Astralangel , please help

  • Hi! I am glad to see you here , I actually finish ready your thread and I was touch of your deeply and sincer explanation. I feel like you can help me for all the feelings that makes me fell up side down sometimes.I felt like loosing my patient and trust to people matters to me.I Appreciate all the members share their experience or sharing advices here and insight.I was a bit positive after all the messed with cancer man .I used to hang around to cancer man .This year it kinda odd feeling for me but it reaIlly help i develop my personality. I APPRECIATE your help in advance.My birthday 16.1975, I am turning 36 and his turning 32 on june 22,1979

    please help me kisses

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  • Hi annielan!

    I will be working on this first thing in the morning, I am turning in for the evening right now. Thank you for reaching out and I appreciate your trust, HELP is coming for you, hang in there. You mentioned your birthday is 16.1975 ... Is that the 16th of what month?

    I promise you will receive some VERY encouraging words from Heaven for your relationship. I already see nice things coming for you, we'll dig in your chart, and read the Tarot tomorrow and find our what you are facing.

    Peace and love...

  • Hi! AstraAngel,

    I am very thankful for your kindly consideration,I really appreciate your words of wisdom. I felt a bit upset today. And almost give up but ,I'll tried to turn everything in to positive way. I'm a bit tired to this man (June 22, 1979 ) Cancer man. I supposed to meet him tonight but his having excuses, I honestly felt bad but , Its already 7pm but I never hear anything to him till I send him message and he answered me that he need to meet some of his new friends. To welcome and greet the night so he rather postpone me.I only replied okey but deep inside. I felt like ,I need to stop my stupidity to him. Since I meet him never once asking to spend time with him it's always me asking to spend time with him.I finally realized if his bored and want some physical contact that's the time he will show up cos I can't say no, I'm easy and obviously he had no thrill , I honestly take this game for may be he will appreciate me and while hanging out together hope he will see who I am too bad I might scared him and may be he felt sorry for me so he needs to be nice and polite. I'd like him and missed the touch of my opposite.With all honesty I am not expecting anything and I am prepared if he walk away to me but I want him to know he can choose everyone he likes and love. I have nothings against that instead respect his decision but all I want is a close sure cos I don't want to be the second best and his past time. Friendship is the only thing that I can give to him a normal conversation but physical contact is out it.I guess move on and need some time out. My friends was totally against in what I am doing I sell my self short and I'm hurting the feelings of the people matters to me. They always said there is someone better than him. I just smile and said I'll be fine things will be alright soon in Gods will. You take care Big Big Hugs and Kisses...Be Safe always . I will wait for your insight .

  • oooppps yeah mybirthday is february 16 im turning 36 this coming 16th. many thanks.

  • Hi annielan, the girl that I love has the same birthday (diff yr) as your cancer man.

    I wonder if they are along the same line, she is really hard to read/ understand.

    Unless you are reallly in love with him and very patient, it might be a good call to take a big step back while you still could.

  • Hi! You mean cancer man is really hard to read and understand I'm I right ? Yeah my birthday is Feb. 16, 1975. I was pretty obvious that I do like him everything is easy to him cos he knows his always welcome and can't say no for him. If we talking about patient I guess , I gave my all my everything. I sell my self so short may be for him there is no thrill or really don't have any connection. I started to disrespect myself and fooling m legs, I'm so stress out. My friends was totally disappointed to me and I know it's my fault. I never listen to them and I know somehow it's gonna happen to me. I felt like a want to sleep for a long time and when I woke up I forgot everything. I'm trying my best to keep my good spirit and try to start the ball rolling again . But I don't know were to start. I think I need to love myself more that any one else. I felt sorry for all the peoples cares about me. They always think that things happen for a reason. I don't know what today but I dont want to give up my friends. I have already build myself and I will try to make the most out of it. He will never ever realized what his missing cos he never one's care about me. But I had no regrets . I wish him all the best of everything. I hope it will be las cried that I ever had. Thanks

  • AstraAngel,

    Where are you... this feelings killing me..I'm on my down time. I felt so much pain.

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