positive energies in relationships can be a little disconcerting because you are sensing that the potential will unlock a lot of hidden stuff in your heart and sometimes that can cause us to run in the opposite direction! There is never any fear in love though, you can trust your heart!

    Card #2 - What will happen if you choose Guy #1 - Knight of Pentacles - Fantastic! This guy is your knight for a very earthy and close relationship, I see wonderful things here! I say follow your heart and send this guy a telegram and ask if you can stop by... tell him you have something deep inside you want to share with him, and it must be in person, You'll figure it out, I like the telegram idea though that says you are serious and not fooling around!

    Card #3 - The nature of your relationship with Guy #2 - Page of Cups - This is a very innocent looking guy on the surface, and it's looking like you kinda fell into his arms to help you deal with whatever was going on with Guy #1 issues and your own past issues, It also sounds like the **** became the means to that comfort, however we all know that **** isn't the answer to everything, Almost everything but not totally everything. 😉

    Card #4 - What will happen if you choose Guy #2 - TEN OF SWORDS - Woah, Watch out Carmela baby, this is not looking so good, Some real pain in the future with this person, I mean it is intense. I would stay away from this guy completely, in the future when you leave your scarf with an ex-lover, let him keep it. Don't worry about the phone call thing you just did, that is not your fault, you are "trying" to keep your heart clean and positive and you can still do that by WISHING POSITIVE ENERGIES his way without contacting him. All of our connections with one another are in the Spirit anyway, so by wishing him all the best in his life you are keeping your heart open to heaven and will do just fine! If this guy calls, let the answering machine talk to him.

    Card #5 - Hidden factor - Look at this Carmela... this is the Creme de la Creme card to pull in any Tarot session and it is the Ascended Masters card... you remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth? He is part of this crew. This card tells me you have a very STRONG and CLEAR connection to Heaven and to your angels, and you should develop that in your life more and more. Start journaling. take long walks in the woods by yourself and talk to Spirit and your angels, and then later you can bring Guy #1 out to the woods with you for some more fun on top of your Spiritual life if you catch my drift. You have a very seeking heart for the things above and Heaven wants you to know that you are totally on the right path in your life, ALL is going great for you, you can't go wrong.

    BOTTOM LINE, I would really chase Guy #1 down though QUICK or some other angel is going to snag him and you will be wondering "what if I had only followed AstraAngels's advice and sent him the telegram!"... So, send him that telegram!!! They don't cost much and he will really be knocked over by that! Blown away! Heaven has some beautiful things for you two! LIVE LOVE LAUGH!

    DISCLAIMER: The insights provided in this reading are for entertainment purposes only and AstraAngel assumes no responsibility nor liability should you decide to act on her advice. Follow your own heart in every situation and seek the counsel of Heaven through prayer and meditation in addition to these readings. You are a Star Child and your answers are inside yourself! Have fun! -AstraAngel

  • Hi!!! Thank you! I appreciate your reading and love it!!!! However I called Guy #1 today & he must not have remembered my new number & called back to see who it was found out it was me & hung up on me. I was stupid & called back... told myself not to no answer. Now because I called him I feel guilty to even talk to Guy #2.

    They say to get what you never had you have to do what you never did. Still trying to figure out which way that is leading me. Guy #2 on the surface seems stable & good for me & actually loves my presence hes strong & he welcomes me into his home, I dont want to lose him for Guy #1 who wants nothing to do with me... ive taken this risk before with an ex of mine I lost all these good guys chasing him & now here I am about to lose another one for someone who has stressed me out completely & damaged my relationship with my family. I stayed up nights on end crying over Guy #1... When I was losing my house he made a point to go out to a party just to show face while I was so upset to where I was headed from there... Guy #1 seems ashamed of me like I hurt his image and only recognizes me when others do.

    Im going to move on from him. Guy #2 encourages good things for me. He has decorated his entire house with my furniture I gave him & even saved some furniture I thought would get taken. Guy #2 climbed a tree to save my cat .... told me I was the most beautiful girl on the block. Now I probably lost him because I couldnt let guy #1 go. Im such an idiot.

  • Carmela

    You should have sent the telegram! 🙂

    Oh well, Guy #2 could be fun now. Things can change.

