Help with Celtic Cross Love Spread

  • Hi All-

    Could anyone help me with intepreting the below. I had this come up in a reading where the question was "Will this relationship turn into a meaningful partnership over the next six months?"

    Significator - Queen of Wands

    1 - Page of Pentacles

    2 - Knight of Pentacles (crossing card)

    3- 10 of Wands - reversed (above you)

    4- 3 of Pentacles - reversed (in front of you)

    5 - World Card - reversed (Base of the matter)

    6- 2 of pentacles (behind you)

    7- Death (querent)

    8- Page of wands - reversed (outside influences)

    9 - King of Pentacles - reversed (hopes/fears)

    10- Page of cups (outcome)

    Image attached.

  • Trying again to share the image of the spread.

  • Hi BkDivine,

    I'm sure there's many who have looked at your spread. The reason I think no one has answered is because this reading changes and zigzags all over the place. Look at all the court cards (mixed/scattered messages)! It's almost as if the cards are saying to stop looking to the future and concentrate on the now. Every goal involves a process, even relationships. Don't be impatient and just let this relationship unfold as it should. 🙂

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