    Keep your eyes on Spirit and your angels, guys can come and go, Heaven will never leave you. That is an important lesson we all have to learn. And don't beat yourself up over how you handle yourself, the phone calls and all, "Whatever happened, happened for your growth or for your guidance", so you are doing all the right things, although it doesn't seem like it at the time. You will look back and smile over the years at the things you did. The important thing is that you are willing to make mistakes in relationships, good for you, that shows a lot of spunk. You will find true love for sure.

    You think you are chasing a guy... what you are really chasing is TRUE LOVE and love can come in all shapes and sizes. Keep positive wishes directed at all of the people that come in and out of your life. I will be wishing nice things for you and your guy 2, sounds like he could be nice for you. Any guy that would climb a tree for your cat must deserved some tenderness. Take care of yourself, keep your heart turned towards things above. XXX000

  • AstraAngel....

    Ive decided to go for what you said & pursue guy #1

  • This post is deleted!

  • Astra Angel,

    Im sorry if my response before seemed rude. I was just upset. I had called him way before I got a response here. The thing here is that Im not chasing True Love. I love Guy #1 we just had this strong intense stuff going on between us... I was getting over some serious stuff also in my life. Ive called him randomly over time. I just dont know what to do when it comes to him. We were both in love with eachother & I just kept running & I want him back but Im scared to humiliate myself again.

  • batrack-abrama

    Dear Michael--protector and God's own right hand please hear my prayer--guard the energy of this sight so it may reflect the highest intention of the Angels--to offer healing and comfort. Not only for the meek and pure of heart but also raise your wise sword and help heal those who are most lost and in their pain hurt others. Thank You--Amen.

  • I just really love him & dont know how to get to him. I need more guidance.

  • What are the birthdates of you and these two men? I can look at your compatiblity if you want.

  • 3/8/83 - Me

    10/01/70 - #1

    As for guy #2 I dont know.. only that he is 37 all I got is 1970.. I purposely told him not to tell me at least for awhile as I didnt want to get to caught up in astrology about him. Is there anything else I could give you in place of that?

    Thank you for your offer!

  • Are you sure you want to get caught up in the astrology of you and the first man, then? Astrology is a handy guide for initial compatiblity, though of course it is up to the individuals to make a relationship work.

  • Yes I would like your insight thank you!!

  • Im going to wait on it. Im going to clear my head of this issue for tonight Ive got so much ahead for me this week. Thank you for your offer.

  • You and # 1: an unusual mix results from your friend's precise and direct energies and your own more sensitive, diffuse ones. The result can be a magical relationship which exerts a strange enchantment over those it touches. You have a social side Carmela that balances your primary need for isolation, and your friend has a strong need for isolation to balance his tendency to be in the public eye a lot and to crave glamour and greatness. Thus, each partner has strengths that attract the other and lay a firm foundation for sharing within the relationship. But difficulties can arise when your friend puts too much emphasis on spoken communication and you on unspoken, but given time and the will to get along, you two can usually work out these differences amicably. However, friendship goes easier here than love.

    In a love affair, temperamental differences are pronounced but still reconciliable. Your friend may prove overdemanding at times for yourself, who often wishes to be left in peace. On the other hand, your inability to articulate your thoughts can prove exasperating to your friend. A marriage between you can often suffer from indecision and procrastination; this can have a certain comic charm for your family and friends but can ultimately prove highly debilitating. Your friend likes to issue the orders while you try your best to follow them. The problem is that things seldom go right either through your misinterpretation of your friend's directions or through his rigidity and unreasonable expectations - he can be a dedicated control freak at times. He doesn't trust easily but when he becomes attached to someone, he can display some very jealous and possessive attitudes. Flexibility and extreme patience is needed in this relationship for it to work. If you are not sensitive to each other's needs, it will fail. A balance must be found between public and private lives.

    A friendship here is much more relaxed in attitude than a love affair or marriage. Humorous situations of all sorts attract you two, more often as observers than as participants. With your special psychological awareness of human frailties, you can gather funny material that will endlessly delight friends, family and colleagues.

    Issues that arise here might be your obsession, Carmela, with being part of a group you don't even want to belong to, or your fear of being left out, to the point where you miss out on deep, intimate love. Your friend has an issue with commitment - he fears settling down to a dull ordinary way of life and may spend a lot of time running from it, to the point where he can harm his own emotional or physical health. He also has a fear of being attacked or falling ill just when things are going well.

    Perhaps in the end neither man is right for you, Carmela? There are many more potential partners out there for you.

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